Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World Series, Pumpkin Hairballs and Putt Putt

Hey folks!  What did you think of the title for this blog?  It's a little odd, but pretty much covers the weekend we had around here! 

Big news...Hubby and Harold got to go to Arlington to see the Texas Rangers take on the St. Louis Cardinals for Game 4 of the World Series.  Harry's best buddy, RV (who is also a major Cardinals fan) and Hubby's nephew, AC lived a sportsman's dream on Sunday.  First they went to see the Dallas Cowboys game in the afternoon and then walked across the parking lot to The Ballpark in Arlington to catch the World Series.  What a thrill!  Here are some pictures from their trip.

They tried to hit Krystals, but found out it was out of business.  Sad boys all around. They made do with Taco Cabana.
First stop - Cowboy Stadium! 

Father and Son.
AC, Harold and RV - all with big smiles!
Flame throwing introductions.

The monster television.  It is GIANORMOUS!
Berkman and Hamilton do the pre-game coin toss.

 In the third quarter, they left the Cowboys game, walked across the parking lot to Ranger Stadium.
Beautiful stadium.
Even prettier with a World Series banner hanging on it. Second year in a row that the Rangers have made it to the Series.  Let's hope they can bring home their first Championship this year.

It was a gorgeous day for baseball and the place was backed.
Albert taking batting practice.  We are on a first name basis, me and Albert.  Actually, I just don't want to have to try and spell his last name.
Albert and Berkman - the big boys for the Cardinals.

George W. threw out the first pitch.

Both teams are ready!
Fans are ready!

The boys are ready!  Harry looks like he is ready to spit or something.  Must be a boys trip thing

On this night, the Rangers win!  It was a great game, with terrific pitching!

Great time had by all!  It was an awesome game and well worth getting home at 1:30 in the morning and still having to go to school the next day. 

Well, the little brothers were not going to be outdone and me and Peggy made sure they had a Funday Sunday as we like to call it around here.  First we took them to Jumpstreet for some intense Trampoline Dodgeball.  They were sweaty messes.

Then we came home and carved a pumpkin for our friends "40th" birthday celebration.  All of her friends were putting cat pumpkins in her yard.  How about this one?

Cat Coughing Up a Hairball!  Isn't that gross?  It was real hair too!  Peggy's idea and it was a classic.
Then it was downtown for some Home Slice Pizza.  Delicious!

A trip to the Costume Store where there were so many costumes it boggles the mind. 

Then some Putt-Putt! 
Who doesn't love Putt-Putt?  Moms dominated the little boys, but they didn't really care.  It was a beautiful day and it went by so fast.

All is well on the home front.  Things are getting back to normal.  I have been crafting, making Christmas trees for my Lakeside visit, went back to the gym after a long hiatus, the internet has been out again and I am on a first name basis with my local AT&T repairman Tony.  Not sure what jinx we have on our house, but we have some seriously bad mojo with cable/internet/phone, etc.  I think Tony may have fixed it yesterday.  It did mean we had to listen to Game 5 of the World Series on the radio, but truth be told, that was kinda fun!  And not having internet for 24 hours meant I couldn't work.  That was insanely frustrating, but also awesome.  I cooked, cleaned, went to the gym, finished the laundry and even read for a while.  It was a good thing!

I hope your day was equally productive and awesome! 

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