Thursday, July 14, 2011

MLB AllStar Weekend - Day One

The family just spent the weekend in Phoenix, AZ for the Major League Baseball All-Star Weekend. For those of you who are not well versed in the sport of baseball, this is the weekend that the best players from every team in league come together to play a game. There is a Futures game with made up with the best of the minor league players, there is a celebrity softball game, a home run derby and the big finale is the All-Star game itself.

My boys were excited.

Our flights were fairly uneventful. There was a little bit of delay in the morning flight, but that just meant we got to leave the house at 7:30 instead of 6:30 a.m. No problem.

We arrived in Phoenix and the airport was covered in MLB All-Star game logos.

The temperature in rental car was 107! That is hot. I wish you knew how many people said "It's a dry heat, though." Yes, it is a dry heat and it was bearable, but 107 is 107.

We stayed at a new place this time. It looked nice on the drive up and we knew it had a little water park area, so it was bound to be a good time.

Well, we were pleasantly surprised when they told us they were going to upgrade us to the Presidential Suite. Didn't ask - they just offered. It sure pays to be a frequent flyer member at hotels!

Of course, we are the Clampetts at heart, so we only said "Presidential Suite" 2,456 times over the weekend.

While we waited for the Presidential Suite to be ready we grabbed some lunch at the hotel restaurant.

We said Presidential Suite about 60 times during lunch alone. You can take the rednecks out of Alabama, but you can't take the redneck out of us! Here is a picture of Harry and the President. At least that is what he called himself the whole weekend.

When it was finally ready, we drove up the mountain to our building.

It had a double door know that is going to be big time.

Look at this place! It was 1250 square feet.

Couch, chairs, love seat, fireplace and a big tv.

It had a dining area and a wet bar.

The little wetbar area.

There were two bathrooms. The master had tons of marble or something. Double sinks. Way too many mirrors for my preference.

The shower area.

Master bedroom with a big ol' flat screen tv, a balcony....why are the boys in my bed when they have a couch, lounge chairs and all kinds of seating in the other room with a similar tv? I couldn't figure out which one should be Jethro?

We checked the whole place out and then played a family game of Uno followed by a spectacular game of hide and seek.

This a view down the hill from our building. It was a steep hill, but the trade off was a nice view.

A couple of shots around the complex.

This was the "Family Pool" when we went over for a quick little night swim. Within 10 minutes of taking this picture this place got packed and crazy. There were tattooed, hairy, loud, drinking, smoking, hollering folks coming out of the woodwork. There was a naked little boy with his little bit tipsy momma, there was a family that was swimming in their regular street clothes, there was the biker dude who made his own flip flop slide shoes out of his converse. Looked like he cut them with scissors or something. There was some talk that a few of the fellas might jump off a balcony and try to hit the pool. It was wild.

The Clampetts felt right at home among our people.

We eventually realized we were starving and headed back to the Presidential Suite.

This june bug flew about one foot from the edge of our balcony all four days we were there. I wanted to name him, but didn't want to get attached and then have to leave him.

We dried off and headed out to find a restaurant. We ended up at Buffalo Wild Wings and had a yummy dinner.

When we left the restaurant we walked out into the parking lot and were assaulted by a dust storm. Did you see that unbelievable Haboob (yes, that is the real name for it!) that hit Phoenix last week. Well, I don't think this was on that scale, but it was still hard to see and you could feel the dirt hitting your face. It was weird.

We couldn't get wait to get back to the Presidential Suite.

Hit the sack and slept like a rock!

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