Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lakeside Visit

Our Lakeside visit yesterday was awesome!  Biggest crowd ever!  People were coming out of the woodwork, there were not enough chairs, people were packed into the community room and over flowing into the lobby.

We did things a little differently yesterday, instead of eating first we did crafts first.  We were serving a Thanksgiving Lunch instead of our normal Brunch menu.  So that means I had their undivided, stomach rumbling attention for about 45 minutes.  They made good use of their time.

I had planned two craft projects for them.  The first was to make Christmas cards for an organization called "A Million Thanks" which supports all branches of the military.  They were so happy and appreciative to be able to give back to others.  That is what we had hoped for and that is exactly what happened.  So many of them said "Thank you for letting us do something nice for someone else.  It just feels good."  They put so much effort into their cards, wrote personal messages, were careful and creative.  I just walked around and ohhh'ed and ahhh'ed over their work.  It was awesome.

Next up, they made the yarn Christmas trees.  There were so many varieties created yesterday.  Some just used a little yarn, some stuck foam stickers to the bottom of the tree like presents, some borrow pom-poms from their neighbor and covered their tree in red, some did just yarn and the star with no pom-poms.  It was easy, fast, not very messy and men and women both participated and got to walk out of their with a little holiday cheer.

The crowning jewel of the day however was the food.  Our chef, Alice, cooked three turkeys, three hams, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, dressing, gravy, rolls.  It was all from scratch.  She brined and roasted the turkeys, peeled the potatoes, made a couple gallons of the most yummy gravy!  I tasted a bit of the dressing because it is my favorite and it was outstanding!  The residents LOVED it.  On a normal day, we might serve about 80 plates or so.  Yesterday, we made about 140!  And their was pumpkin pie, too!  YUMMY!

I got so many nice warm hugs and the more times I go, the more invested I feel.  I get such a charge out of greeting my friend Lester who is always there waiting by the coffee pot.  He had to leave for an appointment yesterday and was going to miss lunch, but I promised him I would wrap up a big plate for him and give it to his neighbor.  I did and I hope he thoroughly enjoyed it.  I love seeing Patricia, Michelle, Mary, Al and Margie.  And I think they love seeing us!  I am so thankful that I get to serve these fine folks and I hope they can tell how much joy it gives me!

Next visit is in January and we will be making Valentine crafts!  Yea! 

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