Saturday, December 3, 2011

Buddy Antics

Buddy the Elf has become a hit at our house.  Chip is just so excited to wake up and figure out what that little elf has been up to through the night.  

We did have a little bit of an "incident" on Thursday when Chip accidentally touched Buddy.  The book says that if kids touch Buddy he loses his magic and can't get back and forth to the North Pole.  Complete chaos ensued with tears, a written letter of apology and there may or may not have been a $4 bride offered up to Buddy or Santa or whoever was in charge of bringing back the magic.  Chip was so worried.  As I tucked him into bed on Thursday night the last thing he whispered was "I hope Buddy gets his magic back.  I love him like a brother."  That just cracked me up.

Well, Friday morning Chip was almost afraid to look for him.  So afraid he might be in the same exact spot which would mean the magic was gone. 

Luckily for Chip, the magic was restored, all was forgiven and Buddy was up to no good.  That silly Elf emptied the boys underwear drawer and had decorated the tree with their underwear.  He was perched at the top just happy as a clam.  Yea for Christmas magic!! 

This morning, Chip found Buddy with his WWE figures staging a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match to end all matches. 

Just look at Buddy!  He is climbing the ladder with a chair in his arms, ready to do a swan dive onto The Miz.  

Chip just sat on the couch and stared at this scene, shook his head and couldn't stop laughing. The weekend is off to a great start!

Later this morning we are heading out to collect Brown Santa donations from our friends and neighbors.  We have solicited books and stuffed animals through email and then Harry and RV (along with a little help from their brothers) put flyers on about 300 houses in the neighborhood.  We hope we get lots of good stuff.

Unfortunately, it is raining this morning.  Not the best conditions to do this kind of collection, but it is the pickup  date on the flyer so the show will go on!   You can't tell people to put their donations on their front porch and then not go pick them up.  That would be wrong.  But it is kind of ironic that it doesn't rain for six solid months but the weekend we need to be out and about it is pouring.  We still need the rain desperately, so there will be absolutely no complaining coming from this camp.

That is probably a lie.

I will likely complain a little.

Or a lot.

Regardless of how much I mumble and grumble we are going to get after it!  It will probably be a blast!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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