Thursday, December 29, 2011

I'm Back....

Christmas has come and gone and we are all snuggled back in our home....well, not Hubby and Harry, they are screaming and yelling at the Alamo Bowl, but me and Chip are here.

My Christmas pictures are on my camera that is also at the Alamo Bowl so I am not going to blog about Christmas.  I will instead tell you about the plumbing trials and tribulations of the holiday season.  They do not require can thank me later.

We arrived at Callie's house on Thursday evening.  Her kitchen sink started leaking almost immediately upon our arrival.  You know what that means...pull every darn thing out from under the sink until you get it fixed. On Christmas Eve, the shower drain in Megan's bathroom started leaking (severely) and left a giant soaking wet area on the carpet.  You know what that means...drag out the shop van and try to suck the majority of the water up, towels on the carpet, cut a hole in the sheet rock to see what in the tarnation is going on.  On the Monday after Christmas, Chip clogged up their downstairs toilet while taking care of his daily business.  You know what that means, a plunger and a bit of elbow grease was required.  On Tuesday, Megan's toilet overflowed.  More towels, more screaming and cussing.  We felt cursed.  As we were packing our car on Tuesday night there was some unexplained water in the back of the Suburban.  Seriously, no idea where the water came from.  Still a mystery.

All around it was a Christmas plumbing fiasco. Good thing George is a plumber.  He was going broke fixing his own plumbing.

Anyway, we arrived home yesterday after 14 hours in the car and Harry had to go.  I think you know what I mean by "had to go".  He was finally home and there is just nothing better than "going" on your own turf.

What do you think happened?

Keep in mind, it was mere minutes after we had emptied the Suburban, which was packed to within an inch of its capacity.  We had just hit the button to close the garage when I hear yelling coming from the vicinity of the bathroom.

If you guessed that the toilet overflowed, you would be correct.

Son of a ......

Harry was kind enough to pull seven giant beach towels out of the closet to sop up the water.  It probably only required one.  Two at the very most.

It is fun to do laundry though, so I didn't mind.  Not really.  I minded very much.

I have done eight loads of laundry today.  I am over it.

So, we are hoping that our plumbing issues are behind us and we can ring in the new year nice and dry!

I have tons to share about our holiday adventures and will try to get the pictures uploaded tomorrow!

Hope your holidays were great and you are ready for 2012!

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  1. oohhh friend....a real bummer!!!! hoping tomorrow is a better day!
    how is buddy? how did he travel?