Tuesday, November 22, 2011

MVP Treatment

This weekend the boys both got haircuts.  Harry actually wanted to get his hair cut, Chip got drug along with us just because.  He was not so happy.

We go to a place called Sports Clips, where the shop is decked out in sports gear and there is a TV at every single chair.  The TVs always have a game on or ESPN or something sporty.  It is a pretty neat place.

My boys always just get a simple haircut....no bells, no whistles, nothing extra.  Well, except for a Root Beer sucker.  They always get a Root Beer sucker.

At Sports Clips they have a frequent customer program where you get your card punched when you go and earn coupons or bonuses. This past visit, Chip's card reward was the MVP treatment.  That meant that in addition to getting his hair cut, he got a shampoo, scalp massage, neck massage, steam towel on his face, and a shoulder massage.  At first he was a little worried, but he very quickly got into relaxation mode.  He loved it!  

Poor Harry only got a measly $3 off his haircut.  He is anxiously awaiting the visit where he gets the deluxe treatment. 

Houston, we may have created a monster.  

LSU - Alabama - Arkansas...it is all swirling around in my head. All the potential scenarios give me a headache.  Alabama....just beat Auburn, please.   Thank you.

Have an awesome day!

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  1. Oh MY Lord, I am glad to know that someone else is worried about the outcome of this weekend's football games. Should be a real nailbiter!