Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ten Random Tidbits


My goodness, it has been a while since my last post. I was consumed with work, then the three day weekend, but I think I am coming out of the fog. Let's catch you up on the goings on around here with a quick Ten Random Tidbits post.

1. The proposal I have been consumed with has been submitted. I worked 48 hours last week. That is most definitely more than the 20 hours I normally work.

2. My children have survived the massive boredom that goes with mom being tied to her desk for 48 hours in a week. It was hard. They are ready for some summer fun. I am too!

3. We pool hopped for the 4th! That was a good way to get the FUN back into our summer. Our good friend's, Beth and Connie, were both out of town so we spent most of the weekend in one or the other's backyard oasis. I have pictures to share, but no time to share them this morning. Just imagine lots of running, jumping and basketball shooting.

4. There was also lots of food. Great food. Bacon Sliders, Watermelon, Fajitas, Chocolate Trifle.

5. Today is my Lakeside visit. Leaving in about an hour with a car load of stuff for the Free Yard Sale. I have the best neighbors and friends. They are so generous. I just can't wait to see how this Free Yard Sale works. I will let you know.

6. My cell phone died. It got into an endless do loop of turning on, saying "Hello" then turning off saying "Goodbye". Just over and over and over again. They guy at the cell phone place said it was a software issue. Regardless, it was under warranty and a replacement arrived yesterday. It is hard not to have a cell phone when you are so used to being able to call someone any time, any where. I am glad it is back in my purse where it belongs. I am also glad it has stopped saying Hello and Goodbye to me.

7. Weather update for our two upcoming vacation destinations. Phoenix - city blanketed by a massive dust storm. What the heck? High of 106 degrees? Alaska - raining a ton. High of 59 degrees? Yowser.

8. Laundry is my arch enemy. It is summer and my people should be wearing the same pair of shorts for a week. Instead, I think every time they swim or walk into another room they are changing shorts and shirts. The laundry pile is out of control. Must rein in the users and/or excessive wearers.

9. I got my hair cut yesterday. It is short and I am thrilled. It was a big, bushy, long bang, freak show of a hot mess. And by "hot mess", I mean it was so thick and out of control it was really hot and it was the definition of mess. My hairdresser is a friend. She cuts my hair in her kitchen. As she was sweeping up the pile of hair from my haircut she said "Dang, this will keep the deer out of my garden for a year." Did you know human hair is a deer deterrent? I did not.

10. Must go shower. Out of time. Will upload pictures from our weekend this afternoon!

Sorry for the long break in blogging! Thanks, if you are still reading!

Have a wonderful day!

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