Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thoughtful Words

My sweet friend gave me a devotional book at the end of our Bible Study this past spring. On my birthday, this is what I read:

"Hold My hand, and walk joyously with Me through this day. Together we will savor the pleasures and endure the difficulties it brings. Be on the lookout for everything I have prepared for you: stunning scenery, bracing winds of adventure, cozy nooks for resting when you are weary, and much more. I am your Guide, as well as your constant Companion. I know every step of the journey ahead of you, all the way to heaven."

I don't know much, but I know I love reading that. It puts a smile on my face. I thought someone else out there might need this today.

Other than that bright news, things are clicking along around here. New shoes have been purchased for the first day of school. New haircuts have been suffered through. Harry is done with his first week of cross country practice. Chip has been refreshing himself on multiplication facts. Summer reading is getting done. Paleo eating plan is going well.

Hubby has a birthday coming up tomorrow. We are going to party like it is 1999. Or more likely, we are going to party like it is 2011. The kids will probably want to take him somewhere super awesome like Dave and Busters and then Krispy Kreme. It's going to be crazy I tell you.

SIDENOTE: The cavemen did not eat doughnuts. They were stupid. They hadn't yet learned about the beauty of flour, lard and sugar deep fried in oil. They didn't know what they were missing. Sadly, I DO know exactly what I will be missing. I will be missing Hot Doughnuts Now.

Work is cranking back up after being blissfully easy for a few weeks. I think I am ready. Not yet feeling a "BRING IT ON" or anything, but not dreading it either.

Hope your week is wrapping up nicely and you have a relaxing weekend planned!

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  1. The hell with donuts. Did the cavemen like cheese steak subs? LOL!

    Hey when is your next work related trip back to Aliebamja?