Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally....Some Pictures

It's Friday! We made it through the first week of school without too many bumps and bruises.

I finally got some pictures of my kiddos, which I labeled "First Day of School", but were actually Second and Fourth day of school. Maybe I should just relabel them "First Week of School" and that would be correct on all counts.

Anyway, let's see the boys, shall we?

My sweet Harry on his fourth day of school. All decked out in his running gear at o'dark thirty in the morning. The flash actually may have done some cornea damage as much as he writhed in pain after the snapping of this photo.

Here is Harry last year. What a difference a year makes.

This is Chip on his second day of school.

This was Chip last year on the first day of school.

The following are pictures that should have been deleted, but I just didn't have the heart. The photo session was prolonged extensively by crazy faces, crazy arms and a crazy father who was supposed to be on a teleconference call, but was instead jumping into lots of pictures that he wasn't supposed to be in.

We had animals and all kinds of crazy distractions!

In other news, not related to school or cute kids....this is my 400th blog post on Simply Writing Out Loud. That is a lot! I thoroughly enjoy it and love going back and looking at old posts. It is fun to be able to relive some of those silly moments in our day to day family life that would be easy to forget if they weren't written down somewhere.

Lots of work projects are picking up speed, but with school back in session the timing couldn't be better.

I am starting another Beth Moore Bible Study next week - can't wait.

Harry's driving is improving in leaps and bounds.

Chip got a new bat yesterday. He is stoked.

My hubby complains that he feels sore and doesn't know why. This is after he bikes 25 miles and then runs 5 more - TWICE. Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Hmmm, wonder why he feels so achy? It's a mystery.

I have book club on Sunday night, which is one of my favorite things. Can't wait to see what we read next and if I can download it on my Nook!

That is all! Hope your weekend is fabulous.


  1. Final pictures. I've been waiting since the second day. Wow has Harold grown. I counted three slat in the blind taller. It ia nice to see the cat, but she didn't look like she was having fun. Great pictures. Tell Brian aches and pain come with age. He had another birthday. Next will be leg cramps. Don't know why they just do. Love to all mer

  2. It's amazing how much they've changed in a year!!