Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Plans

Wow! It has been a busy, busy week! I feel like I have really had a rushed and frantic summer so far. I have worked more hours the last three weeks than I have worked any other three weeks this year! Bad timing for my poor kiddos.

My friend Peggy has been on vacation from work this week and has been running my boys all over the place! I have been calling it Camp Peggy. They have been to the movies, to a giant pinball place, bowling, swimming, the exotic pet store. She picks them up about 10:00 or 11:00 and brings them back late in the afternoon. Camp Peggy ROCKS!

I have six proposals that are due by close of business today. That means I will be reviewing them after close of business today. That kind of stinks on a Friday, but at least it is not Saturday. More coffee will be necessary to keep up the pace!

Harry has done two hour long runs in training for Cross Country. That is far.

I have been walking. That cough I had really ran me down. Perhaps running shall be on the agenda for next week!

Chip has a ball tournament this weekend, which will kick off with two games on Saturday. Depending on how they do, they will play again on Sunday.

Sunday is Father's Day! We have some presents for dear old Dad that I hope he will like. I might even make him a Banana Dream Whip Pie if we aren't at the ballpark all the live long day.

I want to paint a couple walls in my family room. It seems like that would not be too hard, but it is always more time intensive than you expect it to be. Pick out and buy the paint, take everything down off the walls, patch the holes, tape off the baseboards....all before you can even get your paint brush wet. Then putting it all back up. I wonder if I could knock that out on Saturday afternoon? We shall see.

I ate some Heath Bar Coffee Ice Cream. It was ridiculously good.

I made Pioneer Woman's Steak Bites for dinner last night and thought for sure the fire alarms were going to go off. Blazing hot pan, butter, steak. There was smoke everywhere. The stove exhaust fan was no match for the hot pan, butter and steak. It just couldn't keep up. I had both boys fanning smoke out the back door with a Monopoly and Sorry board game lids. It was a team effort. Just FYI...smokey, but delicious! Always a hit around here. Both my boys got up from the table and said "Thanks Mom, that was a great dinner." Rare occurence. Must document it.

Well, my work email is dinging like crazy! Proposals must be arriving!

Hope your weekend is off to a terrific start!

P.S. No comments yesterday! Anyone out there?? Hated the remodel?? If you can't say something nice, you aren't going to say anything? Is that what is going on here?

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  1. No comment means summer is TOO BUSY. 3 weeks in and I am longing for the nice slow pace of school.

    Loved the remodel and am so jealous of your ambition. (I hate the clunky blinds on my back door too!) Almost 2 years in this house and we have yet to accomplish the touch up paint that needs to be done. I think you should start a "Parent Loaner" program. And I should be first on the list!

    Miss you and hope we can get together soon!