Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last night was the Cross Country Team Banquet.  It was held in the school cafeteria.  Parents met after school and turned that blank room into a wonderland of balloons, sparkles in school colors with jazzy silver spray painted tennis shoes as centerpieces.  

It wasn't really a wonderland, but it was pretty cool. 

The kids and their families all showed up in their dress clothes and we all shared BBQ dinner.  After the dinner buffet, the coach took the microphone and announced the teams.  He did the Freshman girls and boys, then the JV girls and boys.  He called all the JV boys up by their name and they lined up in front of the cafeteria. 

SIDE NOTE:  I took pictures, but they were awful because it was dark and in a big indoor room.  I am going to try to fool around with them in Photoshop to see if I can salvage them to share with you.  

So anyway he goes through the whole JV team and there were probably 20 boys.  The very last one sitting at the table was my Harry.  And this is what the coach said "And last, but not least we have a kid that only goes by one name with me and that's....Alabama".  Everyone laughed, especially Harry.  The Coach has called him Alabama from the first day when he showed up wearing his Bama gear, carrying his Bama bag.  In fact, he has called him Alabama so much that Harry is not even sure the Coach knows his real name.  

You have to know that the coach's wife is an Auburn graduate.  The coach also went to an Auburn affiliate college.  That means that Coach completely understands Harry's obsession with all things Alabama.  

It was a fun night and I am so sad to see the Cross Country season end. 

In other news....

Chip is home sick today.  He has his Dad's cold.  Nose is about to fall off it has been wiped so many times.  

It rained today.  It even thundered.  It is so nice to hear the rain hitting the windows and knowing the earth is getting a nice drink.

I got a new computer.  Early Christmas present.  I am in love with it.  Madly, completely, over the moon in love with it. 

I took Harry to the mall this weekend to get a dress shirt and shoes for the banquet.  First pair of shoes he tried on....perfect.  First dress shirt I held up...perfect.  You see, Harry just doesn't give a rip.  At all.  Does it fit?  Great.  Get it.  Done.  Couldn't be much easier than that. 

Christmas shopping is underway!   Expecting the call from the credit card company any minute to see if someone stole my credit card. 

Well that is all for now!  I hope you have a wonderful day! 

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