Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Musings

It's Monday.  I posted on Saturday.  That is unheard of around these parts!  I have just a few random observations to share with you:
  • Sorted and counted more Brown Santa books and stuffed animal donations last night - total count is up to 1,233!  New record.
  • I am eating like it is my job.  
  • Coffee on a cold dreary morning is a luxury and also a necessity.  
  • I made homemade Chicken Noodle Soup last night and my boys scarfed it down.  Of course, they were starving which helps substantially with what items they will eat with gusto and those they won't! 
  • When your computer says it will take 18 minutes to download something, it is not a traditional 18 sixty second minutes.  Mine has been downloading for about 20 minutes and it now says 11 minutes remaining.  I am not good at math, but that just doesn't add up. 
  • Cold dreary rainy days mean your dog will want to go in and out fifty times.  The floor in my kitchen is a disaster.  Covered in muddy dog prints. 
  • There was a man talking to his son so mean yesterday in Walmart's toy aisle.  I wanted to smack him upside the head.  HARD.  Like maybe with a full gallon of paint or something.  I hope he was just having a really bad day and his behavior was the exception and not the rule. Otherwise, I might have to hunt him down and deliver that gallon of paint to his head.  No joke. 
  • The boys were on my new laptop, now I can't see the other devices and computers on our home server.  Hmm??  My stapler was in the kitchen, now it doesn't work. Not just jammed, but broken.  Hmm??  New Rule:  No one touches mom's stuff anymore.  Ever.
  • What is in the can of dry spray you use to dust your keyboard and other little things that makes it so cold?  It's freaky. 
  • Christmas is only 20 days away.  I must get serious about shopping. 
  • Bama is going to the big show!  Roll Tide Roll!  
Have a terrific Monday!  

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  1. I always wonder how people talk to their children at home if THAT is how they talk to them in PUBLIC. Could someone please tell our children how lucky they are? Why do kids have to be thirty to appreciate their parents? I know I ALWAYS appreciated mine, even when I was say, eight or nine. But please don't verify that with my mother. She may remember it differently.