Tuesday, August 16, 2011

UNO Season

Have I mentioned recently that playing UNO is becoming a regular event at our house.

It's good clean family fun.

Or is it??

Just for memories sake, I am going to jot down some of the most common phrases heard around our kitchen table during a game of UNO:

* Is it my turn?
* What color is it?
* Is it my turn?
* Can I play a SKIP on a REVERSE?
* Wait...which way are we going?
* Is it my turn?
* Quit looking at my cards.
* You forgot to say UNO
* Who goes first?
* I just dealt.
* Who farted?
* Is it my turn?
* Is that a nine or a six?
* Why do I have eight cards?
* Is it my turn?

Doesn't that make you just want to run over and join us???

Chip is the organizer. He dashes all over the house, rounding up all the players. He wants everyone to play. It's more fun that way. He is also the one who lays a card down and immediately says "Is it my turn?"

He is finally mastering the art of holding his cards in a fan shape so he doesn't have to shuffle through them every time. Talk about the human delay of game.

We play till the big loser hits 200 points. Last night, that was Hubby after about six rounds. We have played many, many more rounds, but it is never enough for Chip. He would like to play around the clock.

It is a season in our lives.

The UNO season.

It will be fleeting I am sure.

In fact, I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but wrestling is out. Sigh. Chip isn't watching it, talking about it or playing it anymore. It just faded away. It makes me kinda sad.

It also makes me wonder what in the world we are going to do with the five wrestling rings and bin full of wrestling figures that he accumulated during the WWE season of his life! Maybe I will put some of his favorites up in the attic.

Well, that is all my fingers have in me for today!

Hope Tuesday is good to you!


  1. As you are aware, I just love board games and am tempted to drive out to Texas and play a few games of UNO.

    My suggestion on the wrestling figures.....buy Chip a B-B-Gun and use the action figures as targets. Aren't you glad your Dad gives Super Advice?

  2. It is natural for a child to lose interest in this stuff.

    I sure hope your hubby doesn't lose interest in WWE.

    The mental images I have of him wearing nothing but his skivvies and that WWE belt brings a big smile to my face. Cracks me up!