Thursday, November 17, 2011


Yesterday afternoon I walked out of the house and right there on the sidewalk was a ginormous snake!  I screamed of course and then dashed inside to get my camera. 

The boys were both outside.  Harry immediately grabs the long pole out of the garage that we use to get footballs, frisbees and other various and sundry items out of the trees in the yard.  It is actually a paint roller extender pole to reach ceilings I think.  Do you know what Chip does?  

He follows me around saying "Can I pick it up?"  "Please!"  "I love snakes."  "Can I touch it?" "Can I catch it in a bucket?" "Can I get closer?" "Hey Mom, did you know snakes can jump?"

After every question, I scream "NO!" until the last one and then I was like "What????  Back up!  Everyone, just steer clear of this venomous beast?" 

Is it venomous?

I have no idea.  

It is definitely a snake, though!  

Here is the slithering, snake!  See how his head is up and ready to strike?  

Harry poked it with the pole and it started sidewind slithering on the sidewalk.  It was totally cool and gross at the same time.  

He is making a beeline for the flowerbed!  

Where he coils up in attack mode!  He was not happy about being prodded or photographed.  I think he should be happy that I didn't let Chip catch him, touch him or pick him up - that would have been something to be pissed off about, Mr. Snake!  

We left him alone and let him stay in the garden.  I don't want any snarky comments about how little he is or that he is a harmless this or that.  He is a snake.  Snakes are slippery and unpredictable and possibly poisonous and also very slippery and weird.  I think maybe it is that slippery business that gives me the shivers.  He will probably come back as a giant adult and jump five feet off the ground to land on my back.  It is a wonder I could even sleep last night!

It was exciting stuff!    


  1. This made my morning. As Brian asked when Gail found the rattlesnake where are the babies? Couldn't find a jar to put it in and watch it grow, my you are not your mother's child.

  2. After magnifing that photo at 700% on my computer, I can say two things. He has round eyes and his head is not shaped like the Pit Vipers. With that said, I believe he is a harmless fellow that will keep your garden healthy. I really hate snakes. Willies, chillies....