Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ten Random Tidbits

Time is tight, much to do, so join me for a speedy round of Ten Random Tidbits:

1. I worked nine hours on Tuesday and nine hours yesterday. Sucky. I told my boys on Wednesday morning that they would have to raise themselves. Think like wolves. Forage for their own food. I was kidding. But not really. Busy, busy time at work. Hardly time to stop. Lazy days of summer....where are you?????

2. Bob and Lana are coming back! Yay! They will be here this afternoon. I CAN NOT WAIT!!

3. I am making Pioneer Woman's "Best Lasagna Ever" for dinner tonight. I will keep you posted on whether the title is true or not.

4. Video game strategy I put in place this summer has failed miserably. Apparently, the wolves are not so good at policing themselves. So, I came up with a new plan which I shared with the boys yesterday. I will have to ask them what it was, because at this very moment I have no idea. God, I love getting older. It's awesome.

5. My little eight year old niece "The Queen" who lives outside Nashville had a live encounter with her idol, Taylor Swift this week. Taylor was shooting a little something for the CMT award show at a gas station near their house. I called to ask her about it and I could feel her beaming through the phone. She said "I told Taylor I was going to see her in concert in September and she said she was so excited." It was so sweet. Way to go Taylor for taking the time to make a little girl feel special to you. You have a fan for life I am sure.

6. On top of working hard, I am feeling yucky. I don't think I have a cold. But my throat feels like I swallowed a meatball. That is how Harry always described how his throat felt when he was little. I'll be damned if that isn't exactly how mine feels! I don't know when I have ever swallowed a meatball to know it feels like this, but it just does. Anyway, meatball throat is making me cough spastically. It is so annoying. Benadryl seems to work, but then I want to go to bed. Bummer.

7. Harry bought a new phone last night. He went to the store on Monday and there were so many choices. He decided to do a little more research on his top three choices. Very mature Harry. Went back last night and made a purchase. Let's hope this one at least makes it through his Sophomore year.

8. I have shared the ladder on the basketball pole story with so many people. Best thing is that just about every person I tell has a funny story of their own. My favorite so far was Travis who said he was fixing a stool one time on the kitchen counter and screwed that sucker right into the counter top. It didn't budge. So funny. Glad it is not just us!


Just because it makes me laugh. What is Chip doing in the background?

10. Boys have summer haircuts. This picture reminds me of how short their hair is now. I miss their long hair. They do not. Here is the conversation in the hair cut place:

Mom: How do you want your hair cut?
Harry: I don't care.
Mom: Do you want it just buzzed all over or keep it a little longer on top.
Harry: I don't care.
Mom: Well, do you want it like super short or just medium short.
Harry: I don't care. Couldn't care less. Whatever.
Mom: Really? You don't have one little tiny suggestion or request of how you want your own hair to look.
Harry: Nope.

Mom: Chip, what about you?
Chip: Can I get a mohawk?
Mom: No.
Chip: Can I get a fauxhawk?
Mom: No. How do you know what a fauxhawk is?
Chip: Okay, then just make it stick up somewhere.
Mom: How about right in the front like you had at the beginning of school? That was cute.
Chip: Whatever. Just make it stick up somewhere.

I won't even tell you how much eye-rolling was going on when I was getting them to look at pictures of haircuts in a book. They seriously could have cared less what their hair looked like. So, I told the girl to give them a summer cut. She buzzed them short. I don't love it. They haven't given it a another moment's thought. Boys are weird.

Signing off! Hope to post some pictures of "Before and After" projects that are accomplished around here with Bob and Lana over the next few days.

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