Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Just Called.....

I have no time to blog today, but I just had to take a second this morning to write this down.

We were all buzzing around this morning getting ready for school.  Harry was dressed, his bag was packed and he was buried under a pillow on the couch waiting for his ride. 

Mom:   Harry, do you have everything you need?
Harry:  Yeah.
Mom:  What about this Chemistry Lab book?  Do you need it?
Harry:  Oh, yeah I do.
Mom:  Did you get your phone?
Harry:  Oh, I forgot. 

He gets those few things packed and back on the couch he goes. 

I come around the corner a few minutes later and see his carpool ride sitting in front of the house.  He is still on the couch.  "Harry, Ms. Martha is waiting out front.  You need to go."

He drags himself out the door. 

I yell...."Bye.  Have a good day.  Love you."

I shut the front door and start ranting to myself.  "Geez, how can he have so much trouble remembering things.  Every morning, it is something.  Ugh. When is his brain going to finish developing??""

See, I read somewhere that teenage brains aren't fully developed yet.  In fact, they don't fully develop until they are about 21.  That is why it is hard for them to remember things, get organized, etc.  Not sure if that is true or not, but as a parent, it sure makes it easier to deal with if you buy into that theory.  Trust me.

So, I am ranting as I walk from the front door into the kitchen.  Then the phone rings.  Caller ID says it is Harry.  He has been gone from the house for a total of two minutes.

Exasperated, I answer the phone fully expecting to hear that he forgot something else.

Harry:  Hey Mom.
Mom:  Yes.
Harry:  Hey, when I walked out the door, you said "I love you." and I only said "Bye".  I just wanted to call you and tell you that I meant to say "I love you, too."

And then I cried, cause that is the sweetest thing a fifteen year old boy could ever do for his mother.  He called me just to say "I LOVE YOU!!!!"   And he was in the car with other people.  Other boy people.

I'm gonna keep him.  Forever and ever, and ever, and ever and ever.

I don't care how much stuff he forgets.  Cause, if the organizational side of his brain isn't developed, I can live with that.  It seems the compassionate, thoughtful, loving side of his brain is all the way done! 

Just made my day! 

I hope something makes your day today!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Another weekend has come and gone and unfortunately, it flew right past me! 

It's Monday.  All......day.....long.

I have been working since about 6:45 this morning and decided to take a few minutes and post some pictures I took this weekend.  My parents both sent me sweet comments recently about how much they enjoy the pictures and I am a pleaser, so more pictures I will give them.  I wonder if being a pleaser is part of being the middle child.  I'm sure it is.

Here is the recap!  Saturday morning I was driving the carpool at 5:45 a.m., running the boys up to school for the Cross Country meet.  I came home, snagged a shower and was back on the road by 7:30.

When I arrived at the meet, the Freshman herd had just run past and kicked up an enormous amount of dust.  The aftermath of dust in the air was beautiful in the early morning light.

I spotted the Dragon tent from across the camp out.  It looks like a campsite.  Pillows, blankets, ice chests...there was stuff everywhere.

This course had a cool little wooded area where you could stand in the shade and watch the runners for a portion of the race.  This guy on the bike was the "rabbit".  He led the runners so they would know where to go.  The first time he went by this little guy standing by me said "OMG, you're winning.  Hurry, hurry, they are coming!"

This next series of pictures is the start of the JV Boys race.  I just hit click, click, click, click when the gun went off.  Don't strain to hard to find Harry, he is all the way on the other side.  I just thought if you had never been to a race that this might give you some idea of how many kids are running and the big rush to get off the starting line.  It is really impressive.

 Then Harry popped out of the crowd. 

I screamed "Go Harry!"  I am sure he was so happy that I was this close. 

Here he is in the shaded woods.  So nice to be out of the blazing sun.

Back out in the flats.  Almost done. 

I didn't make it back to the finish line before he crossed, but this is him in the holding area.  He doesn't even look sweaty.  However I wish I would have gotten a picture of his teeth.  DISGUSTING!  They were brown.  Dirt was all over them. Gross!

Rinsing of the teeth.  Good boy.  Oh, and get a drink too!

After that, it was a mad dash to get across town to Chip's baseball game.  I had missed the early game, so I definitely needed to see some of the second game.  During game two, Chip had his first visit to the mound from the coach. I thought it was so cute the way the catcher came out to the mound too.  Just like the pros do it.

Chip got it together a little bit, but the other team was just bigger and better and won pretty easily.  So they split the double header, won one and lost one.

Chip smashed a couple of hits and walked.   They only have three games left in the fall season.  Next Saturday we have a 6:00 p.m. game.  That might be cooler!   And the light will probably be fantastic for pictures!  Can't wait.

Right after baseball it was off to Chip's first flag football game.  Who the heck said he could play two sports?  I need a name!   Here he is directing a little traffic as QB.  His little team got beat pretty good, but Chip had fun and threw a touchdown pass. 


I had started my early morning in jeans and a sweater cause it was chilly.  Lovely, lovely, lovely.  Chilly, chilly, chilly.  It has been far too long since we have felt chilly.  By the time we got done with football I was a sweaty mess.  Dang jeans felt like they were on fire with the sun beating down on them.   Could not wait to get into some A/C and some shorts!

We all crashed at the house Saturday afternoon and watched the Bama game.  It was a good one. Roll Tide.

I went out to dinner with some friends on Saturday night.  It was a terrific little restaurant I had never been to before with great drinks.  I had a Mexican Martini and it was served with the silver shaker thing.  I love that!  What I didn't love was the loud music.  We had to read lips half the night. Does that mean we are old?  Young people don't complain about the music being too loud, do they? 

So after all of our activities on Saturday we all slept in.  Except Chip.  He doesn't believe in sleeping in.  But he gets up and quietly goes down stairs so it is fine with us.  He used to wake us up.  That was not good.

Sunday, I had my camera out ready to capture some every day moments. This one is classic.  Harry wakes up, staggers downstairs, goes pee, then sprawls in the floor.  I do my "Hey buddy.  Good morning.  Did you sleep good?  Is your nose stuffy or do you feel much better?"  He gives me a few answers and then I start in with...

So what kind of homework do you have?

He grabbed the closest thing he could...a laundry basket.

He placed it gently over his head without a word.  If she can't see me, maybe I won't have to do homework.   I think he would have stayed in there all day to avoid me, but I made him come out. He spent a couple of hours doing homework and then Hubby took both of the boys to the pool.  It is getting late in the pool season and Chip said the water was kinda chilly.  It is going to be in the 100s again this week, so the pool should warm back up.

Dang summer...get outta here already.

I had a cross country fundraising meeting Sunday afternoon, so I missed the fun at the pool.  Then it was a trip to the grocery store, laundry, etc.  To top off my weekend, I went to book club last night.  I love book club.

So that was it.  It was a busy but fun weekend.   What did you do?  Any home improvement projects?  I am so ready to paint a wall!  I have paint swatches taped up on several walls in the house and as soon as I get a free weekend I am going to paint something! 

For the time being, I expect to be a bit overwhelmed with this new proposal for most of the week  month, so I may be MIA for a while!  Be patient Mom!  Have a great week everyone!   

Friday, September 23, 2011

Capturing the Moments

I have had two crazy busy days.  So glad it is Friday.  Today, my phone was ringing off the hook and my email inbox was filling up faster than I could empty it.....I was STRESSED out! 

So, what did I do?  I took a 10 minute break and I looked at these:

My sweet boys.

Pictures just make me smile. 

Makes me also realize I did not take enough pictures of my boys when they were little.  I thought I had alot, but now looking back I realize that I didn't get nearly enough. I should have taken one every single day so I could remember how sweet and precious they were as tiny little people.  I should have taken one of every finger, every toe, every hair on their little heads.  And on my little Chipster - that would have been a ton of pictures!  That boy had hair for DAYS!

Here are a couple of pictures I took of Chip's hand while we were at the park.  Aren't they just precious?  A dirty little hand that has been playing hard at the park.  That was only last year and now his hand seems double that size.

I tell you all this because I AM INSPIRED!

I am going to keep my camera on the kitchen counter every day and take  pictures of them while they are sleeping, while they are telling me a story, while they are walking home from the bus stop, while they are reading, while they are playing their video games, petting the dog, bouncing a ball, watching tv, eating dinner, brushing their teeth.  I will be like paparazzi!

Capturing the mundane moments of the quickly passing days of their childhood.  From the few minutes I spent looking at old pictures today, I know that they will be my most prized possession when my guys are grown and I want to go back and talk a little walk down memory lane. 

So, if you are looking for me I will be taking pictures!!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rigged Machines, Chin Blowouts and Mr. Knowledge

You may remember that I mentioned in a recent post that our washing machine was rigged up with tape and required a screwdriver to actually spin.  I took pictures for you and for me.  I would like to think this is industrious and a little ingenuity at work, but mostly I think it is just lazy and cheap.   

It all started when one day I found the washing machine full of water....and clothes....actually, I think it was towels. Heavy towels.  I tried everything I could think of to get that thing moving.  In the end, I pulled the towels out by hand, wrung them out as best I could, and hightailed it over to my neighbor Karen's house to see if I could borrow her washer and dryer.

She is used to my crazy requests and just took the basket from me an returned them clean and folded like 30 minutes later.  She is awesome like that.

What I finally figured out is that is that there is a switch inside that hole that is normally pushed down by the lid when everything is as it should be.  Well our switch under the hole was loose and hanging down and the lid wasn't able to reach it.

I took the entire washing machine apart and me and hubby taped that switch back into its correct position with pink duct tape. I was so proud that we had worked together so nicely.  And that the repair had worked.

Sadly, the pink tape fix was only temporary.  Within a few months it wasn't holding on good enough either. 

Next solution, shove a screwdriver in the hole to make it spin.

That doesn't seem safe does it?

You will be happy to know that we shove it in the hole and then close the lid to hold it still and keep it from flying into a spinning washing machine.

That would be all kinds of bad if that sucker drops in a spinning washer and gets spun out at 100 mph.  I am sure I would get hit right between the eyes.  I'm lucky that way.

So far, this method is working fine.  I am sure eventually we are going to cram that screwdriver in and the entire switch is going to fall out into the washing machine.

We will deal with that when and if it happens.

Do any of you have home repairs that look like this?  Do you use duct tape to fix things that you think might not actually call for duct tape?  We do.

Speaking of things being broken, let me tell you about my next little picture...

This is a little treat box I made up for my friend Connie.  Connie broke her jaw in a bike wreck.  She face planted on a sidewalk and cut her chin open and really messed up her jaw.  When I say messed up her jaw, I mean she had to get braces and is wearing these tight rubber bands to keep her teeth in position so her jaw can heal.  She can't open her mouth at all without taking the bands off! 


Now, I ride with Connie periodically and as much as I hate that she was alone when she wrecked, I am so glad I wasn't with her.  I do not do very well in emergencies and I am sure I would have made an already awful situation worse.  I would have over reacted I am sure.  Her chin would have been bleeding and I probably would have done CPR on her.  So Connie, my friend count your blessings I wasn't there!  And also, no more passing on a bike.  EVER.

So that leads me to my final pictures of the day. 

Our visit with Mr. Knowledge. 

I had never met Mr. Knowledge until this weekend.  It was Sunday afternoon and I was knee deep in craft stuff or laundry stuff or cooking stuff...just my stuff and little Chip was following me around begging to do the Science Experiment Kit that he had brought home from school on Friday.  I had put him off all morning and finally I asked Hubby to take a crack at it.

They started pulling out the parts and directions and figuring out how this Morse Code experiment was going to work.  Look at happy Chip.

I think this is actually goof ball Chip.  There are several steps that he should be taking to assist his Daddy, but he is busy looking like a weirdo.

Give me some tape Chip!

Doesn't he look scholarly?  WHAT IS THIS FACE?

So Dad is working away, connecting wires to batteries, and there are little light bulbs and connectors and cutting cardboard and tape.  It is involved.  Little Chip isn't really getting the gist of the experiment.

Dear Old Dad decides to show him about electrical current by asking him to stick out his tongue.  Tell me what you feel, he asks his little student.

KIDDING!  He did not light up Chip's tongue, although he probably deserved to be zapped.   The went on to do some of the Morse Code part and then realized there was more.

I turn my back for a second and the next thing I know, Mr. Knowledge, as he was so lovingly referring to himself appeared with his graduation ensemble from college.  Who even knows where their cap is twenty years after graduation? 

Mr. Knowledge does, that's who!

He spent a little more time explaining the theory of electricity or evolution or relativity to the little Chip....or more honestly he just kept saying "Hit the Button"!

And then there was light and the children celebrated! 

Way to go Mr. Knowledge!!!  You have wowed the children with you mad skills!

So this was a totally random post, covering lots of random topics!  And, sadly I am probably going to be tied up with a big proposal for the next several days so this is all you will get for a while Mom and Dad! 

Be patient, I will be back....or.....maybe I will see if Mr. Knowledge would be interested in a guest post.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rest of the Weekend

In addition to the fabulous show of great sportsmanship we saw this past weekend at the XC meet, there were also a few other pictures I snapped.

Shocking, huh?

Grandparents love this stuff!  If you are not a grandparent, I apologize.  If you are a grandparent, but not to these children, I also apologize.  Otherwise, Mer and Grandpa...you are gonna love this!

Our Saturday morning started bright and early getting Harry out the door to catch the bus to his meet. By bright and early I mean he left the house at 4:45 in the morning.  Holy Moly.

We were able to leave a little bit later in the morning to make the drive up to Baylor, but make no mistake about it, it was still EARLY!  In fact, it was still dark when Hubby was loading up the car. 

We were packed for cross country and baseball.  Expecting a full day of activities and packing everything we might need into the back of the car. 
As we drove to Baylor the sun started to come up.  It was a spectacular fire ball in the sky.  I was so happy to have my camera.

While you are taking a peek at the glorious sun, take a second to look at the poor trees and grass in the foreground of this photo.  So brown, dead, crispy...just sad.
I didn't realize how brown the horizon was until I uploaded these pictures to my computer.  It is brown everywhere you look, as far as the eye can see.
Good morning Mr. Sun.  Could you take a break and let your friend "Rain" hang out with us for a while?  We would sure appreciate it.

We pulled up to the Baylor parking area and knew we were in the right place with the army of school buses parked end to end.  Harry's team brought 80 kids on one bus.  They were three to a seat.  That is close quarters.
Baylor is a gorgeous campus.

We got there in time to see the College guys finishing the first race of the day.  See that guy in front?  He was the leader by a huge distance.  Sadly, he took a wrong turn on the course and was disqualified.  Bummer.
After standing around cheering on the Varsity Boys and Girls and watching several other races, the fine JV squad finally headed over toward the course to get ready to run their race.
They mingled in the parking lot.  Just talking, hitting each other, doing various and other things that boys apparently like to do.
Like seeing how hard you can squeeze each others hand.  "Harry!  Quit fooling around and start getting ready for this race!"
They take the field and wait for the JV girls to finish up.  Again, they will be the last race of the day.

Here Harry is trying to make sure he can figure out where to turn.  Don't want to get disqualified.

And they are off.  The thundering herd coming up the field at the end of mile one.
Harry makes the turn and goes for his final mile.  Looking good buddy!  He improved on his time and that is really all you can ask.  So proud of you son!   After his race, he went and made me even prouder by going back out on the course and running in with the last guy.  It was a great day to be a Cross Country parent!

As soon as the meet was over we had to head back home because Chip had a baseball game that afternoon.  Lucky for Harry, he got to ride home with us and didn't have to take the bus back.  The match up for the afternoon was River Bandits versus the Storm! 

Chip played catcher in the first game.  I just can't get enough pictures of this kid in his catcher's gear.  It just makes me smile.  He looks so official.

Then Chip came in and pitched for a couple of innings. 
He did a great job throwing the ball.  

He struck out several kids.

The River Bandits and Storm ended in a tie, which was just perfect.  It was a great game to watch!

We went over to friends house for dinner on Saturday night and fell exhausted into bed about 10:30 Saturday night.  Talk about a long day!

Sunday was all about catching up....on sleep, on grocery shopping, homework, housework, all the normal chores.  Well not only that....

My next post will be about the little get well box I made for my sweet friend Connie, a visit from Mr. Knowledge and the pictures of my rigged up washing machine!  Come on back...it is sure to be a wild time!

Have a great Tuesday!