Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Let's Catch Up, Shall We?

Things finally seem to be slowing back down to normal for me!  It has been a rough couple of weeks!  I worked 49 hours last week!  That is NOT the normal 20 that I usually work!  Not even close!

Last Friday topped it all...proposal inputs were all due by close of business, my sweet tech guys came up with several new tasks for me to complete during the Friday morning stand up call (small things like reformat 42 teaming agreements, chase down written permission to use graphics from 12 of our suppliers, send out a new RFP...AAAHHHHHH!  Hair on fire, stomach in knots, stressed to the max!)  That was just my work life.  On the mommy front, Chip had Field Day up at school from 12 - 2:30 and I signed up to bring snacks and Harry had a cross-country meet that started at 5:00 on Friday afternoon.  Add in one monumental complication that my damn internet went out.  Phone line dead.  I was a basket case on the verge of tears. 

However, my boss and co-workers are the cream of the crop and they swooped in and saved the day for me.  And then the internet came back on at 3:00 p.m. and then we got an extension for the due date of the proposal. 

Then I collapsed into an exhausted heap.  Whew!  

NOTE:  I have a lot to go over, so you might want to take a quick bathroom break, grab a fresh cup of coffee and a snack before you start reading this novel!

So, I made it to Field Day.  Would not have missed it.  One of the best days of school. 

Chip in the zone.  Total concentration!

He has mad skills at horseshoes!
Then there was the pillow fight station.  Please note that you are supposed to have your feet crisscrossed under the pole.

Chip's girl opponent had her feet firmly planted on the ground and that pillow planted firmly upside his head.  He walked by me after he fell and said "She cheated."  Made me laugh.  I think the boys like falling anyway.

More falling at the tug-a-war station.  This time the girls let the boys start pulling and then they all let go!  TIMBER!!!  It was a spectacularly beautiful afternoon and even though I showed up stressed to the max, talking on my cell phone to my boss and then AT&T, by the time it was over I was in a much better place.

Me and Chip cut out of school about 30 minutes early and hit the Sonic drink Happy Hour. 

That's better.

With just a couple of hours to work until I had to go to Harry's XC meet, I was a mad woman.  I bet I sent 50 emails in those couple of hours, but things were in pretty good shape on the proposal front thanks to my fine co-workers jumping in.

I also need to mention that my friends were also awesome on my worst day ever!  Phone calls, texts, Starbucks and a big fat piece of homemade carrot cake will always help take away the stress!  I am a blessed girl indeed!

Next up, I got to see my big boy run in a Friday Night Flights event.  It was very interesting.  Hard to keep up with, but interesting.
Harry said he felt strong and he sure looks determined here at the finish doesn't he?

Don't got to sleep Harry, you are almost to the finish line!!! 

Saturday, up early for another proposal teleconference call...but all they really said was "We got the extension, let's take the rest of the weekend off!"   YAY!!!!   Best teleconference EVER!

We had a great day on Saturday.   Chip had a flag football game at 12:00 and then a baseball game at 4:00.  I got a new zoom lens for my camera last week because my old one wasn't working very well.  I am even closer to the action now!

Touchdown Patriots!!!  Chip quarterbacked the entire game and the Patriots pulled out a close one 20 - 19!  Woo Hoo! 
Brothers.  Love them.

Next up....baseball!

Fabulous weather.  Great fun taking pictures.  Zoom in on one of these and see Chip's tongue sticking out.  That, my friends is total concentration!  The Bandits won big!   Next weekend is the end of season tournament and Fall Ball is over.  Seems like it just started.

Now for some real randomness....I told you it was going to be a long one.
This was my breakfast on Saturday morning.  Made me think of that giant bowl of fruit and stuff Granny ate at the Lake!  It was delicious!

Then me and Chip tried out Yoga. 


Yoga is hard.

Made even more difficult by the nine year old, laughing, farting, hyena sitting on the floor next to me.  We were both in hysterics at first with all the deep breathing going on.  Then my muscles started burning, arms were shaking, legs aching and it wasn't so funny any more.  Then every time they would go back to the same pose, Chip would say "We already did that one, I am not doing it again."  

I need to give it another go, when I am alone.  The only pose I for sure know that I nailed was the mountain pose...

Basic, I know.  But you have to start somewhere, people!

We spent Sunday relaxing around the house.  Did a little homework.  Did a little housework.  And we drug out all the Halloween decorations.

Outside we blew up Mr. Pumpkin.

Strategically placed some skeleton bones.  I spray painted some branches to hang bats from.  No picture yet, because I need to get some fishing line to hang the bats first. 
Scary tree in the house!

Candy bucket already filled by the door!  Please ask me if it was a mistake to already have bite size pieces of chocolate readily available with still two weeks remaining until Halloween.  

The answer is yes.  Yes it is a mistake.

So, as I was unpacking my decorations I started thinking about my mom.  So much of my stuff has her touch on it.
See these three witches...me and mom both made a set at a craft class many, many, many moons ago.  Aren't they cute?  I love them.

We also went to a craft class to make a scarecrow.  He is just precious in person.  Made with two empty 20 oz. coke bottles.  Ingenious.

My mom made this witch out of a clorox bottle.  Probably my most favorite of all my Halloween decorations.

And she also made this scarecrow head.  She has mad crafting skills. 

I made a slew of these spiders out of styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners several years ago.  I always scare myself the first couple of days after I put them out.  They are all over the house and take you by surprise when you glance out of the corner of your eye and see them hanging on something.  YIKES!

My mom made this wall hanging too!   I had the most compelling desire Sunday afternoon to find a craft class immediately! 

Instead, I went on Pinterest and found a really cute idea that wouldn't take me long or require many supplies.  Check it out...

Styrofoam cones and yarn....

Make super cute candy corn decorations for my table.  I burnt the *&^% out of my finger with the hot glue gun, but sometimes you just have to risk an injury when it is time to be creative!  I live so dangerously.

The cute candy corn inspired me to look for something similar for my Lakeside craft for next month.  Here is what we are going to make:

Aren't they cute!  Can't wait to see what versions my friends at Lakeside come up with!  

So, I think that gets you caught up around here.  The temperature has taken a massive dip down into the 70s for today!  It is gorgeous outside!    Boys were at the dentist early this morning...no cavities.  Breakfast at Chic-Fil-A.  It is going to be a good day! 

Congrats to those of you who made it through this long winded post!  Hope it wasn't too painful!   I should be back to something a little more regular for the next couple of weeks anyway!

Have an awesome day!


  1. That witch could be a self portrait. Love the walk down memory lane. Where are the three ghost we made one year I still have mine.
    Love and kisses mer

  2. I love Halloween! I may take granny trick or treating this year. Loved the cute crafts.