Thursday, July 14, 2011

MLB AllStar Weekend - Day Two

Day two dawned a beautiful day in Phoenix. I went on the balcony with my coffee and book and visited with my little adopted June bug friend. It was super relaxing and enjoyable.

My husband climbed every mountain and hill in the surrounding area.

He saw this beautiful view and got this beautiful picture.

And saw this real jack rabbit. Pretty cool.

Then the whole family left the Presidential Suite and headed down the hill to The Falls, a little water park at the hotel.

We threw things.

We posed for pictures.

We tried to figure out what Dad was doing. We swam. We frolicked. It was nice.

Then it was time for lunch and to head downtown for some baseball.

We drove by the Convention Center. This is the home of FanFest, which we weren't doing until Monday morning.

The area was all decked out in MLB posters and signs.

The city of Phoenix had employees standing out on the corners of several intersections handing out cold bottles of water. It was very nice.

We grabbed lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe right across from the stadium.

This is Chase Field. We spent ALOT of time here over the weekend. It was beautiful stadium. And it was air conditioned. I love air conditioned stadiums, especially when it is 107 degrees outside.

Our first event was the Future's Game. Going to see the young guns. I knew no one of course.

These guys knew a few of the players. In particular, Bryce Harper, was supposed to be a real up and coming star. I think he was twelve or maybe eighteen. He was young, that is all that I know for sure.

All the mascots for the major league teams were there! My boys with Mr. Baseball from Cincinnati.

Harry went right down to the field and wiggled his way to the front to get autographs. He got eight autographs and was super thrilled.

There was lots of fanfare.

Lots of cheering for this guy. All the fans seemed to know he was something special.

Late in the game the boys headed down to be close to the action. Turns out it was almost too close. A line drive came right at them. Chip hit the deck. Harry lost it in the lights and it zipped by him grazing his arm and hitting a chair right by them. So lucky he didn't take a hit to the noggin'.

Have I mentioned yet that no one was sick yet! No one had thrown up, had diarrhea or been to the emergency room and we had been on vacation for about 24 hours. It may have been a record. A line drive foul ball to the head would have not been surprising, really.

The US team beat the World team and once that game was over they quickly reconfigured the field to set up for the Celebrity Softball game.

There were old players, movie stars, music stars, people I had never heard of....all kinds of folks.

Larry Fitzgerald is a football player for the Phoenix Cardinals NFL team. He was there. He got a big hand.

Here are some other names you might recognize: Ozzie Smith, Rollie Fingers, Steve Garvey, Ricky Henderson, Mike Piazza, Nick Jonas, Jordan Sparks, Erin Andrews, Mike from Desperate Housewives, that drop dead gorgeous Justin from Brothers and Sisters, and the green eyed dreamboat doctor from Grey's Anatomy. There were some other models and things and if you saw the number of pictures my husband took of them it would probably make you think he was a stalker or something. It was excessive.

Anyway, the number one celebrity who got the biggest, hand of all was the cutest young girl named Jenny Finch, who was a pitcher for University of Arizona. The local crowd loved that girl.

Ricky Henderson hit a home run his first at bat. That was fun.

Jenny's team won and the place went crazy!

My boys and a local cactus.

Good night, Chase Field! See you again tomorrow!

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