Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bandits Baseball

We kicked off the fall season of baseball yesterday!  Chip's River Bandits were taking the field for a double header.  I missed the first game, but heard that my little Chipster was a beast behind the plate.  No pass balls and played a terrific catcher.  I hate that I missed it!

Me and Harry arrived just after the first game ended.  We brought Chip an ice cold ice water!  He was so happy that Harry made it to the game. 

 Harry was happy too!

Then the little brotherly squeeze turned into the lid coming off the ice water and going all over Chip's shirt and pants.  Then no one was really all that happy!

Quit worrying about that water and start worrying about your next game!  Dad has called a team meeting.   Get on over there Chip!

The Bandits won the first game 11 -2, so the Coach was really happy about how they played.  He goes over all the positives that happened during the game and a few things they could improve on.  

Harry grabs a seat.  I am sure he is pooped after being at the cross country meet all morning.

Chip goes down swinging his first at bat.  He is a little disgusted with himself that he didn't get a hit.  He does not strike out much, but the change from your Dad throwing you nice strike to a kid throwing high, low, inside, outside and not really even close to the plate is a bit of an adjustment.  It will get better Chip.

He checks in with Harry.  What do you think? 

Harry gives him some advice.   The next time he walked, stole second, stole home and maybe scored on a pass ball.  There is all kinds of stealing going on in this kid pitch league.

Then Chip got his first opportunity to pitch.  OMG, could he be any cuter up on that mound?  He looks so big to me in this picture. 

 He winds up...
 He rares back....
He gets ready to unleash the fury...

He fires it in there.

He was bringing the heat!  Strikes out two kids, then hits the third one in the back of the helmet.  AGGGHH!  Moms in stands everywhere suck in their breath!  The kid was fine, laughing actually and then the ump called "Ballgame" before he could even take his base.

I stand up immediately and yell to Chip on the field "Go tell him you are sorry!"
The dads in the stands turn around and glare at me and say "No, you don't do that.  This is baseball.  He doesn't tell the guy he is sorry."

Is that a rule?
Seems barbaric.

The coach checked on him and made sure he was fine.  I was so happy he wasn't hurt.
River Bandits won the game 15 - 0!

What a great start to the season.  It is just a short eight game season with a tournament at the end.  Hopefully, we will win more than we lose and the kids will have fun, learn something, and get the heck out of the way when a wild pitch is coming!! 

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