Friday, November 4, 2011

Field Trip

I spent yesterday at our State Capitol with a sweet group of 4th graders!  We toured, played, had a picnic, saw a movie and maybe even learned a little something.  The grounds and building are absolutely gorgeous.  Definitely worth a trip to see if you are ever in the area.

It was one of the first really chilly mornings of the year, but the day turned out absolutely lovely.  The wind died down and coats were coming off!  By lunch it was perfect.

This is the gang of boys that I was in charge of!  They were so well behaved and made my job easy!  I think I had the easiest job of the day.

After the field trip, I checked Chip out of school about 25 minutes early and he thought that was just awesome! 

Lots to do today, I have a list a mile long and I plan to have it done (or at least most of it) by this afternoon!

Big football game this weekend.  I am planning some snacks and drinks for our little family to eat during the game.  It should be a doozie!  Roll Tide!

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  1. Silly me, I thought you were talking about the Round Rock/Westwood game tonight!! GO ROCK!!

    :) B