Thursday, December 1, 2011

Buddy The Elf

Last year for Christmas, Mer gave our family an Elf on the Shelf.  I had never heard of this Christmas tradition, but love some traditions and was thrilled to add him to ours.  Yesterday, we opened the box and found inside a cute little elf that we were to name and adopt as our own. 

We named ours "Buddy".  As in..."Buddy the Elf...what's your favorite color?"

I think he is cute. 

The boys think he is a little creepy.

They read the book that came with him and learned that it is Buddy's job is to hang around your house watching the kids during the holidays to see if they are being naughty or nice. Each night, Buddy zooms to the North Pole to fill Santa in on how the kids are behaving. By morning Buddy is back in your house, maybe up to a little mischief or maybe just hanging out. The kids have to find him in his new spot every morning.  There are not many rules, but the major one is that children are not allowed to touch or move Buddy because then he loses his magic.  Only adults can touch him.

You have never met a kid more excited about Buddy the Elf than Chip.  You have never met a kid who has been praying non-stop that he doesn't wake up with Buddy the Elf hanging two inches above his face, like Harry.

I think he looks harmless?   What about you?  Harmless or Creepy?  Let's vote.

Well last night, that little stinker apparently zoomed to the North Pole and then got back in time to play a little game of Scrabble. 

He got Winnie the Pooh involved and they had a nice game going on the dining room table.  The tiles on the board spelled out a message to the boys to let them know the Christmas fun was beginning!

Chip was thrilled!  Harry was relieved.

You will notice that I have blurred the boys real names out of the tiles on the board using my handy dandy PhotoShop software.  I would try to explain how I was able to do that, but it was very technical and takes tons of experience and expertise. Not really, but please act like you are impressed anyway.

I only use this blurring technique because it is important to me that with all the popularity of this blog that I protect the identity of my children.  I do not want stalkers approaching them trying to get their mother's autograph.  It is so bothersome.   I just want them to grow up normal. 

Baaaaaa!  Haaaaa!  Haaaa!  I crack myself up.  If I want them to grow up normal they shouldn't have a tiny elf popping in and out of their house at all hours of the night playing board games.  That is some wacky stuff.

Also, for my twelve regular readers (nine of which are directly related to me and my children) you likely already know that about every third day I use one or the other child's real name in my writing.  I either catch it later or someone will be nice enough to text or email and let me know I screwed up.   It is hard to write about your children without using their real name. 

So honestly, I just like to dream that one day this blog will get wildly popular like Pioneer Woman and I will have to some reason to protect my children's identity.  And also, it is really fun to use the "Healing" band aid tool in PhotoShop to blur stuff out. 

On that note, I am out! 

Stay tuned for other antics by Buddy the Elf!  I think he is going to be trouble around here!


  1. This is our second year of Buddy theElf. Today he made his appearance. He was shooting rubber bands from atop the TV. He also put sprinkles in their cereal bowls. Many fun filled days with Buddy!!!! LLL

  2. I vote harmless, but he certainly looks like he is up to something. Please ask him to tell Santa that I have been super good this year!

    (I also figured out it is Internet Explorer on my laptop that won't let me comment here. Firefox likes me though.)

  3. Let the fun begin. Keep us updated so we can play along. Great fun. Almost as much fun as the little man under the couch or the ball in the bag.

  4. Our Elf on the Shelf is also named Buddy. The day before he got the flour out of the pantry and made a snow (flour) angel on the dining room table!! He even had a few of his Christmas stuffed animals join him in a circle on the table. This morning we found him sitting on a weight in the grandfather clock!

  5. my vote...creepy (eyes and cheeks). too fun. he should definitely make an appearance in harry's world.