Sunday, July 24, 2011

Alaska Vacation - Day Two

We woke up early on Saturday morning because Seattle is three hours behind our Texas time. We stayed screwed up on the time change just about the entire time we were gone!

We couldn't board the ship until noon.

The boys were lively!

We ate breakfast at a restaurant at the top of our hotel. It was called the "Top of the Hilton". Unique.

At just about noon we called for a Taxi to take us to the cruise ship pier. I was totally excited. None of us had any idea what to expect. There is our ship! The Golden Princess!

We entered the cruise ship terminal, which was very similar to an airport terminal. Security scans, getting in big long lines waiting our turn.

We were up to the counter in about 30 minutes or so and were issued our Cruise Cards and welcomed aboard. As you leave the counter she said "Hot Pizza is on Deck 14 and Hot Cookies are on Deck 5".

Chip looked at me and just grinned.

Mark number 33 off of my list of 50 Things To Do Before I am 50 list!

It was just what I imagine it would be but bigger. Much, much bigger. A cruise ship is HUGE!

This was the main Piazza and it was on Decks 5, 6 and 7. We found the cookies and they were good.

We found our cabin! C501. The ship had 14 floors. Were were on the 10th floor. Right next to a stairwell. We were about midship and thought our location was terrific. When we first arrived, we all thought the room was bigger than we were expecting. By the end of the week it felt like the walls were closing in.

Cannot even tell you how thankful I was that we had a balcony! It was as big as our room and we spent twice as much time outside as we did in.

Hubby did good when he picked this room!

The boys on the balcony with the beautiful Seattle skyline in the background.

We met a few of our cabin neighbors. This was old hairy guy who NEVER wore a shirt. Not the whole week.

Let's check out the rest of the ship.

This was the indoor pool area. It was like our second home on the ship. When we weren't on our balcony looking for whales we were swimming or playing ping pong in this area.

I didn't realize how many dang pictures I was in until about midway through the week. Hubby toted the camera and took most of these shots, so I am in way too many! Double, triple YIKES!

Basketball court on the top deck.

This is the outdoor pool area.

The boys first of many trips to the bar for cokes. They loved flashing their card and getting anything they wanted. It will be hard to come back to reality.

We walked from one end of this ship to the other. Trying to figure out what the heck starboard, port, aft, etc. meant.

That is a big movie screen above the outdoor pool where they showed movies all week.

Next, it was time for the safety talk. Hubby was ready early.

This is the part where they tell you everything that could possibly go wrong. It really put a damper on my mood. Who wants to think about abandoning ship into water so cold you can only survive in for 20 minutes. That's no fun. In fact, do I need to take one of my scared to fly pills? Nah, I think I will be okay.

It got funner when we all had to put on our life vests for a dry run. Family picture.

The ships horn sounds and we are out of here! Goodbye Seattle! Loved you. Would like to visit another time and stay longer.

Chip kept his life vest on a little longer and tried blowing on that whistle. How many mouths do you think have been on that whistle? YUCK!

The Sail Away party on the top deck where we were initially introduced to our cruise director Dave and some of the other staff.

And Chip found the Ice Cream Shop! One chocolate cone please!

This is one of the many stairwells we went up and down every day. We took the elevator about 8 or 9 times the whole week. The elevators were so slow, so we just opted to take the stairs just about everywhere.

Bon Voyage

Before you knew it we were surrounded by water. Lots and lots and lots of water.

It got a bit overcast as we headed out into the Pacific.

Our first night, we took in the "Welcome Aboard" show. I tripped down these stairs almost broke my knee. The boys thought that was hysterical. I wasn't laughing.

They did several dance numbers with fog and strobe lights.

They showcased this Russian couple that twirled and whirled all over the stage.

The final number and Finale!

We hit our balcony and broke out the binoculars to see what we could see.

Grabbed some hot tea and more cokes as we checked out the other areas of the boat.

We all agree that this is going to be fun.

Look at that beautiful sky.

The sunsets were exquisite.

The heck with the sunset....can we go swimming?


You see all that wide tile decking around the pool? That is because the boat is moving and the water in the pool is also swishing and swaying with it.

Kinda of nausiating to look at.

The pools were terrifically warm.

The hottubs were even warmer.

When we made it back to our room, our steward Edwin had pulled the bunk beds out of the ceiling.

It was a tight fit.

The boys were top bunk sleepers! We all snuggle in our bed. Mom gets up about 15 minutes later because the rocking of the boat is getting to her. She pops some dramamine and hopes for the best!

Good night!

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