Monday, August 22, 2011

Hit with Kindness

Yesterday, after a long family swim I needed to go to the grocery store. It was Sunday, so I knew it was going to be crowded. It was the Sunday before school starts so it was probably going to be REALLY crowded.

Before, hitting the store with my long list, I decided to swing through Starbucks for a protein plate and an iced Skinny Vanilla Latte. It is still so hot here and an ice coffee sounded so yummy. Not to mention, I was starving and going to the grocery store hungry is a huge mistake. Caffeine and something in my stomach was just what I needed to get through a Sunday before school starts shopping bonanza.

NOTE: Yes I am aware that cavemen didn't have Starbucks and Skinny Vanilla Latte's. Stinks for them.

So, I place my order and I am in line behind a little gold Honda Accord. As I wait my turn, I watch the exchange of money and the handing of coffee through the window to the car. They pull out with their beverage and it is my turn.

I pulled up to the window and the little girl working at Starbucks is just grinning like crazy. A smile a mile wide.

She leans out of her window and says "The car in front of you paid $5 toward your order so you just owe $3."

My mouth falls open a little bit and I said "Well, isn't that so nice. That just made my day!"

She says "I LOVE random acts of kindness! It happens here all the time!"

I said "I am also a big fan and will have to be on the lookout for a way to pay it forward."

So, it made my day, it made the girl at Starbucks day and I hope the person in the little Honda Accord got a big dose of happy making the day of a complete stranger.

Needless to say, I sailed through my shopping with a smile on my face and a little pep in my step. I can't wait to pay it forward!

So my challenge to you today is to find some way to do a Random Act of Kindness for someone! It really is the little things that make a difference.

Have a marvelous Monday!


  1. I have been paying it forward to the soldiers I see at restaurants, etc. It makes me feel good but is a great way to say we appreciate your sacrifices. On one occasion at subway, I was not able to escape fast enough to remain anonymous; two soldiers caught up to me and asked me to join them in their meal. They sat and told me of their multiple deployments to the middle east. I asked if they thought we had made a difference other there and they said definitely and told me more stories. I really love talking to soldiers.

  2. It just restores your faith in human kindness. What a lovely jesture and if I know you you will pay it forward and make someone's day Mer

  3. That's so sweet. Ya know, I have heard of that happening at Starbucks quite a few times actually. It is DEFINITELY a happy place! ...for me at least.

  4. Aw, that is so nice. I will definitely do something nice for someone : )

  5. Hey Melissa,
    I can leave comments now. Yay! I will have to be anonymous because I can't figure out the other ways, but that is ok