Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Celebration and a Question


Harry has been rolling out of bed at 5:40 every day to go to Cross Country practice by 6:30 in the morning.

He is so sore.

Yesterday they did a recovery run, which he was looking forward to until they said it was 5 mile recovery run. That is far.

He took many Motrin yesterday.

This morning, he staggered out of bed and went straight to the couch where he fell asleep again. He finally woke up, got dressed, walked to the car and headed into practice looking like a Zombie.

He came home from practice a different kid. He was hopping, skipping, smiling and jumping.

First of all, practice only lasted an hour. Second, they did a couple of timed miles and the first one he did in 7:09! The second he did in 7:14! Woo Hoo!!!

He has improved so much in just 7 days of practicing with the team.

Of course, he said he wanted to barf when he was done, and he was waaayyy at the back of the pack...BUT that he was sure he could take :09 seconds off his time and get in the 6's.

So happy for him that he got such a positive result after putting in some effort.

Now on to the second part of my blog.


Do you think cavemen ate Zebra Cakes? You know, the Little Debbie kind.


You don't think they could have harvested some wheat and made it into flour, found some sugar cane, a little cream from a cow to make that delicious filling, a little white frosting, a little brown striping piped in through a straw made from a hollowed out stick? COME with me.

Unfortunately, this cave girl did eat one yesterday. Cave men didn't have a pantry full of snacks for teenage boys to avoid I am sure.

Sadly, I didn't even taste it!

I waited too long between meals, had nothing else ready to eat, a little piss poor preparation that resulted in scarfing down a sugar loaded, processed food in an instant. UGH!

One of my girlfriends asked if it made me feel terrible. Like did my stomach hurt.

No, it did not.

Back on track today.

I hope your Wednesday is wonderful!!


  1. It says a great deal about an individual who would give up his precious sleep time to train for his High School's Cross Counry team. My Kudu's go out to my Grandson who always gives it his best shot know matter what he is into.

    Snacking....I am a world class snacker and seldom do I ever feel guilty when getting a cookie or my evening bowl of Blue Bell ice creme.

  2. If cavemen had access to Zebra Cakes, they TOTALLY would have eaten them! The cavemen had it SO easy. They didn't have to navigate all the food choices we have. What's that? They also didn't have running water and electricity? Ok, maybe not so easy.

  3. Piping thru a hollow stick?!?! You are really reaching for it. LoL!! You should not deprive will just come back to bite you in the ass. Everyone deserves a zebra cake. :o)