Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just a List

1.  I made the Barefoot Contessa's Parmesan-Roasted Broccoli last night.  It was amazing.  I beg you to please make it.  Add it to your Thanksgiving vegetable line-up.  I will come and gobble it all up.  So, so, so delicious.  Roasted broccoli seems crazy, but that old Contessa knows what she is doing.

2.  My boy Astro has a tumor on his neck.  It is not small.  In fact, I would say it is golf ball size or a bit bigger. The vet says it is just fatty tissue and that since he has one, he will probably get others.  Gross.  We will have elephant dog.  We will still love him, but weird.

3.  It has been drizzly and overcast for several glorious days.  Yea for wet weather!

4.  I went to see Chip's dentist yesterday for an orthodontic consult.  Our young boy needs braces.  We will likely get them this summer.  He is strangely very excited.  I am not, and neither is the checkbook.  Holy Moly.

5.   I have been a tracing, cutting, gluing, wrapping, sorting, counting, baking, creating fool pulling together all the craft supplies needed for a trip to Lakeside today!  We are going to be making and sending cards to the troops and making cute, cute little styrofoam Christmas trees.  It is going to be fun!

6.  I made my first quiche ever this week.  Spinach, mushroom and bacon.  It was tasty and not really very difficult.

7.  Bama lost.  Boo.

8.  Christmas lists are starting to crop up around here.  Mostly by one cute nine year old.  I think it has something to do with all those crazy toy catalogs we are getting.

9.  The first gift of Christmas has been purchased.  Let the mayhem begin.

10.  I unclogged the sink in the master bathroom all by myself.  I had to unhook and take out the plunger thingy out of the drain, use my little snake to pull all kinds or grossness out of that hole.  YUCK!  But it worked and now the sink is free flowing.  There is just something so satisfying about fixing something. 

11.  I am scared to even whisper this....our AT&T internet has been working for 11 days.  I am knocking on wood like you cannot believe.  The cable is still randomly and occasionally rebooting itself, but I can live with that.

12. Work has slowed down to almost a screeching halt.  In fact, I am now cleaning up my email account for the first time in a long time EVER!  I went from 3,479 messages in my inbox to 14.  I filed them all where they belong.  Or more appropriately, where I am most likely to remember where they are.  It is usually a crap shoot, whether I am able to find them again or not!  Talk about cleansing!  Anyway, still have to tackle my "Sent Items" but now that I am in purging mode I hope it goes smoothly.  Scared to even whisper this too....I am ready for another project or proposal to hit.  

13.  The Cross Country banquet is next week.  I can't believe it is already over.  The Regional Meet for the Varsity Team was this weekend.  Our boys did well, all setting new Personal Best times, but none of them qualified to move on to State.  Do you know why?  The winner ran 3 miles in 14 minutes and 52 seconds.  That is a less than 5 minute miles.  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!!  That is crazy fast.

14.  Thinking really hard about painting a couple of walls before we drag the Christmas decorations out.  I am waffling.  Should I do it, should I wait, should I take the plunge now, wait till after the holidays?  What would you do? 

15.  I am going to the spa on Saturday.  Using my gift certificate.  Can't wait!  Luxury!

16.  I love my Bible Study.  I am telling you what, it is just awesome to finally be picking up a Bible on a regular basis, not being intimidated by what I don't know, figuring out the order of things, hearing such positive messages about forgiveness, joy, and God's love.  This week, Beth Moore's lesson explained that God gave me and you the ability to love. He loved us first.  He always loves us.  In all circumstances, all the time, never are we without his love, even when we don't feel worthy, even when we have screwed up big time.  That is His promise.  So instead of saying "I love you God, you should say I love you God, too."   He has already pledged his love for you, eternally.  You don't have to say it first.  You aren't trying to win his favor or prove yourself.  He already loves you.  That just hit me so powerfully this week.  Even if you already knew that, that is just some good news to hear again and again.

17.  My foot hurts.  I am trying to soften up my hard cracked heels so I can go to the foot doctor and see what is up with it.  Don't want the doctor to slice off a finger while examining my foot.  I don't want to hear that I need to stay off of it for a while. That would stink worse than the pain.  I will keep you posted.

18.  My boys both want to get up early this morning to play video games before school.  That can't be healthy.  But, for one day, I will let them forgo sleep to get a few minutes of fun before school.  Just one.

19.  Today, marks the three year anniversary of Chip's seizure.  That was a very scary night.  Chip thinks we should have his favorite dinner to celebrate.  Not a bad idea.  How do you decorate for a seizure party?

20.  Harry had a huge homework packet to do for his World History class.  He probably spent five hours working on it.  He had a couple of hard questions to research last night and a few maps to color and label.  I helped him color the maps.  That is probably cheating, but five hours is enough for homework.  Plus, it was fun for me.  I used to love coloring maps in Social Studies.  I was very elaborate about fringing the ocean edge.  It may have been when my creative and crafty talents first emerged.  

21.  This has been a much longer list than I expected when I started.   I feel cleansed. 

Hope your day is wonderful and that you find a few things to celebrate! 


  1. leaving to go to lakeside 1.75 hours from when you posted this post. can think, write and are amazing. GREAT post by the way. 16 = :) Seizure party = whatever he wants to do. Not sure how you can be crafty on this one. Though I am sure you will figure it out.

  2. If you are going to post about a fantastic dish that you tried, you are going to have to provide a link to the recipe! Loved the post!

  3. I'd like to seizure Parmesan broccoli casserole.