Thursday, December 15, 2011

Five Random Tidbits

So many things that I need to update you on so I am just going to pound out a quick Five Random Tidbits so I don't forget:

1.  This week our little Chip was in the school wide Spelling Bee!  It is the Spelling Bee for all of the classroom spelling champions.   Chip actually finished second in his class, but the first place winner was out of town and so Chip was called from the reserved list into action.  He found out on Friday and the spelling bee was Tuesday.  We did a little cram studying, but with 400 words on the potential list, we hardly made a dent.  He got out on "apron".  He spelled it "aprin".  Say apron.  Do it, say it out loud right now.  It does sound like "aprin" doesn't it?  He was disappointed that he didn't do better, but came home with such conviction to win the school wide Spelling Bee next year.  He's a good speller.  He might just do it!  So proud of him.

2.  Harry is fifteen, which means people all around him are on the cusp of turning sixteen and starting to drive.  Two of his buddies are sixteen and within a week or so of getting their license they have both had a car accident.  They are fine.  Upon further consideration, I think they are actually the only two who are already sixteen and have their license. That is 100% of the boys he knows that get their license have had an accident within weeks of getting their license.  This is making me lose sleep.  This is making me an absolute nervous wreck.   We are skipping his birthday and we are going to do 15 again.  It will be better that way.

3.  Today, I was helping to decorate Chip's classroom for their "Winter" Party, which is really a Christmas Party, but you aren't allowed to all it "Christmas" at school, so it is called a "Winter" party.  That just makes me mad by the way!  Anyway, the theme this year is a "White Out" party, which means we covered everything with white sheets and white paper, hung white twinkle lights, snowflakes, and these cute little cotton balls strung on fishing line.  It was a bit of an ordeal, but totally cute, so I am good with that.  So, I am climbing up and down on this student size chair, taping huge sheets of white paper on top of some cabinets.  I step down from the chair, lose my balance, stagger and stumble, heading straight for a cluster of desks, the world went into complete and total slow motion, and I am sure I cussed as my knee slammed into the ground followed by the rest of my body.  Ripped a giant hole in the front of my sock and my big toe is injured.  Not sure how my toe was injured in the fall, but it hurts so BAD!  There were three other adults in the room with me - but thank goodness the kids were all out of the room.  They all came running over to help me, I was moaning and grabbing my knee and toe.  OW!!  I was mortified and it hurt!  My toe especially.  I think it is probably broken.  I am afraid to watch the evening news. It will probably say   "At 4:15 this afternoon, a seismic tremble was felt in and around the local area.  It registered a 5.2 on the Richter scale."   So embarrassing.  I am sure my knee will be black and blue in the morning.  I am going to take some Aleve and a hot bath and figure out how I can ever show my face in Ms. Coleman's classroom again. 

4.  Harry made a 91 on his Math final.  That is a Christmas miracle. That gave Harry very respectable semester grade! Way to go Harry, we are so proud of you!  Then......he took his Chemistry final today and wrote in ink instead of pencil.  Apparently it is against the rules to write in ink on a Chemistry test.  He said he asked a really smart kid next to him and that kid said it was fine.  It is not fine.  His teacher is being kind enough to let him go back in the morning to transfer his ink answers into pencil. That is so much nicer that giving him a big fat zero for writing in ink.  What up, Harry?!?!  Brilliance followed by a little brain fart?  I know.....his brain isn't finished developing yet.

5.  I made some cute chocolate covered pretzels for the high school teacher's "Winter" treat day.  They were so fun to make and looked great.  I wish I would have taken a picture, but I didn't.  Remember that mess I made in my kitchen with the fruit tree?  That was child's play compared to the mess I made with these pretzels rods.  Dark and white chocolate, sprinkles of all kinds, baggies with chocolate, chocolate was hardening on spoons, hardening where it wasn't supposed to harden!  YIKES!   It was an epic disaster, but I would totally make them again!

That is all I have for if it wasn't enough!  Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! WOO HOO!!!  Christmas Break.... BRING IT ON!!!


  1. Hope your knee and toe are okay, Grace. ;o) Enjoy the Christmas break with your family. Hugs!

  2. C'mon....Next, they will ban Rudolf, singing Christmas carols, will kids even know who Santa is? What is the punishment for uttering the word Christmas? I guess the Easter Bunny is next???? Really tics me off! Merry Christmas and Happy Easter everyone.