Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Huge Flop and a Reader Recount

My sweet friends just left my house. We kicked off our next Bible Study today. It is a Beth Moore study called "David. Seeking a heart like His." Today's introduction was kinda of historical, giving us a little background in to the time period, who David was and how he came to be. It was more "teachy" than the other two studies I have done of Beth Moore. I like it when she is more "talky". When she brings her real life stories in to give you real examples. I am sure that is coming over the next ten weeks and I am so looking forward to it.

For this moment though, what I am seeking is some understanding of what in the heck went wrong with the monkey bread recipe I made this morning.

It was so gross. I called it tumor bread.

It was the opposite of the lovely, perfection that was the pineapple upside down cake that I made last week. It wasn't the traditional monkey bread that I have made before, cutting biscuits in fourths and rolling them in cinnamon sugar. This was made with frozen dough balls. (Yes, Harry and Chip...I said "balls". Let's just get that out of the way, right now.)

The recipe called for putting all the ingredients in a bundt pan and leaving the whole kit and caboodle in the oven overnight to rise. When I opened the oven door this morning, that sucker was a serious eight inches over the bundt pan. Holy cow. Talk about rising!

I took the plastic off and it deflated a bit, but there was obviously entirely too much dough in the pan so I unceremoniously ripped some off. Then it rose again. I pulled more off.

It was ginormous.

I put it in the oven to bake and pieces were still falling off of it and landing on the oven rack. I had my kitchen tongs out trying to snag the raw dough off the rack before it burned and smoked up the kitchen.

How would you like this to be your greeting: Good morning, welcome to my home. Please grab a gas mask, a big piece of cardboard or an old cookie sheet and start fanning the smoke out of my kitchen. When we get the smoke cleared we are going to have some yummy smoked monkey bread and a cup of coffee with our Bible Study.

Martha Stewart....I am not.

Anyway, I cooked it until the top was really brown, hoping the inside would be cooked. When I turned it out on the platter it was a hot mess. Literally. There was raw dough, burnt dough, nuts, sugar all kinds of mess. There were a few pieces that were decent (just under the burnt part, but on top of the undercooked part) but overall it was a total flop.

Thankfully, I was surrounding by friends and laughter and no one gave a rip about the tumor bread.

Next time, I am making a Louisiana Coffee Cake. Keeping my fingers crossed. After the debacle withe the tumor bread they will all probably eat before they come! Ha! Ha!

Okay, let's talk about my blog readers. I said yesterday that I was up to eight regular readers. Y'all, I think I really undersold myself. I think I really have like twelve regular readers!

I know, pretty exciting isn't it?

Now, I am not going to put you through the torture of how I arrived at that new figure, but just suffice it to say "People are coming out of the woodwork telling me that they are reading".

Not really.

Two people told me they are reading that I didn't know were reading.

So, I just assume there are probably at least two more I don't know about, so that is twelve.

Can't you just imagine how good I was at statistics and estimating?

Anyway, these are people that know me. Not the people who search for "WWE Underwear Wrestling" or "Fruit Phobia" and end up here...but you guys who come here on purpose. Bless your hearts.

Now look, the change I finally made to the settings has made it much easier to comment. So comment!! I love hearing from you. It is like going to the mailbox and finding a letter instead of a bill. Just give me a little "Hey! Ho! Holla!" Or leave a recipe for fried eel. Whatever cranks your tractor!

Anyway, I am putting the tumor bread behind me (or more accurately, directly into the trash can) and going to get to work!

Had an awesome work day yesterday. Four teleconferences, but lots of things accomplished and marked off my list. Felt terrific.

Hope your Wednesday is wonderful!


  1. hey... did you get my previous post. we need monkey bread / tumor pix. like p.w. when you make the fried eel, will you plz post pix as you go! actually your pictures are your words and you made me laugh. thank you so much for hosting and treating us. you know...all you do really isn't necessary. we are all fine! hang in there with the study. it was the ground work showing historical perspective today.

  2. The tumor bread was great. I must admit I was looking for that pineapple upside down cake. You can't blog about that thing and then not greet us at the door with a slice and a glass of milk. Anything that has a stick of butter in it has to be fabulous. Enjoyed the company and looking forward to the Bible study


  3. I made this bread before, next time use half the bag of frozen rolls. That was the mistake I made. But anything with brown sugar and cinnamon, can't be all bad. And I would have the smell of burnt would be right up my alley.
    Love mer

  4. I can't believe there weren't pics with this story. LoL!! I have a recipe for you but I'll have to remember to get it tonite. Try not to curse during this bible study. ;o)