Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I recently wrote about a new place in town called JumpStreet and I thought I would share some pictures. Mom and Dad - please show this to all my nieces and nephews so that they will bug their parents to bring them to visit their Aunt.

If they come, she will take them to JumpStreet.

It is air conditioned, so even in the heat you can have some fun.

There are multiple long runways of trampolines with hills on either end. This is not a very good picture, but they are long. People were doing some crazy cool tricks in here.

You can jump and jump and jump and jump.

Bounce and bounce and bounce some more...until you are a sweaty mess.

Or swing off a rope and land in a pit of foam blocks.

Or trampoline into the pit.

It is hard to climb out of the pit, but that is why it is good for you.

There is also a maze and a crazy mechanical bull to ride.

And be thrown from.

And there is a dodge ball game going on all the time.

In fact, the second time my boys went to JumpStreet it was with my friend Martha. She took seven boys. Martha is very brave. My kids said they played dodge ball the entire time. That was two hours of dodge ball and they said they could have played longer. But hunger beckoned and they left.

It's a fun place!

Come see me and I will take you there!


  1. Do they allow fat adults to jump? Looks like so much fun. Only thing I can think of that would be more fun is floating on my back in the gulf.

  2. I showed Linda how to make a comment so after she see this blog maybe she will show the boys. I know Ebeth and Wes would love that place.

  3. Hey, tell me something. Your fonts are just the right size on my screen. I type with the largest setting checked. Are my fonts on my blog the same size as yours? I want it to be easy to read. TIA