Friday, October 28, 2011

What's Your Bandwidth Capacity?

The second ATT technician this week left our house Thursday night at 5:30 p.m. after replacing the modem and double checking and triple checking all the possible problems.  By 7:00 our system had failed again.  No phone, no Internet, no cable. 

My head almost exploded.

Do you know that Game 6 of the World Series was on last night? 

I called the 1-800 number and got a great gal, who reset our profile to 24 so that our bandwidth capacity was well below the 80% recommended maximum.  She was very impressed with my knowledge of the system and failure codes and reset explanations.  She asked if I was interested in a job at ATT.  I told her no, but that I did feel like I was taking a night class with them.  Maybe I can get some continuing education credit or something.  At least a certificate of some kind.

After she reset the profile, she was able to get it up and running, but she said her line test showed every error code that they have - Loss of Service, Service Errors, Line Code Violations...Upstream, Downstream...error codes everywhere.  She scheduled a third technician to come out Friday.

While it was working, we all very quietly turned off all other electronics in the house, with the exception of the lone TV in the den, and watched the game. 

Then it went out again.

Then I reset the new modem myself and it came back on.  AGAIN.

Another technician came out today.  He changed a port at the main box in the neighborhood and also wrote an order for the other ATT (not Uverse) to come out and do an underground wire evaluation.  He really feels like it is something outside the house not inside.

I so need it to get fixed.  Desperately need it to stop breaking down.

For now it is working....but the day is still young!

Outside of this terrifically frustrating technology dilemma, my boy Harry had a new Personal Record in his 5K Cross Country meet this morning.  He ran 3.1 miles in 23:39 minutes!  It is grandpa time for cross country runners, but a minute and 40 seconds faster than his best previous 5K.  I was so proud of him! 

It was his last meet of the season, which is kind of sad because those meets are really fun.  On the plus side, though that means more sleep!!!  Yea for sleep!

Got a few fun things coming up over the weekend - can't wait to take pictures and share them with you!  For today, I will just leave you with this picture of my boy running his heart out! 

And last, but most certainly not least, my girlfriend Liz is walking in the 3 Day 60 Mile walk in Tampa Florida.  It was raining on them this morning.  I just hope she has an incredible experience over the next three days and that her arches hold up and her hearts gets filled to overflowing the the emotion of the 3 Day!  Walk on, Sister!  Thanks for giving of your time and toenails to this exceptional cause!!  I am with you in spirit!! 

I hope your Friday is hovering at about 60% capacity so that all your data is free flowing and moving at lightening speed!


  1. way to goooooooo harrrrryyyyyy!!!!!! truly proud of you!!!!!!
    thanks for letting me give you a BIG hug.

  2. Watching the Rangers and WISHING my cable was out!

  3. Thank you Melissa! It was truly an amazing experience that I will never forget. Thank you for all of the encouragement and wonderful notes during the weekend. They meant a lot. I can't believe I did it...I can't believe it is over.