Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Just Called.....

I have no time to blog today, but I just had to take a second this morning to write this down.

We were all buzzing around this morning getting ready for school.  Harry was dressed, his bag was packed and he was buried under a pillow on the couch waiting for his ride. 

Mom:   Harry, do you have everything you need?
Harry:  Yeah.
Mom:  What about this Chemistry Lab book?  Do you need it?
Harry:  Oh, yeah I do.
Mom:  Did you get your phone?
Harry:  Oh, I forgot. 

He gets those few things packed and back on the couch he goes. 

I come around the corner a few minutes later and see his carpool ride sitting in front of the house.  He is still on the couch.  "Harry, Ms. Martha is waiting out front.  You need to go."

He drags himself out the door. 

I yell...."Bye.  Have a good day.  Love you."

I shut the front door and start ranting to myself.  "Geez, how can he have so much trouble remembering things.  Every morning, it is something.  Ugh. When is his brain going to finish developing??""

See, I read somewhere that teenage brains aren't fully developed yet.  In fact, they don't fully develop until they are about 21.  That is why it is hard for them to remember things, get organized, etc.  Not sure if that is true or not, but as a parent, it sure makes it easier to deal with if you buy into that theory.  Trust me.

So, I am ranting as I walk from the front door into the kitchen.  Then the phone rings.  Caller ID says it is Harry.  He has been gone from the house for a total of two minutes.

Exasperated, I answer the phone fully expecting to hear that he forgot something else.

Harry:  Hey Mom.
Mom:  Yes.
Harry:  Hey, when I walked out the door, you said "I love you." and I only said "Bye".  I just wanted to call you and tell you that I meant to say "I love you, too."

And then I cried, cause that is the sweetest thing a fifteen year old boy could ever do for his mother.  He called me just to say "I LOVE YOU!!!!"   And he was in the car with other people.  Other boy people.

I'm gonna keep him.  Forever and ever, and ever, and ever and ever.

I don't care how much stuff he forgets.  Cause, if the organizational side of his brain isn't developed, I can live with that.  It seems the compassionate, thoughtful, loving side of his brain is all the way done! 

Just made my day! 

I hope something makes your day today!


  1. ok...that was awesome...enjoy today.

  2. What a sweet, sweet child. Moments like that make all the other parenting mountains seem like molehills! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day.

  3. He has ALWAYS been a sweetheart. Give him a big hug and kiss from his aunt.

  4. He has a beautiful brain. Testosterone is flooding his bloodstream and interfering with his organizational skills.