Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mark It Off The List

Today, while we were in Houston for the Astros game I talked my boys in to going to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Visiting an Art Museum was #49 on my List of Things To Do Before I am 50 List.

They were a little resistant.

Chip may have said that he would rather be thrown in a shark tank with meat strapped to his back.

But I didn't consider that too not much resistance.

We went.

It wasn't awesome.

We are not art lovers apparently.

Harry says to me, "Mom, I think when you come to an art museum you should be prepared to look for the three B's. Butts, Balls, and Boobs. Why are all these people naked?"

Cracked me up.

Also hysterical to see the look on Chip's face. You cannot put a statue of a naked man in front of a nine year old and not get some awesome facial expressions.

The museum "guards" or the employees that were stationed in each room to make sure no one touched anything or took pictures of anything were crawling all over that place.

Our family stuck out like sore thumbs. Dad was giving really quiet funny commentary after studying each piece. Things like "I call this one Black with a Little Bit of Red. I call this one Square. I call this one Notebook Paper."

It was all Chip could do not to pee his pants he was laughing so hard. Harold was right there with them.

Those guards were watching us like hawks.

I think they thought we were going to try to steal something.

We wouldn't want it. We don't appreciate art.

We walked around with a "Huh?" look on our faces most of the time.

Did you know Picasso has a whole slew of paintings called "Seated Woman"? I did not. I thought they made a mistake on the card. I was going to point it out to one of the guards. Man, I am glad I didn't.

There was a whole display of tiny barbie clothes. They were stapled together and hung from the ceiling. Huh?

Tiny miniature hats. Like John Deer hats. Huh?

I thought it was interesting, but I was worried about my people accidentally touching something or knocking over a statue. I couldn't relax and enjoy the art. Maybe it would be better without small kids. Or maybe I will never darken the hallway of an art museum again. Either way, I think I would be fine with it.

AND....then Chip barfed. He did. He really did. Not in the museum, but at the hotel. We are out of town, right? That's the way it goes with us.

I am thrilled, however, that I get to mark another thing off my list! That is eleven down and thirty nine to go! Check on what I have left to do here!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Perhaps "art" makes Chip ill? I hope it was an isolated incident. I don't get art either. Y'all are not alone.