Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School Recap

Let's give you a quick recap of the school day for both of my fellas.

First Chip.

I had the supremely awesome idea to walk up to school to get Chip on the first day so we would have the 1 mile walk back to chat and get all the details of his first day. Also, that would be an additional 2 miles that I would be requiring of my old body and that is all positive.

I filled up a water bottle, grabbed my sunglasses and took off with plenty of time to get to school. It was hot when I started out, but not unbearable. Then I got to the halfway point and had sweat running down my face, my back...I think even my knees were sweating. It was gross.

I think with temps near 106 degrees at 2:30 in the afternoon is just hot. I was totally second guessing my decision, but plowed on. Sweat was dripping off my hair by the time I got to school. Isn't that a pretty mental picture?

I clung to a small sliver of shade up against the building while I waited for him to come out. Thank goodness Chip was practically the first kid out the door when the bell rang.

Huge smile.

Me: How was your day buddy?
Chip: It was awesome!!
Me: Really? That is great! I am so happy about that. What made it awesome?
Chip: Well, first of all I lost a tooth at lunch (proudly pulls it out of his pocket to show me)
Me: NO WAY! First day of school and you lost a tooth? That has to be some kind of record or something.
Chip: Yeah. And I didn't even go to the nurse when it was bleeding like crazy.
Me: That is cool.

On the way home, he gave me a play by play of his day and it was all good reports. Fun at recess, fun at PE, lunch was good (made better by the tooth coming out), Ms. Coleman was so nice. YEAH!

Then he drops his tooth in the grass as we are walking. We looked for it for a few minutes, but did I mention how hot it was? We were sweltering, the ice in our water bottle had long ago melted and my clothes were sticking to me in a very unflattering fashion.

Chip looks at me and says "Come on Mom, let's just leave it. I lost a tooth today and then I REALLY lost a tooth."

So, we left that tooth in the grass and charge home toward the bliss that is air conditioning. HEAVEN!

So all in all, a great first day of fourth grade for Chip! So happy about that.

NOTE: We already discussed our pick up plan for today and I will be driving to get him. Need to wait until the weather turns just a tad bit cooler before we walk again.

Now Harry's day.

Cross Country practice was fun. Played a little Extreme Frisbee (or something like that).

The showering was not nearly as bad as he thought it was going to be. He did tell me that his buddy Jack asked to borrow his bottle of body wash. When Harry got in he said "Jack, kick me the body wash." Jack did. It skidded to a halt right by a really funny junior on the team. Harry went to pick it up and the kid was like "Woah! Wait just a minute. What is going on here????" Harry said it was mortifying and funny. There were some other locker room stories he shared, and none of them were awful. Glad he got the first one out of the way.

He did have a schedule glitch and was signed up for Junior level English and he is supposed to be in Sophomore level English. He made several trips to the counselor at various times through out the day and by the end it was all straightened out.

He has a couple of good buddies in his lunch, which is sweet.

NOTE: Blue cube was discussed numerous times yesterday. I was wrong. It was a mistake. Paper bags and Wal-mart bags from here on out.

The teachers on his A Day schedule all seemed to be nice and it was a thumbs up from him.

He did forget to bring his Cross Country clothes and towel home, but with all that he was supposed to remember for yesterday and contending with his schedule issues that was just a tiny blip on the radar.

He said it didn't even feel like school and that his day went by so fast. I am sure that will change when the classroom instruction and homework start happening.

For now, we are just hoping for a nice B Day today.

He got up with his alarm this morning and when I got back from my walk he was already dressed and standing in the kitchen. He asked if he could have a little coffee and I said he could.

Seeing him standing there, getting so tall, sipping on coffee just made my heart hurt. I can remember dropping him off at Hubby's parents house when he was about two years old when I had to go to work. He would still be in his little footie pajamas and would climb up to the kitchen table with them. They would let him stir their coffee and he thought he was such a big helper.

Time truly does fly by, doesn't it?

Well, now I am all teared up with this little walk down memory lane. Must get ready for a teleconference in a few minutes. Snap out of it!

On the work front...I got to have two long, intelligent, focused conversations on the phone yesterday. It was so awesome not to have to worry about someone screaming in the back ground or the door flying open with a fight to mediate or an emergency snack needed. I got so much work done! And once Chip was home I didn't do another stinking thing! I hope that is how it goes most days!

Hope your day is pleasant, productive and all that jazz!


  1. Tell me how in the world is the tooth fairy going to find that tooth?
    Such memories brought a tear to my eye time does truly fly. As I remember you and Andrea!s first days and they are gone treasue them. Love you to pieces. Should have taken that road to Jackson Mississippi Monday.
    In case you haven!t guessed. Mer

  2. Your name should be listed under the definition of Mother in the dictionary. You are such a great mom. Your children are so....very lucky to have you in their lives.