Monday, June 6, 2011

You Wouldn't Believe It....But I Have Pictures

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend. Friday my house was clean...Sunday afternoon it looks like a bomb went off in the kitchen. I don’t even feel like we have been home that much so I don’t know who keeps piling dirty dishes in the sink and leaving dirty clothes all over the place.

We have been running the roads this weekend because Chip had a baseball tournament. That meant two games on Saturday and three games on Sunday. It was hot, hot, hot but the boys played great. It was good wholesome fun and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

But, let me tell you about the highlight of my weekend. It's kind of a home improvement project story and you know our family rocks at home improvement.

A little background first. Harry talked his Dad into getting a new basketball goal. Now we already have a basketball goal. The kind that is in the ground. You have likely seen it in pictures on this blog of the Grandpa Driveway Championship and others. But you see, Harry wanted a portable goal so they could play in the cul-de-sac instead of on the sloped driveway. Dad thought it was a great idea and they headed to Academy and came home with a giant big box of parts.

Now Hubby had a list of things he needed and wanted to do this weekend and assembling a new portable basketball goal was not on the list. But with the box in the driveway it was up to Dad to turn those parts and pieces into a basketball goal.

He did it too.

It was impressive.

He was using sockets sets and tools that I didn’t have a clue how to use.

At one point I remember saying “Dang, I didn’t know you knew how to use that.” He looked at me like I was just getting off the short bus. So, I tried to keep my comments to myself and just bring him cold water and hand him tools.

I guess all that time spent with his Dad out in his shop really paid off. Joe would have been so proud of him.

So, things are rocking along fine with the base and the pole assembly.

When it came time to assemble the backboard we had to lay the pole down. We grab out little ladder to use as a support. Made it easier to work.

Little did Hubby know what a pain in the neck it was going to be to get that backboard on. The brackets didn't go on easily. The giant screws didn't fit easily. There was a hammer involved where a hammer was not called for in the directions. It was a couple of hours of hard labor to get that backboard assembled.

He just kept after it though and after a couple of hours we were just about ready to stand that sucker up and put on the rim. Chip wandered out and was excited to see the progress.

But wait....

There seems to be a problem.

Can you see it in this picture?

I gasped when I saw it.

Hubby looked up and said "What?"

I pointed out the situation.

He looked back. Not a word was uttered.

He just kept tightening the bolts he needed to tighten.

Me? I laughed and went to get my camera.

You see, we forgot to pull the ladder off the pole before putting the actual backboard on.

Now, we have a ladder problem.

Chip went right to work trying to disassemble the ladder. He went after it with a screwdriver.

Then tried to cut it with some kitchen scissors.

The whole time Dad is just working a way. Chip was really worried about how we were going to get the ladder off. I was too. Dad never batted an eye.

We stood up the pole and you can see the confusion written all over Chip's face. Huh?


Well, let's make silly faces. That might help.

Hubby suggests we start a new trend and use it as a basketball holder.

Not buying it.

So, Hubby grabs the big yard clippers and chops that ladder right in half. Not even one consideration for taking the backboard off of the pole and pulling the ladder off. That would have been a couple more hours of work and apparently he would rather just buy a new ladder.

It took two seconds and there was no more ladder problem.

This guy is a problem solver.

Let's shoot some hoops!! And also go to Lowe's to buy a new ladder! Never a dull moment around here. Especially when we get the tools out!


  1. Now that is FUNNY. I'm so impressed with his ability to say nothing. All the men in my life have "special" words to use in situations like these!

    On a side note, Jason had his first soccer practice and shall we just say that the coach is NO COACH "HUBBY". I fear we may have been spoiled.

  2. I'm surprised hubby cut off the ladder, it could have helped him dunk or make his layups easier. He's not getting any younger.