Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Rest of the Weekend

In addition to the fabulous show of great sportsmanship we saw this past weekend at the XC meet, there were also a few other pictures I snapped.

Shocking, huh?

Grandparents love this stuff!  If you are not a grandparent, I apologize.  If you are a grandparent, but not to these children, I also apologize.  Otherwise, Mer and Grandpa...you are gonna love this!

Our Saturday morning started bright and early getting Harry out the door to catch the bus to his meet. By bright and early I mean he left the house at 4:45 in the morning.  Holy Moly.

We were able to leave a little bit later in the morning to make the drive up to Baylor, but make no mistake about it, it was still EARLY!  In fact, it was still dark when Hubby was loading up the car. 

We were packed for cross country and baseball.  Expecting a full day of activities and packing everything we might need into the back of the car. 
As we drove to Baylor the sun started to come up.  It was a spectacular fire ball in the sky.  I was so happy to have my camera.

While you are taking a peek at the glorious sun, take a second to look at the poor trees and grass in the foreground of this photo.  So brown, dead, crispy...just sad.
I didn't realize how brown the horizon was until I uploaded these pictures to my computer.  It is brown everywhere you look, as far as the eye can see.
Good morning Mr. Sun.  Could you take a break and let your friend "Rain" hang out with us for a while?  We would sure appreciate it.

We pulled up to the Baylor parking area and knew we were in the right place with the army of school buses parked end to end.  Harry's team brought 80 kids on one bus.  They were three to a seat.  That is close quarters.
Baylor is a gorgeous campus.

We got there in time to see the College guys finishing the first race of the day.  See that guy in front?  He was the leader by a huge distance.  Sadly, he took a wrong turn on the course and was disqualified.  Bummer.
After standing around cheering on the Varsity Boys and Girls and watching several other races, the fine JV squad finally headed over toward the course to get ready to run their race.
They mingled in the parking lot.  Just talking, hitting each other, doing various and other things that boys apparently like to do.
Like seeing how hard you can squeeze each others hand.  "Harry!  Quit fooling around and start getting ready for this race!"
They take the field and wait for the JV girls to finish up.  Again, they will be the last race of the day.

Here Harry is trying to make sure he can figure out where to turn.  Don't want to get disqualified.

And they are off.  The thundering herd coming up the field at the end of mile one.
Harry makes the turn and goes for his final mile.  Looking good buddy!  He improved on his time and that is really all you can ask.  So proud of you son!   After his race, he went and made me even prouder by going back out on the course and running in with the last guy.  It was a great day to be a Cross Country parent!

As soon as the meet was over we had to head back home because Chip had a baseball game that afternoon.  Lucky for Harry, he got to ride home with us and didn't have to take the bus back.  The match up for the afternoon was River Bandits versus the Storm! 

Chip played catcher in the first game.  I just can't get enough pictures of this kid in his catcher's gear.  It just makes me smile.  He looks so official.

Then Chip came in and pitched for a couple of innings. 
He did a great job throwing the ball.  

He struck out several kids.

The River Bandits and Storm ended in a tie, which was just perfect.  It was a great game to watch!

We went over to friends house for dinner on Saturday night and fell exhausted into bed about 10:30 Saturday night.  Talk about a long day!

Sunday was all about catching up....on sleep, on grocery shopping, homework, housework, all the normal chores.  Well not only that....

My next post will be about the little get well box I made for my sweet friend Connie, a visit from Mr. Knowledge and the pictures of my rigged up washing machine!  Come on back...it is sure to be a wild time!

Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Mer loves this blog. It makes my heart sing.

  2. your friends love the blog as well.