Sunday, December 18, 2011

Good News Post

1.  Hubby's annual aneurysm scan came back unchanged!  He goes back again next year for another scan!  Double, triple, yea, yea, yea!!! 

2.  I am done with my Christmas shopping!  Will probably pick up a few more small things, but everyone on my list has a present!  Yea!

3.  My Christmas cards came in earlier than I was expecting and I have gotten them all addressed and stamped and will have them delivered to the post office today!  Yea!

4.  Wrapping is done for all the presents I have here in Texas!  Tons more wrapping to do when we get to Bama, but nothing I can do about that until I get there!

5.  I came up with an idea for my Lakeside visit in January!  The next visit is scheduled for January 11th and I was worried that it would sneak up on me with all the Christmas activities.  Valentine wreaths made out of coat hangers and felt!  I think they are going to be super cute and Lana is going to help me with the supplies while we are home for Christmas!  Yea!

6.  Yesterday was our 28 year dating anniversary!   That is a long time.  Our first date included dinner at El Palacio, a movie, then to feed the ducks at Big Spring Park.  I was a mere 17 years old that night.  That is only a year and half older than Harry is right now.  How is that possible???  

7.  Buddy has been busy!  Here are his latest shenanigans (surely that isn't spelled correctly!)

Hanging out with Brett Farve!  Wonder if he got an autograph?

Even better...hanging out with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus! 

He is gazing so lovingly at the sweet baby!  The Reason for the Season!  This makes me happy! Especially after the TP rolling incident left a wad of toilet paper stuck up in the ceiling fan.  No telling what it is going to take to reach that and get it out!

Hope your weekend has been wonderful!  I have pictures from Chip's cute little Christmas party that I will try to post later today!

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