Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Holla, mom and dad, family members, friends, thirteen loyal readers and the random occasional reader from Japan that happens upon my blog while searching the internet for "fruit phobia".   How have y'all been?

I have been burning the candles at both ends and a little bit in the middle.

I am waking my tired old self in the 4's most days.  That means sometime between 4:01 and 4:59 in the morning my alarm goes off.  I hate my alarm.  Getting up in the 4's gets old in a hurry.  However, it is a necessity so that I can get a little exercise before my day gets away from me. There are no excuses for not exercising when you do it that early in the morning.  Plus it is very much like therapy to talk for an hour first thing in the morning to your friend.  Thank you Martha.

So I am walking early in the morning to get the old heart beating, purge my mind, make my pants a little looser and allow me to stray from my paleo caveman eating ways occasionally.  I like straying from my caveman eating ways occasionally.  Too much, in fact.

After walking, I am making breakfast, packing lunches, finding library books, locating favorite running gear, signing forms, and all that is required in getting children up and out the door for school.  Then I am working.  On two proposals at once.  That is hard and confusing.  

I have also had some evening obligations. 

Monday night, it was Meet the Teacher night at the high school.  I LOVED IT!  Talk about getting a little flashback to a life that seems a million years ago.  Walking the halls, seeing your friends in passing, looking for classrooms, listening to teachers.  Ahh, I could totally ROCK high school at forty-five.  I was talking to football players.  No fear.  Didn't care what I had on, or how my hair looked, just walked right up to them and started talking.  I wouldn't have probably done that in high school.  Twenty-seven years problem.  

I was looking for the Cross Country room for Harry's first class.  There are like seven gym's on this campus, but I thought Harry told me to go to the Field House so that is the direction I headed.  Once I got in front of the building, it was obvious that football practice had just ended because there were sweaty football players all over the place.  I didn't quite know what door to go in, so I asked.

Me:  "Hey there.  Can you tell me where I might find Room 400?"
Giant Football Player:  "Huh?"
Me:  "Room 400.  Is it in the Field House?"
Giant Football Player:  "Oh, I think so.  Hey Mike, is Room 400 in the Field House?"
Mike:  "Yeah, it's where we watch film."
Giant Football Player:  "Just go through those glass doors and it will be on your left."
Me: "Cool.  I have never been in a film room.  I can't wait.  Thanks fellas."
Giant Football Player and Mike in unison:  "You are welcome, ma'am."

Why did he have to call me ma'am?  I was all flitting around like the new girl on campus feeling like I was 17 again and then he went and called me ma'am.  Stupid football player.

So anyway, I really enjoyed my night back in high school and am thinking about re-enrolling.  Is that legal?  Is there an age limit?  There must be.  Otherwise, I am in!

Back to my busy life....

Tuesday I was back up at the high school for a XC Booster Club meeting.  The halls were mostly empty, no friends, no teachers...I felt very much like an adult going to a Booster Club meeting.  

Today was my visit at Lakeside!  We finally made the toilet paper pumpkins and they were a smashing success!  Had three residents walk in and give me a giant hug first thing when they arrived this morning!  Hooray!  They are getting to know me an I am getting to know them.  Had a ball playing crafts with them today!  I have pictures to upload and share, but can't find my camera.   

WAIT JUST A SECOND....I am still writing this post and it is already published on my blog.  I did not hit the "publish" button.  I am sure of that.

Not sure what button I hit on this new interface, but it was wrong. 

Yikes!  Must wrap this up, run spell check and get it published for real!

Have an awesome week and an outstanding Thursday! 

P.S.  Also, I have been sneezing all day today.  I do not want a cold.  No cold.  Do not want a sore throat either.  It is still a 100 degrees outside for goodness sakes.  I can only tolerate getting a cold, when it is actually cold. 

Sorry for the jacked up, partial post.
I am not a professional.
That is painfully obvious to me all the time. 
I am up to $18.92 dollars in income from my blog.
I could buy a pizza every six or twelve months with that kind of income.
Woo Hoo.


  1. Tell those football player you are not a ma'am. You are a hot chick. This happened to me in the Frankfort shopping center parking lot. Two young guys turned around and started walking toward me I was ready to run, when they said ma'am could you give us directions. You will remember that moment trust me.

  2. your welcome. i enjoy the company / therapy as well. the 4's are killer though. by my count there are 15 "b" days until the end of october. then again an early "a" day could be thrown in. then again...welcome to never know. have a great day!

  3. I have a solution for the 4s. I set my clock ahead, so that is says 5:02 when the alarm goes off, but it is really 4:45. Shhhh. Don't tell the lazy girl that lives inside my head.

  4. We are sending you a check for $1.08 to round out your blog earnings to $20.00. Hopefully that will keep your interest in blogging as we truly love reading about your entire family and all of your life experiences. Dad

  5. how do you make money blogging???