Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Priorities

As is perfectly normal for this time of year, my Dad kicked off preparations for our traditional family Thanksgiving holiday with an email.  He laid out the plans for the weekend, requested an RSVP for a head count and also asked for any food and entertainment suggestions.

I RSVP'd immediately, gave him my food requests (turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy) and  volunteered to be the Games Committee Chairperson.  I did tell him that I would need a staff to assist me.  I like having a staff.

The emails started flying from the family about all their necessary food items:  Can Judy bring the sweet potato casserole?  Her recipe is delicious.  Alexander wants me to make the Trifle!  As long as their are rolls we are good.  Lots of conversation about the food.  And that is rightly so, it IS the eating holiday championship and food is critical. 

Then there were entertainment emails flying around...there was a request for native tribal dancers, llama rides, cow races, etc.  I think it even included my mother sewing tribal loin cloths into Thanksgiving napkins.  It was crazy. 

But let's get back to my  I spent a good part of yesterday coming up with some ideas for a Thanksgiving Olympics event.  I sent out an email to the family with the following suggested games, just to get the excitement ramped up in anticipation of Thanksgiving day:

Apple Relay (Supplies needed: Apples) Two even numbered teams. Hold apple under your chin; pass to the next person's chin. First to pass five apples wins.  Old school, but fun.

Dessert is Ready (Supplies needed: Cookie Sheets; Cookie Dough) Played in pairs. One holds a cookie sheet the other person is armed with partially thawed cookie dough. You have to throw (distance depends on age) the cookie dough up in the air and the cookie tray holder has to catch it on the tray. First team to land three cookies wins.

Turkey Trot (Supplies needed: Orange balloons; feather dusters; turkey headdress or partial costume) Two even numbered teams. Hold a feather duster between your legs (feathers out the back end) and a balloon under both arms and you have to race a short distance and back. Pass balloons, feather duster and costume to next person. Must come up with some kind of red, bulbous turkey wattle (red balloon filled with sand or a little water?) that the kids have to wear on their face.

Pumpkin Puzzle (Supplies needed: Four real pumpkins, cut into about 15 pieces) Four teams.  Team must reassemble and put the cut up pumpkin back together. Hold it together with their hands.

Hula Hoop Pass (Supplies needed: Two Hula Hoops) Two teams. Form a long line; holding hands. The hula hoop has to be passed down the line, without letting go of each others hands. You have to step through, wiggle, to get it moved to the next person.

Discus: (Supplies needed: Frisbees; Target; bulls eye painted on the ground?) Individual game. Accuracy throwing Frisbee closest to the target.

Corn Killer: (Supplies needed: Chalk; Corn on the Cob) Outline several bodies on the blacktop in chalk. Kids have to stand on the edge of the blacktop and toss corn in the cobs (with husk and all) and try and land them completely inside a body outline. NO PIECE of the corn on the cob can be touching the chalk outline. I just made that game up in my head. Isn't that sick and twisted? Let's come up with a different name besides, Corn Killer, shall we?

Do you know what I heard back from my family?

****crickets chirping****
****dead silence****

Hmmm.....wonder what they are trying to tell me?  Maybe they just want to watch football all day??  Maybe a two hand touch football game is enough excitement for the Thanksgiving holiday??  Maybe, the Corn Killer game made them second guess any relation to me? 

I don't know.
I am going to ponder that today. 

Also, please pray for me.  My AT&T service keeps going out intermittently and often.  Three days in a row.  That means I have wasted approximately 67 minutes of my life dialing into the AT&T 1-800 number before I get to talk to a real live human.   I explained to the guy on the phone that an AT&T technician had been out to our house on Tuesday afternoon and told me our modem profile was set at 32, which was too high, forcing our broadband capacity to 100%, which was why no data could get through and the whole system just shut down.  The technician yesterday was able to reset it over the phone.  It worked for about 12 hours, but started doing exactly the same thing yesterday afternoon about 5:00.  The guy I reached on the phone last night didn't know anything about resetting profiles and capacity on bandwidths, he thought it was the modem.  I explained to him that the technician the day before had checked out the modem and it was fine.  New guys said it really sounded like an equipment problem to him and that AT&T could send me a new modem through the mail.  It would arrive by Monday.  So that is one, two, three, four days without phone, cable or Internet.  I told him that was unacceptable.  I work from home and need Internet...and besides....the World Series in on this weekend.  I asked if they could send a technician back over today to bring me a modem.  He said they might charge me $149 since I was refusing to get equipment shipped through the mail.  I told him he was nuts and if he could join me for Thanksgiving in Tennessee that I might have a job for him.  He could be the perfect model for my body outlines.  Just saying.

Anyway, I hope I can keep my manners about me when the always nice technician arrives today sometime between 8 and 12.  If he hands me a bill for $149 or does not have a replacement modem in his truck, all bets are off!

Hope your Thursday is outstanding!


  1. love your ideas. can i spend t-day with you?

  2. Yes, you can! The drive is long, but the food will be fabulous and me taking pictures of your family waddling with a feather duster between your legs will make the drive so worth it!

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