Thursday, July 7, 2011

Celebrating the 4th

Our 4th of July weekend was filled with lots of red, white and blue and fun in the sun. There was also a stark reminder that we are so lucky and blessed to have our health and each other. You see, we have a family in our neighborhood that recently suffered a tragic loss when the mom passed away. There is a care calendar circulating where neighbors are pitching in to bring meals to the husband and children. It is such a sad situation and I was so happy that there was something we could do to ease their burden, even just a little bit.

I was delivering a meal on Sunday, July 3rd so I went for a patriotic theme. It was sliders, mac and cheese, corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake. I put it together with a little festive independence day theme. I got so much joy from doing this very easy meal for the family. The smile I got from the little girl was just magnificent! I will be signing up to do it again very soon.

I took a picture because I thought it turned out so cute. Red, White and Blue just makes you feel patriotic, doesn't it? I hope they enjoyed eating it half as much as I enjoyed preparing it.

We had a little of that red, white and blue going on around our house too!

We had the V Family over for an impromptu little meal and I just love this picture we got of the boys toasting each other with Root Beer!

And this dessert that Peggy made.............YUM!!!! They returned the dinner favor the next night with some yummy fajitas. We did not lack for good food this weekend, that is for sure!

For the most part, this is what we did all weekend. We hung out in borrowed pools.

The boys jumped from the top landing and made spectacular basketball shots in this pool goal for HOURS! Here is Harry doing a 360, double twist, back breaker slam. Or something like that.

Pootie with the running man, slam jam, nothing but net shot.

Chip just gorilla dunked. Hard, in your face, slam that resulted in mucho water being splashed and much worry from his mother that he was going to hit his face on the rim.

He didn't.

RV was a finesse shooter - making crazy shots look smooth as silk. And after every one, coming up from under water and saying "Did I make it?"

So they ran, jumped, swam to the edge, ran up the stairs to the top of the landing, clapped for someone to throw them a ball, and started the whole process again.

FOR HOURS!! Constant motion. No breaks.

We had a wonderful time. The kids were exhausted I am sure, but for me it was supremely relaxing. Just what I needed after the hectic work week.

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  1. I can't think of a better place to be in this oppressive heat.