Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cross Country Meet


This post may only be interesting to grandparents...tons of pictures of Harry running in his cross country meet yesterday.  

This post will be followed immediately with pictures from Chip's baseball game yesterday so brace yourself!  

 Good Morning, Harry.  It is 4:50 a.m.  It is time to wake up.  Your ride is coming in about 30 minutes.  He goes downstairs, gets completely dressed, then buries himself under this blanket on the couch and falls alseep again.

 Dad also got up to see him off.

 His bag is packed.  Water bottle, bagels, money, phone.  The bus was leaving at 5:45 and 68 kids were heading to a meet at St. Andrews. 

 I arrived at the meet at about 7:20 a.m.  It was a gorgeous morning.  The kids had already been there for 30 minutes or so and walked the course.  Girls were running two miles and boys were running three.

  A small portion of the grounds.  There were people crawling all over the place.

The team tent with the sun coming up over the trees.  

First race is the Varsity Girls.  That little unit bent over with her arms up and ready is number eight in the country.  She can fly!  

Here she is out in front coming into the homestretch.  She extended her lead substantially at the end and won comfortably!   Varsity girls placed third out of twenty six teams.

Next up, is Varsity boys A team.  These are the top boy runners.  One of which is Tyler's good friend Jack.  Jack is also extremely fast.  I loved capturing this moment where his friends come over to wish him luck, give him some words of encouragement.

Or more likely, they told him they just farted.  Boys are weird.  

 Jack getting a handshake from Hunter.

And the gun shoots and they are off.  With twenty six schools participating that mean there were about 180 boys in this race.  It sounded like a herd of horses when they passed by.

 The sun is coming up.

 I finally caught up to my boy and got his picture.

Here he is with his buddy Thomas waiting for the Varsity boys to finish. 

This is our top runner.  He is also mucho fast. I think these Varsity boys did 3 miles in something like 16 minutes.  That is stupid fast.  Varsity boys took second place overall!

More watching and waiting... 

It is warming up outside. 

The top JV team takes off to start their race.  Go Thomas!  Go Hunter!  

 Harry and the second JV team warm up.

It doesn't take much because the sun is now beating down.  

Watching the JV boys finish with Jack.  They were all so wonderfully supportive of each other.   

 Second JV team taking their places.

Trying to stay relaxed.  They have been out here for five hours and watched nine or ten other races.  Now it is their turn.

Spread out.  There are  not as many schools running in the JV division so they have a little more room to maneuver.  

 And the gun fires and they are off!

Go Harry!  

Go Pac-Man!  

 Run Hard!  Have Fun! 

Harry at the two mile mark!  One more mile to go! 

 You can do it Harry!

 He comes off the trail and hits the track to head to the finish line.

Go Harry!  

 Finish strong!

There is a guy behind you coming on fast!  


He did it!  Finished that three mile course and was not the last guy!  Way to go!  His mom was so proud of him!  He said it was hot, it was hard, there were hills and mulch stuck in his shoe that was stabbing him in the ankle, dirt in his mouth.  Welcome to cross country Harry!  I think you are doing great!

After the meet we went to watch Chip's baseball game and once we got home, he got settled on the couch to watch the Bama game and this happened. 

It was a big day for Harry and a nap was definitely well deserved!


  1. What incredible pictures. You can tell it isn't a camera you can stick in your pocket. I might add the photographer is also part of the great pictures. Now down to business..can't say how proud we are of both the boys and their athletic abilities. Seems they both give it all they got ALL the time. I know you both are proud parents and should be. GP

  2. Yes, you are a good photographer Harry and Chips Mom. And I am tired just looking at the photos. Kudos Chip and Hare!

  3. If you scroll down real fast, it is almost like you can see Harry running! Thank you for sharing! Proud of both your boys!