Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Buddy #18 and #19

Jim, we need a clean-up on Aisle 3!   

Here are a few pictures of the turmoil cleaning up from Buddy's antics earlier in the week! 

Toilet paper was wrapped thoroughly around the light fixture of the fan and was not coming down with out a fight.  Had to bring in the BIG ladder.   Can I please just tell you how much Hubby likes bringing in the big ladder?  It's not that much. Not much at all. 

So, it was not a simple feat, but it did get taken care of. 

Thanks for nothing, Buddy! 

He was hanging with the snowmen on Sunday night!  I bet they are a fun bunch! 

Looks like he made a couple of best friends.   Chip spotted him almost immediately. 

Last night, he was manning the rocket and trying to organize an army of Chip's Mens.  NOTE:  That is not a typo.  Chip calls them "Mens".  Always has.   And I assume he always will.

Wonder if they are staging a coup?  Surely these little fellows can't take over the house.  Can they?   Maybe it is an aerobics class.  Or perhaps, Buddy is singing a jingle for them.  Or announcing his candidacy for President.  

Hmmmm, I might want to sleep with one eye open tonight!

Buddy!  You better watch yourself Mister!

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