Sunday, December 11, 2011

Buddy #9 and #10

Here is a quick post of Buddy's hiding spots over the weekend!

Saturday morning we found him hiding among the Christmas carollers.  I wonder what they were singing?

Whatever it was, it seems to have made him happy.  He is a jolly little elf.

On Sunday morning we had a tough time finding him.  He was actually hiding in the pantry!

And he was shopping!

With a grocery cart!


SIDE NOTE:  I almost didn't post this one because my pantry is such a hot mess.  Don't judge.  It has a door that can be shut.  I love that about a pantry.  

Back to Buddy....I think he needed a sugar fix.  Seriously, I can't believe he could even find anything in the pantry because usually we have only healthy choice on hand.  Cough, cough, snicker, snicker.  Sugar, cookies, candy...never heard of it.  Miraculously, he managed to come up with some sweet choices like sprinkles and get those loaded into his cart.  He looks like he would like syrup and M&Ms, but I am not sure they are elf sized for his cart.  He's magic.  Maybe he can make it work.  I wonder where he is going to check out?

I can't wait to see what else he gets into!

Another post coming shortly to show you a cute Christmas fruit tree I made on Saturday and the boys new obsession with parkour that gave us tons of laughs this weekend.

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  1. LMAO, too funny. Where did you find that cute shopping cart? Keep those Elfin photos coming. Love the antics