Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrations Time....Come On!

I have a couple of things to celebrate with you today:

1)  Friendship.  Several weeks ago, The Pioneer Woman website had a give away and to enter you had to leave a comment on her website with what meal you were craving.  Pioneer Woman is awesome that way...she loves to talk about food and so do I.  Anyway, I was having a major hankering for a bowl of my mom's navy beans and ham with a big fat hunk of cornbread, so that was my entry that day.  I shared my craving information with Beth later that day.  Yeah, we talk about all kinds of mundane stuff like that, what's it to you???  Sometimes we start sentences with...."because you have to know every single thing that is happening in my world.....".  It's what we do.  Anyway, fast forward to Tuesday night about 5:00 and I find Beth at my front door with a big bowl of navy beans and ham and a huge piece of cornbread.  She also made cabbage casserole and had a big serving of that for me too!   I melted, I swooned, I tasted, I moaned.  It was just like my mom's version.  Delicious.  In fact, after a few minutes I told Beth she had to leave so I could get serious with that bowl and crumble up my cornbread in it and dig in.  She laughed.  It really was the highest compliment I could give her!  And when I tell you, that bowl of beans just hit the spot, I mean it hit the spot.  Not only because it was delicious, but because it was delivered by my friend, who was doing something nice for me just because.  I love just because.  Friends are the best and I am telling you I have got some real winners!  Thank you Beth!!

2)  My Blog hit 15,000 views today!  What???  I know!  It was just April this year when it hit 10,000.  This thing is on fire!  Spanning the globe at lightening speed.  No.  Not really.  In fact, the history feature can show you what some people have "googled" when they land on your blog.  Here are some interesting ones:  "hobo playing piano"; "cody rhodes butt"; "pantyhose kids".   I must have some awesome topics posted to get that kind of traffic sent my way!  Thanks Google!  I am sure the poor fools that land on Simply Writing Out Loud are not quite sure how they got here!  Not sure what they were hoping to find when they googled cody rhodes butt, but welcome!

3) I just ordered three mini-pendant lights to replace the FEROCIOUSLY NASTY fluorescent box over my kitchen island.  I am so happy!  Can't wait to get them installed!  Before and after pictures will be posted!

4)  My proposal is wrapping up, tying up loose ends, finalizing this, finalizing that...but the brunt of the work is over!  Hurray!!!  Feels like a new lease on life!

5)  I got to walk this morning. It was glorious!  It was chilly!  Chilly, I tell you!  I talked poor Martha's ear flat off.  We had a lot of catching up to do.

6)  Harry's team ran a XC meet today. The Varsity Boys and JV Boys both got first place!  Exciting!

That's all I have on the celebratory front!  But those are some nice things to celebrate, right? 

I'm going to go hang some Halloween bats!  Hope you do something fun today and have many things to celebrate yourself!


  1. My apologies. Cody Rhodes is my stage name down at the dance clubs. - Chip

  2. Love having a shout out on the blog...and you are welcome! :)B