Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ever Lost Your Gold Doubloon in a Car Engine?

We are closing in on the end of the week before the week before school gets out for Christmas!  Say that ten times fast.  Don't you remember as a kid, thinking that this was the longest week in the history of the world?  I sure do.

Harry has semester finals next week, which really takes its toll on the level of excitement and anticipation he can have about it being the last week of school. Final exams are hard.  He will be taking five of those suckers.  I don't think it is the taking them that stinks so bad, it is the studying for them that is awful.  And as a double dose of awful, this year if they exempt an exam they still have to attend the class.  No more half days off.  Harry is completely perturbed about that new development.

Chip on the other hand is cruising into next week with a campus sing-a-long and a class party on the horizon.  It is good to be in elementary school.

So, about the title of this post....yesterday Chip got out of school at 12:45.  Yea for early release!  He sashayed out of there with a big smile on his face and a gold pirate doubloon in his hand.  Which he promptly dropped (or shoved) into the grill of the Suburban, where it landed on the engine shelf, just out of the reach of his fingers and mine.  This unfortunate development allowed my friend Sandy to show a little of her mechanical prowess.  I popped the hood latch inside the car and Sandy promptly found the outside hood latch, raised the hood up, came up with a plan that involved a stick, a hole and a hand stretched to its maximum.  Finally, working together, that doubloon was shoved over to the hole and out onto the pavement..SUCCESS!  Sandy promptly slammed that Suburban hood, dusted off her hands like she slammed a car hood twenty times a day.  She saved the day!  Well, actually she saved about 30 minutes which was about how long it took for Chip to loose the doubloon at home.  We have no earthly idea where that thing is now.

Hmmm....but this does make me wonder.....

Can you use a metal detector in your own home?
Could it scan the bowels of the couch?
Does everyone think their couch has bowels?
Is that silly doubloon even made of metal?
How did Sandy know so much about cars?
Was she was a mechanic in a previous life, worked on a farm, raised by car thieves?

NOTE TO SELF:   Must look into Sandy's past.

So after the doubloon was recovered from the Suburban engine, me and Sandy were standing in front of the car, high-fiving each other (not really) and talking about our plans for the afternoon.  Chip got in the car, which is his not so subtle way of telling me he is ready to go home.  Along comes my friend Marcela, who drives a Suburban similar to mine, and she walks up, smiles and opens my car door and starts to climb into the driver's seat.  It doesn't take her but a few seconds to realize that is not her interior and that is not her kid sitting in the passenger's seat.  She was parked a little further up the street.  She was mortified.  I laughed my head off.  I said "Dang Marcela, usually you wait until people aren't around if you are planning to steal a car!  Most certainly, you don't do it when they are right in front of you."  She laughed so hard, mostly because she said she had done exactly the same thing to another Suburban earlier this week.  That girl needs to get a Jack in the Box antenna ball or something.  So watch out for Marcela if you drive a Suburban in the hood!

So tons of fun packed into the 15 minute pickup at school.

I should mention here that the apple (Chip) doesn't fall far from the tree (Hubby).  When we were first married, Hubby was going to lunch with a lady from work.  He was in the passenger's seat and as he has a tendency to do, he had taken off his wedding ring (which for this story we will consider his gold doubloon) and was flipping it up and catching it.  Well, he flipped it a little too hard and that ring went rolling down the front of the dashboard, down the vent and disappeared into the great unknown.  They searched all the crevices of the car they could think of couldn't find it anywhere.  Imagine how happy I was when he told me that story?  He said it was no big deal, he didn't need a wedding ring.  Really?  We waited almost eight years before we got married.  Is nothing sacred?  He ended up grabbing a replacement ring at Walmart the next time he went in for lawnmower spark plugs or something.  Anyway, a year or so later, that ring worked its way out of that car's vent system and fell out on the floor of the car.  She promptly returned it to Hubby and he said "See, I didn't need to get a replacement."  He had two for a while, but he promptly lost another one throwing a football in the ocean on his annual boy's trip.   At least, that is his story and he is sticking to it.

So tell me, have you ever lost something gold in a car, or is it just my guys?

Have an awesome Thursday!

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  1. Ha! I totally remember when he lost his wedding ring. Everytime I am in meetings and I see men twirling their rings on the table I think of that.