Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bridal Shower and Yard Sale

I am most definitely back....two blogs in one day.

I forgot I had a couple of pictures I wanted to share of the little bridal shower we put together for one of our book club ladies.

This little kitchen utensil arrangement was so easy to put together and then everyone brought a restaurant gift card to attach to the utensils. It was perfect gift for a couple who were getting married for the second time and already had two households of stuff to consolidate. I made the little sign with their initials with some modge podge! I love that stuff.

And look at these cute cupcakes. I made these little cupcake flags, or toppers or picks. I don't even really know what you call them, but I thought they were so cute. The Oreo cupcakes weren't bad either.

Now let me share just a few of the Lakeside yard sale pictures I took yesterday.

Here are several of the volunteers getting the stuff set up.

Look at this table that was just shoes.

Here is a picture of one of the sweet little girl volunteers who was getting residents signed up for the birthday club. She was just precious and the residents were especially sweet to the kids.

After the yard sale we quickly got the room set up so we could serve brunch! It is always a delicious meal!

My volunteer of the year was working at her job right up until the last resident left the room! I think she got 62 residents to sign up! Great work.

Some of my local peeps who were kind enough to donate to the yard sale have already read the email that I sent out yesterday to thank them for their generous donations. I thought it gave a good picture of how successful the yard sale was so I will repeat it here for any others who might be interested.

My dear friends. I wish that each of you could have been with me today to see the looks on the faces of the Lakeside residents as they laid eyes on the Free Yard Sale bounty that was laid out for them this morning. It was so awesome! The items that you guys donated made up 90% of what was donated. Not only was it amazing the sheer number of items, but the quality was spectacular! Almost everything that came out of my car was new or "like new". I had several people say "Where did you get all this stuff?" I proudly said "I have the best friends and neighbors in the world!" You guys really are the best!

So, each resident got four tickets to pick any four items they wanted. If I had to guess, I would say that probably 60 residents went through. After everyone had a pass to get four items, we moved the rest of the items out to the lobby so they could sort through it and take whatever else they needed. I did not bring one thing home. Not one thing was left.

The best part was when they checked out and were showing me what they had picked. Here is some of what I heard:

"Oh, I needed towels so bad and these are brand new!"
"I only have two plates in my apartment, so I got four more."
"Look at these shoes! These are the nicest shoes I have ever owned."
"I needed Dishwashing Soap, I completely ran out and wasn't going to be able to get to the store this week."
"These pants are perfect for me - exactly my size and they still have the tags on them!"
"My daughter's birthday is next week. I am going to give her this necklace."

I also heard more than once that this was the best yard sale ever. That is because of you guys. I think the overriding theme was that the stuff was new or almost new, it wasn't cast off, throw away stuff. It was so sincerely appreciated and they were very grateful.

The residents all thanked the volunteers many times over and so I want to thank each of you many times over. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your generous donations made a difference to someone today. Especially me!

My sweet friend Martha and her boys! They worked hard and had just the most amazing attitudes. Such great examples for everyone.

Now, there were two residents that also made a huge impression on me yesterday. Lester was there first thing in the morning to open the side door for us, helped unload the car (and there was ALOT to unload), he moved tables for us, he helped consolidate items on tables when he could, he got car passes for the volunteers who arrived. He was just amazing. At the end of our time there, I tracked him down to thank him for his help all day. Oh, the look on his face. He just lit up and you could tell he was surprised, but also so proud to know he helped. He said that he was so blessed by our visits and was more than happy to help. The same for Patricia. She was so lovely with my little "Birthday Club" worker. Patricia walked her around the lobby getting folks to sign up for the birthday club. She may or may not have had to force a few people to sign up against their will, but she was doing it in the nicest possible way. She helped with set up and I gave her the job to have residents fill out their name tags while they were waiting in the lobby. She came back to me and said "I got about 15 of them to do it. I'll keep a watch for others." At the end of the day, I thanked her too and gave her some cookies I had made. She BEAMED! She was so tickled to be of service.

I know how good it makes me feel to help others and I think yesterday that these two residents got to experience that same wonderful feeling. Spreading a little joy. Helping others. That is just a good, good day.


  1. Nice job! You are doing wonderful things girl. Keep spreading the joy!

  2. what...i made the blog...remember some of us like to fly way under the radar. great post. appreciate you, your heart, your organization and your desire to share joy!