Friday, October 7, 2011

Lost Laughs

I just wrote a very witty piece about how hard I have been working this week.  How I put in an ultra, mega, stress filled thirteen hours of work yesterday getting RFPs out on the street, only to have my technical guys change gears this morning.

I waxed on and on about how it made me want to punch someone, punch something, turn over a car, draft a resignation letter, rant, rave, throw my computer out the window...but instead of taking the violent approach I was just going to fold warm, fluffy towels hot from the dryer.  It was my therapy.  My calm down. My...after twenty years in this business you should be used to this now...talking myself down from going postal. 

It worked.

However, reading back over that doesn't seem so witty. But you must trust was WAAAYYY wittier than the above. 

I would be able to prove it to you, too.  Except, I somehow deleted it.  Even though I had saved it numerous times.  It is gone.  Forever.  Floating around on some Internet, cyberspace clipboard in my computer.

Sorry you missed it. 

Sometimes, I can't stand computers.

Too bad, my life is so fiercely dependent on them.

Anyway, one witty post lost and a lame summary above is all I am probably will be able to squeeze in today.

Except for this...

A Halloween Pictorial History.  It just makes me laugh.

Have a GREAT weekend!  It might rain here!  WOO HOO!!!!

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