Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrating Dad

It's Monday.

All day.

We had a great weekend, but man could I have used just one more day.

We spent a lot of the weekend celebrating Hubby's birthday. There were presents, streamers, a big, icing covered cookie from The Cookie Company, birthday cards, etc... He is a kid at heart and loves presents. This year, we bought tons of baseball card packs and wrapped them individually. Every time Hubby mentioned something about his birthday, the boys pulled one out of their pocket to give to him. Chip was keeping some under his baseball hat and when Dad would say "birthday", he would tip his hat down and hand him a pack of cards. It didn't take long for him to make the connection and so he mentioned his birthday ALOT!

His other gifts, a projector, an autographed mini helmet, some shirts and the "I'm 46 years old fer sure present.......a nose hair trimmer!" He requested it. He got it. He used it.

As I suspected, we made a trip to Dave and Busters this weekend to celebrate Dad's birthday. I haven't been there in a while and it was quite fun. I didn't play anything, but I get a charge out of watching the trivia game and/or those kids who are masters at the Dance Dance Revolution. I am not even sure what is going on with all the taping, jumping, stomping and what they are trying to match on the screen, but there were two guys at Dave and Busters who were gettin' it. They were sweating like crazy. That has got to be some terrific exercise. Not sure those moves actually translate to a dance you could actually do in a club, because I am afraid someone would get hurt on the dance floor. Parts flying everywhere!

On a very sad note, my sweet friend Beth called me yesterday to tell me that her husband Tony's dad had passed away. Just took me reeling back to the phone calls we got about Joe and Louise. My heart just breaks for their family. It is so hard to lose someone you love.

Looking ahead this week, we kick off some back to school stuff around these parts - pick up textbooks for high school, meet the teacher night at elementary school, etc. Our first official day back to school is next Tuesday, August 23rd. Work is also cranking up with a vengeance, but I am ready for it!

Paleo Update: We ate a great deal in celebration of Hubby's birthday. We avoided Krispy Kreme, which I was thankful for! I thought I made terrific choices in all of our restaurant selections. I had a salad at Freebirds - no tortilla, no cheese, no rice, no beans, dressing on the side. At Red Robin, I had a burger with no cheese, no mayo, no bun. It was in my little basket just wrapped in some iceberg lettuce. It tasted fabulous. I had no french fries. None. They have endless fries at Red Robin. I had zero. Nada. None. I had no cookie cake at all. Not even a tiny piece.

I gained three pounds in two days. Son of a ....

I guess cavemen didn't have restaurants.

I am sure it was a lot of added salt that I have cut out when I am eating at home. I am also sure that I need to make even better choices at restaurants.

Can you bring me a stick of celery, two baby carrots, a lemon and a giant cup of water? I think that is like negative calories since you burn more chewing than is in the actual food.

I think the bottom line is that humans really don't need that much food. I have read briefly that on the Paleo diet it is encourage to fast occasionally for a couple of meals. Apparently, cavemen didn't always catch dinner, so sometimes they went hungry. I don't like that. I will continue to avoid processed foods, carbs, sugar, but pretty sure I am not ready or willing to go hungry!

That is all for now! Here is to a great week ahead for all of you!


  1. Sounds like you all had a great time celebrating the big day. Hope he has many more. Sorry about tony's dad. Give them our love. Beth is going thru the pain again also. Just remember the laughs. There were many. Well I have buncombe this Wednesday and Judy is going to co host. How did I get so lucky the paper today had chip's funeral on the front page if you go into the h'ville times you can read it.
    Bye for now talk to you soon mer

  2. Condolences to all who have loved and lost.

    Chip and Harry's Mom, my cousin fasted every other day for a year. That was the only time in her life she was able to control her weight. She lost the most weight ever but it came back when the fast stopped. Expecting to see your two front teeth grow longer and a bushy tale emerging from your butt. You will turn into a bunny rabbit with all those good choices.