Saturday, September 3, 2011

Harry's First XC Meet

Yesterday was Harry's first ever Cross Country meet! It was so awesome and I just could not have been more proud.

It was a relay meet, which meant there were three kids on each relay team. Not sure how many JV teams there were from Harry's high school, but maybe 9 or 10? Not sure.

Anyway, each one of them had to run a mile and a half, tag the next person on their team and then they took off. Harry ran the last leg for his squad.

They were not the fastest by a long shot, but I totally had tears in my eyes when Harry started his leg and ran past me. Just to see him blaze past me and know how hard their practices are and how much he has improved from the beginning. Running is so hard and running as fast as you can is even harder.

Here are some pictures of his night.

When we arrived, they were just milling around. They had already walked the course with their coach.

Getting focused.

Stretching. There is alot of stretching. Can you see how high Harry's leg is?

Big smile.

JV boys gathering at the starting line.

Line up here.

Starting gun.

They are off!

Run boys, run!

Harry starting his leg!

Go Harry! So proud of you!

Coming around to the finish line! No good pictures in between because XC is not a good spectator sport.

Finishing strong!

Then barfing immediately upon arrival at the finish line!

Walking it off! See his sweet brother right beside him!

A little more barfing! I think in the cross country world that means he did his best! Tried hard! Went faster than his body really wanted to go.

Team meeting! Great job kids! I don't know much about scoring, but I do know that the Varsity girls got first place! They were phenomenal!

It was a great night and a fun time was had by all!


  1. Can't tell you how proud we are of Tyler for sticking with it, and giving it his absolute best. I do however, am not surprised as that is the way he does every thing. Pa and Mer

  2. great post...tyler is awesome