Friday, December 7, 2012

Buddy Antics

Have you been wondering what Buddy The Elf has been up to for the last couple of days? 

I will tell you.......It has been mayhem and destruction!  

Not really.  He has actually been pretty easy on us so far this year.  No ladders have had to be brought into the house yet to clean up his mess, so that is a plus!   Here are some pictures of his silliness!

He loaded some stuffed animals on the Christmas tree.  Thank goodness it hadn't been decorated yet!

Then he got hold of one of Chip's Nerf guns and set up Target practice on the kitchen table.

The next night he snuck into Harry's room and put on a miniature football jersey and jumped in Hubby's sports tree. 

The next night he did us a favor and sharpened a ton of pencils!  We needed those!  He did spread them all over the floor, but Chip didn't mind. 

All that work must have worn him out cause the next morning we found him snoozing in a tissue box!  He looked so comfy!

He somehow got on the bad side of some of Chip's Mens and got strung up and tied down the next night.  This looks like major warfare!

Last night, he stole Grandpa's wallet, unloaded the contents and appeared to be making a catalog purchase of some pretty awesome toys!  I guess we will wait for the statement to come in to see how much damage has been done!

Can't believe Buddy has only been back for about 10 days....seems like a month! 

Friday, November 30, 2012

Buddy is Back...

You may remember that silly little elf that visits our house at Christmas time and wrecks havoc and creates mayhem while the family sleeps.  His name is Buddy.  He is supposed to be here as a watch dog for Santa to make sure the kiddos are behaving and staying on the nice list, but instead he seems to spend most of his time getting into trouble!

Chip heard from a friend that you have to leave a bowl of popcorn out for Buddy with a note and he will show up.

Lo and worked! 

Buddy came blazing back into town on a Batman motorcycle and spelled out "I'm Back!" in M&Ms.  Oh boy!

The second night, he built a ladder up to the Gecko's cage and was fishing with a dead cricket!  Buddy, seriously!  What would you have done if you caught Bama?

The next night he was pretty calm and just built a cute snowman out of marshmallows.   I am sure that won't last.

This morning we woke up to cotton balls all over the living room and Buddy holding a snowman convention.  I wonder what they talked about?

He looks like he may be planning something naughty!  You definitely have to stay on your toes with this guy!

Let the countdown to Christmas begin! 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I haven't been on my blog in forever!  Is anyone still reading?  Still checking in?  I have so much to share.  So many things happen through my daily life and I think to myself that I need to remember that to put on my blog and then I never get around to it.

So before I nod off tonight, here are the few random things I can think of that I meant to blog about Thanksgiving:

* There was a goat in the kitchen at Thanksgiving.  A real goat.  A little pygmy goat named Soda Pop.  Do you think we were in Alabama?  Yes, yes, we were.  A goat in the kitchen.  I have been desperate to say that and have told many, many people when they have asked about my Thanksgiving festivities. You just don't hear that every day, do you?

*  Ran in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning with the family.  It was awesome.  I was totally stressed about it because I haven't been running much.  But it was awesome.  I already said that, but it totally was.  I had a PR!  Woot! Woot!

*  Chip had his first Black Friday experience with the Foster girls.  He was expecting more chaos and less walking around.

*  I ate a pumpkin pie made with tofu.  It wasn't awful.

* We had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday.  Great company.  Tons of laughs.  Great food. Too much of it.  Fun games.  Good football - flag and college varieties.  No airfare delays.  We didn't take nearly enough pictures.  So much to be thankful for!!!

I have to get up in about five hours or so....must get to bed!

Good night all!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Top Ten Short Stories

Hello Blog Peeps!  Let me start this post by saying how grateful I am that my Month of Grateful is over.  I am truly, honestly, profoundly grateful for the many blessings I have been given, but there is some kind of unnatural pressure to write about it every day.  I failed miserably, so I am thrilled to have rolled my calendar to November where there is no daily requirement.  I will not be signing up for something like that anytime soon!

So, what's up???  How about a Top Ten Tidbits to fill you in on the goings on around here!  These are kind of long so it is really more like Top Ten Short Stories - but here we go!

1. Halloween was fun!  Harry did a canned food drive with the Thespian Club at school.  It is called "Trick or Treat, So Kids Can Eat."  He drove around the neighborhood with two cute girls gathering food for the needy.  Not a bad way to spend an evening!  At one point during the evening we ran into another car full of Thespian kids and when they found out we were Harry's parents they all immediately started yelling "Roll Tide" at the top of their voice.  It was so funny!  Yep, that is our boy.  Chip got to spend Halloween doing his absolute favorite activity...Trick or Treating with his buddy Pootie and then Ding Dong Ditching several friends in the neighborhood.  He dressed as the same dark weird caped guy from last year.  He is mostly concerned about his costume being black so he can hide after ding dong ditching people.  I have no idea why that is such a thrill for them, but I mean they love it.  We came home and he said "Mom, thanks for another awesome Halloween!"  Good Times!

2. Harry finished his Cross Country season with a personal best 21.03 race!  Way to go Harry!   He improved so much this season and I think overcame some of the psychological mumbo jumbo that you have to work through to make your body go faster than you want it to!  Super proud of him.  Speaking of running and psychological mumbo jumbo...I am joining the Hubs, Harry and some of our other family members to do a Turkey Trot in Alabama on Thanksgiving morning.  I haven't been running that much and was worried about whether I could run the whole thing.  This morning, Martha and I did just that....ran a 5K without stopping!  It was slow and steady (like Harry could almost run two races!) but we talked the entire time and it wasn't really too bad!  Feeling better about being able to trot on Thanksgiving morning!

3. Hubby and Harry took a testosterone filled trip to DC last weekend.  They flew out Friday after school.  Woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and caught a Maryland vs. Georgia Tech football game, then a Celtics vs. Wizards NBA game on Saturday night.  Did some historic touring of DC on Sunday morning and then caught a Redskins vs. Jaguars NFL game at noon and flew home late Sunday night.  It was a whirlwind trip and they had a fantastic time.  Lots of good memories being made!  Chip said that next year he was going with them!  I must have bored him silly!!  No really, we had a pretty great weekend just the two of us!

4.  I am putting together craft kits to make the sweetest, most precious little Baby Jesus ornaments for our Lakeside craft this month!  Poor Chip was stuck running to four Hobby Lobby's this weekend to find all the necessary parts and pieces with me.  He was actually awesomely helpful and made some great suggestions.  I was so tickled with how easy the final product was to put together and when I tell you they are cute, I mean they are CCCCUUUUUTTTTTEEEE!!!!!  This phone picture does not do them justice!

I also spent some awesome craft time putting together little Thanksgiving wreaths for the staff at Lakeside.  I had grapevine, flowers, ribbon and hot glue all over the place.  It was very fun and I really tried to pray for each of the staff members as I was putting their wreath together!   Good times!

5. Chip had his Veteran's Day performance last night at school.  The fifth graders sang four awesome Patriotic songs and our little Chip was belting it out with the best of them.  Starting to think about all the  "last" elementary school functions we will have this year.  Kind of makes me a little melancholy....where has the time gone?   After the performance we went out to grab some dinner and on the way we started listing all of Chip's nicknames in his short little life.  He has had at least 26 fondly recalled nicknames in 10 years.  Thunder, Chip, McDougal, JuJu, Big Papi, Karl, Schmickems, Fresh Lou, Scooter, Dooje, and the list just goes on and on.....we all got a kick out of that walk down memory lane.

6. My sister called me last week and the conversation started with "You will not believe what I have done...."  You know that is going to be a good one.  Seems, she went to get into her car after work and her key fob wouldn't open the car.  She was in a bit of a panic because she had to get home to get Mario to physical therapy.   She tried the key and it wouldn't go in the door easily...she was perplexed.  She called Mario and said the key fob isn't working and I feel like the key is going to break off in the door if I turn it any harder.  He said maybe the battery was dead in the key fob.  She called her friend that was still at work and she came down to the parking garage to see if she could help.  She brought her key fob so they could maybe switch out the battery and try that.  My sister, "The Nice One" is apologizing to her friend for making her come down to the garage as the friend is trying to pry the back off of the key fob.  She turns it over in her hand and says "This is a key fob for a Ford.  Your car is a Chevy."  Turns out "The Nice One" was trying to open her car with Mario's keys.  She was laughing so hard telling me the story!  Oh my goodness....getting old is going to be so much fun!!!

7. I haven't mentioned my weight loss in a while.  Shocking, I know. I have been hovering around 72 pounds, but finally hit  a solid 73 pounds down yesterday.  Those crazy hours I working and the traveling to Bama was quite a test of my ability to maintain under stress and I did that fairly successfully so that is a big win for me.  However, I am super close to reaching my goal, but need to buckle down and get these last few pounds off so I can start a successful maintenance plan in January.  Would love to be down 80 pounds by December 31st.  I was talking to Mr. Knowledge the this week during our workout session and told him I didn't feel panicked or frustrated cause I knew it would happen eventually and he said "You trust yourself.  That is big."  It is big and I DO trust myself.  I know I have all the tools to get the last seven pounds or so off and I will do it.  No doubt in my mind.  Not one.  I have whispered "I trust myself" so many times over the last few days.  It is kind of a profound realization and very empowering.

8.  I made a super yummy, high protein, low fat Frittata for Bible Study this week.  It was packed with mushrooms, onions, kale and a few tomatoes.  No cheese.  Cooked on top of the stove for a bit and then finished in the oven.  I have never made one before, but it was easy and a recipe that I will making again!  Leftovers were easy to pop in the microwave and warm up for a quick meal.

9. What about that Bama game?  I couldn't even watch it!  I had turned to House Hunters on HGTV cause I kept screaming and hitting the couch and Chip was dozing off and it was scaring him.  I texted my sister and asked her to keep me posted via text!  When they pulled out the last minute win, my phone lit up!  My brother Guk was on my land line, I was calling my Dad on my cell phone, texts going back and forth.  I reached my Dad and he was sitting in a quiet room reading a book.  He is a hard core fan and couldn't watch it either.  He worries about how much his old heart can take!!  I told him they had pulled it out.  He didn't believe me.  Then he started the mad scramble to get his cable box rebooted so he could see the replay!  It was an emotional win for the team and I only hope they have enough left to get by Texas A&M.  I think this will be the biggest challenge of the season for them.  Not sure I can take it, but with Hubby and Harry home they will not want to watch House Hunters instead of the game.

10. Can't wait for Thanksgiving!  Bob has already started circulating emails about the menu and games and fun activities.  I am talking recipes and sneaking in some exercise with my nieces.   I am so looking forward to spending time with the family!  Should be awesome as usual!

Hope you are wrapping up your week with a smile on your face!   Happy Friday!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10-29 Grateful

Home sweet home!  Grateful for waking up in my own bed, getting out for my early morning walk, spending some time with my girls doing our Bible Study...great way to start the week!

Also, supremely grateful for my Hubby and boys who did all the laundry and kept the house picked up while I was gone!  Thank you fellas!

Finally, grateful to live in a country where it is my patriotic duty and privilege to vote.  Even more grateful to live in a state that allows me to vote early!  No lines, no waiting!

Monday, October 29, 2012

10-28 Grateful

The plane stayed up in the air on my way home!  Yea!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

10-27 Grateful

Grateful to spend the day on a girl's only trip to Atlanta to have the American Girl experience of a lifetime.   It was me, my mom and my sister, "The Nice One" and her daughter the "The Queen" along with The Queen's American Girl doll "McKenna".  Road trip!

We had a great time driving over to Atlanta on some quiet two lane highways, over the mountain and through the woods.  Some beautiful, autumn colored woods I might add!  Look at this tree that is across from my Mom and Dad's house.

Once there, we shopped till we dropped! We spent several hours just looking and touching and picking and choosing the most precious doll accessories and outfits.  The Queen got lots of very cool things.  We even ended up getting McKenna's ears pierced.  She didn't even cry!

We followed shopping up with lunch at the American Girl Bistro and McKenna had her own booster seat at the end of the table.

The staff at American Girl were very keyed in on the young clientele and spent a great deal of time getting to know The Queen and McKenna.  It was very cool.  Best shopping day of The Queen's life.

What a great way to spend a Saturday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

10-26 Grateful

I have a lot of catching up to do!  I went out of town for work and didn't blog while I was gone!  Back in the saddle....

First, I LOVE this picture of my Harry with his Cross Country Homies.  It is a keeper!  JV Boys win first place at District last Friday!   This picture is ginormous and I don't know what else to do with it! 

Grateful for an awesome Cross Country season.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10-24 Grateful

Plane stayed in the air!  Woo Hoo!  Delivered me to my Mom and Dad's house!  Slept like a rock!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

10-20 Grateful

Saturday morning I couldn't sleep in...made me so mad. The alarm clock said 4:17 a.m. and I was wide awake.  Bummer.

I came downstairs and turned on a few lamps.  Then I saw the spectacular flowers that my friend Wanda had sent me on Friday afternoon.  I work with Wanda and we are co-leading this enormous project.  She had to be out last week for some unexpected surgery and sent me flowers to thank me for my support.  How backwards is that?  I should have been sending her flowers!

I was actually on the phone with her when the delivery was made and I was just tickled.  Who doesn't love getting flowers?  What a thoughtful person she is!  I enjoy working with her very much and am just glad her surgery was successful and she is feeling better.

Anyway, the arrangement was just beautiful when it was delivered, but on Saturday the roses had opened up a little more and were just gorgeous.

I am so grateful to work with such wonderful people like Wanda!  Makes all the hard work worth it when you have an awesome team of folks in it with you!

In other Saturday news, Hubby and Harry flew to Tennessee to see the Alabama football game.  They squeezed in a quick trip to the Vandy/Auburn game then headed to Knoxville to see the Tide.  Harry's buddy R got to go with them and I know they had fun!  Well except for the part where they unknowingly parked in a tow away zone and after the game their rental car was gone.  They had to walk a couple miles to the wrecker service place and pay a fine to get their car back.  Geez, am I ever glad I wasn't there for that.  They have eaten 30 Krystals between them in their quick trip to Tennessee and are already headed home.  Good times.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

10-19 Grateful

Friday morning I had to run Harry up to school and drop him off for an early Cross Country Meet.  The bus was leaving at 7:15 so he needed to be at school by 7:00. It is still dark at 7:00.  Friday morning was just gorgeous.  The perfect kind of chilly fall weather that last for about five minutes around these parts. 

We pulled up to the field house at the high school and of course there was lots of action in and out of the building in those wee hours of the morning.  Kids carrying pillows under their arms,  hair disheveled, looking like they were sleep walking through the parking lot.  All heading in to the locker room to change or grab their gear and get on the bus. I watched Harry among them.  So glad he belongs with this group of kids.  So happy he has a place and is part of something. 

Then I pulled out of the parking lot to head home and saw that the football field was lit up.  I glanced over and there in a precise marching formation was the high school band.  Ramrod straight backs, instruments held in front of them all exactly the same way, exact amount of space between each of them.  And there are ALOT of them. This is a massive band and they are good.  I mean REALLY good.  They are sweeping every competition they enter around here. This is why, I guess.  Practice, practice, practice.  They start in the summer, marching for six or seven hours a day.  Then, once the school year starts they come early and stay late. It is alot of work.  The drum line was out in the front parking lot a little closer to me, holding a separate practice I guess.  There is not a sound that is much cooler than hearing a drum line practice. Then the band cranked up a song and I rolled my window down so I could hear them better.  I can still get chill bumps thinking about it.  A chilly Friday morning, a high school band playing for all they are worth, it really was an awesome way to start the morning.

Then still smiling to myself thrilled that I was blessed with a quick early morning concert, I pulled on past the football field toward the school pool. It is heated after the blazing hot weather of summer passes and steam was rising off the water like it was on fire. There was just enough light streaming through it that it looked like something from a movie set. Through the steam, I could see the kids that make up the high school swim team.  Diving in, getting out and with my window still down I could clearly hear them laughing and talking.

I had such a moment where I was just so proud of those kids.  All of them.  I think they will all look back fondly on these years of high school, being part of something.  Working hard but having fun. I know many of them and their parents and they are just good kids.  I can't wait to see what awesome things are in their future.

As for me and the purposed of this post....I am just so grateful to live in a community that supports these kids.  Giving them the facilities, leadership, teachers, coaches and opportunity to have these experiences.  Truly blessed.  Grateful.  Seriously.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

10-18 Grateful

Today, I was just grateful all day long.  This one is going to be in bullet format:

  • Cool temperatures on an early morning walk.
  • A yellow field trip card that saved the day on my front door this morning!  Thanks John and Peggy!  Seriously appreciate it! 
  • A hot cup of coffee on a chilly morning.
  • A husband who carries down all the dirty clothes in one trip.
  • No New Adds! It is a work thing.  It made me mad today, then happy!  
  • I see a light at the end of the long hours of work tunnel!  I hope it isn't a train!!! 
  • A good workout and a couple more pounds gone.  I think I did 330 crunches today.  Whew.
  • A sweet friend who invited me to A Christmas Affair.  Can't wait.
  • A great friend I can laugh with at the grocery store till we both have to pee.  Does that mean we are getting old? I think that is what that means. 
  • Paper plates.  I love them.  
  • An awesome neighbor who called me outside tonight to hear an owl in the dark.  Her in her jammies.  And my whole family ends up out in her driveway and every single one of them tried to "Hoo Hoo" like an owl.  I am sure they ran the poor bird off. 
  • Sweet boys. 
  • A hot bath.
  • A cozy bed. 
  • A happy heart.
Grateful to feel so blessed! 

10-17 Grateful

Dang, I am always behind.

It is Thursday and I know what I am grateful for today, but that is my next post.....let me think back to Wednesday......

Oh, yes!

Wednesday was "The Queen's" 10th birthday!  I sent her a present for her birthday that I am totally jazzed about!  We are going to the American Girl Store in Atlanta in a few weeks.  We are going to cover that store from top to bottom, maybe get one of the dolls hair done, even have reservations for the Bistro to have lunch.  She was so excited!   I think I am even more excited.  It will be so fun.  Grateful to share this special time with her.  Happy Birthday Queen!  Love you!

My nephew Cole also celebrated his 11th birthday this week!  It is a birthday bonanza around here!  We sent him so cold, hard cash which I hope he spends getting something fun for himself!   He texted me to thank us for the money from his new phone....I think that might be what he spent his money on!

Grateful to have such great kiddos in my life.

10-16 Grateful

I am winding down the day, sitting in Chip's room as he drifts off to sleep.  It is our recent solution to an age old problem of a kid thinking that The Joker is a little bit to close to real.  I don't mind it most nights.  It gives me an opportunity to pick up my computer, check on email, catch up on Facebook and maybe blog for a minute or two.  However, in addition to his own personal body guard keeping an eye on the door for him, he also has a noise machine .  He has it set on ocean and I mean it sounds like waves are hammering the shore just inches from me. I expect any minute to feel the water hit my feet.  It also makes me want to pee.  It won't be long before he doesn't even want me near his room.  So tonight I am grateful that I can bring him some comfort and a little security.

Random:  I am also grateful for Honeycrisp are they good!

In other news...

Chip hit a home run over the fence in practice yesterday.  It was on the big field out at Old Settler's where he plays.  He was so excited.

I went to a meeting at the High School last night were we talked about class rank, scholarships, dual credit, transcripts, advanced measures, distinguished diplomas, college applications, ACT, SAT....the list went on and on.  I felt like I needed a paper sack to breath into.  It is overwhelming to have a Junior in high school.  My head was spinning.

Must get some sleep..another action packed day awaits tomorrow!

Good night!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10-15 Grateful

I am in bed.  With my laptop.  Bound and determined to post my grateful post for the last few days.

Monday I was grateful to get back to running a bit.  I have not been feeling that great for the last couple weeks so my morning run has been a morning walk.  Nothing wrong with that..but Monday I was happy to run some of the way.  Felt great.

Bible Study was awesome.  It was a terrific history lesson and I really walked away feeling like I was getting an education and an understanding.  Martha's prayer at the end was a thing of beauty!  I am so grateful that I am finally learning more about God's word and understanding His unconditional love and grace in my life.  It is powerful stuff and it is changing me.

Monday, October 15, 2012

10-14 Grateful

Sunday afternoon I was grateful that my boys convinced me to step away from work to go shoot some hoops with them up at the Elementary school.  Because basically I was a Boss at basketball!

I was covering folks, stealing the ball, running, gunning, guarding and was for all intents and purposes a phenom shooting machine!   Of course, Chip laughed himself into the fetal position many times and wasn't playing that great of a game of defense and of course I am still about six inches taller than him.  But outside of that it was a pretty fair match up.  Me and Hubby against Chip and Harry.

We won by one.

Then we laid down on that concrete and let that hot sun just beat down on us.  It was glorious!

Good times.  Good times indeed.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

10-13 Grateful

Saturday was a great day.  I got lots of things done around the house that I have not been able to do for all the dadgum work I have been doing.   Putting away laundry, mopping, cleaning bathrooms...ahhh it felt great to get things back in order.

Then my sweet Chip invited me to his room and we played Legos for a couple of hours.  He wants to build a base, so we sorted through all his Lego pieces and put together a base.  He was so appreciative of my mad skills at finding the perfect Lego piece he was looking for. I was a great base building assistant.  Grateful that he still wants to hang out and play with me!

Then it was Alabama Football...ROLL TIDE!

Then on to some Eagles baseball!  Go Chip!  They had two games on Friday and it was a bit on the drizzly side, but it wasn't cold... Grateful!  Got some good pictures, but I have to upload them to my computer. Maybe I will get that done in just a bit and share some pictures!

Hope your Saturday was awesome!

10-12 Grateful

Friday was a massively busy day and I was so grateful for all that I accomplished.  I got some big things done at work and that felt great.  However, the highlight of my day was watching Harry run at his cross country meet.  It was an evening meet, which was kinda cool.  And the weather, although a bit muggy wasn't bad.  His race started at 7:00 p.m.   He ran well, but of course he didn't think so.  It seems to be a trend with him.

Got to spend some great time with my friends at the meet.  We have way more fun out there than most parents.  Didn't get many good pictures because it was getting dark and the subjects were moving and that is just a bad combination.

Oh, and Harry brought home an order form for his class ring this week.  What?  Wasn't it just yesterday I was ordering my class ring?  How in the world did this kid of mine get to be a Junior???  It was fun looking at all the options and colors and emblems.  There are way many more choices than when I was in school.  Now they have a website where you can design your ring.  I even went and got me and Hubby's class rings out of my jewelry box and we wore them for a while. It has been fun!

10-11 Grateful

Dang - I am an epic fail at the grateful business!  Now I am four days behind.  I can't really remember Thursday that well so I am going to write about something I am grateful for every single day.

My two sweet, handsome, funny, amazing children.

They are football and Legos, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms, baseball and cross country, rice and macaroni and cheese, root bear and sweet tea, riding bikes and driving cars, blue eyes and brown eyes, physics and long division, curly hair and straight hair, Red Sox and Blue Jays, Sponge Bob and ESPN, getting up early and sleeping in late.

They are the very reason my heart beats.

I love them.  The kind of love that you don't is just a part of you.  It is unconditional. It is powerful.  It is sometimes overwhelming.  A love that is bigger than anything you can imagine until it is given to you.  An amazing gift.  It is the most wonderful part of being a human that I have experienced.  For my beautiful boys I am eternally grateful.  Forever and ever and ever and ever.  Amen.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10-10 Grateful

Here is what is up in my world and all the myriad of reasons that I feel grateful! 

Today was a very productive day.  I got lots done at work.  Finally starting to feel a little bit in control of the mammoth job we are working on right now. That is a good feeling. 

I also found my crock pot. It wasn’t really lost, but it was forgotten at the High School.  The super sweet lady who was in charge of the teacher event took it home with her AND washed it!  I thanked her for not turning my name in to CPPS (Crock Pot Protective Services). 

I got my stitches out, ran to the grocery store, cooked a yummy dinner including some Kale cooked just like Collard Greens cause I picked up the wrong bag at the grocery store.  They were still yummy! I am definitely a fan of the Collard Green! 

My friend Connie had her hip surgery and is feeling good!  Go Connie! 

Chip had a great day at school.  He told me on the way home that they started Long Division in Math and that he stunk at it.  I just nodded my head and told him I understood, but that I could probably help him out.  So we worked through some problems together and before long he was coasting through the rest of his homework.  Go me…feeling good about some fifth grade math! 

Harry came home about 6:30 from his Tuna rehearsal.  He told me he was asked to stay after tomorrow for some Fine Arts Gala Night to do a theatre performance at school.  I think he is going to do some piece from the Tuna Christmas production with another kid.  Then he also told me he was invited to some State Thespian Festival next month.  It is held in Houston over a three day weekend.  He would get to miss school, so you know he was jazzed about that. Sounds like a lot of fun.  He was full of all kinds of information tonight.  

So, it has been a good day all around.  Feeling grateful, blessed and a little less stressed! 

I hope you are feeling good too!

10-9 Grateful

Sue me…I missed another day of being grateful.  I am starting to think I stink at this!  Let’s catch up, shall we?

Yesterday was Tuesday.  Let’s rewind Tuesday and find some things to be grateful for….I was grateful that I woke up early and got my walk in!  Love my time with Martha in the wee hours of the morning.  It is therapy in motion!  I was grateful that I am starting to feel a little better.  Not quite sure what is off with me, but I think I am finally starting to shake it.  Grateful for hair clips because my hair was an awful mess yesterday.  Grateful that Mr. Knowledge turned me on to Quinoa.  It is especially delicious, although how it is correctly pronounced is a complete mystery to me.   Grateful for a comfortable bed to fall into…exhausted at the end of a busy day.

Monday, October 8, 2012

10-8 Grateful

I am grateful today that I got to sleep in until 8:30!  It was glorious!

The kids were out of school for a Teacher Work Day and so we didn't walk...we slept!

The rest of the day has been a high stress blur, so sleeping in was essential!  Sleeping in and not exercising also makes me miss my walks.  I love that I miss them.

Tomorrow is a regular day, up early and definitely no sleeping in!

In other news:

  • The weather is spectacular.
  • My skin is so dry.
  • My husband walks around saying things like "You should be grateful this stupid dog barks at people in our family and our friends, but not strangers."  Funny but wrong.  Astro barks at strangers too! 
  • I have so much dang laundry to put away. Three giant baskets full.  No one has any clothes in their dresser I am sure.  It has been rifled through a million times as people dig around for certain things.  A mess.  I will have to refold it all.  Or maybe I will just cram it in a dresser and act like it was already wrinkled.
  • Made soup this morning to take to school for the teachers.  I still have dishes in my sink from this morning.  They will still be there in the morning cause I am not doing them tonight.  
  • Last week, I worked 57.5 hours.  That is ridiculous.  Seriously. I am part time. 
  • I did not have Bible Study today since the kids were out of school.  My house looks like a tornado hit it since I didn't clean up for Bible Study.  Missed Bible Study and my clean downstairs.
  • My boys are sitting here watching the Yankees/Orioles and talking about how they hate every Yankee that picks up a bat and approaches the plate. They are definitely Red Sox fans. 
  • However, Harry is also very disgusted with the Red Sox Managerial candidates.   And also miffed that the Celtics lost to some Turkish team in a preseason basketball game. Sometimes it is better not to have all that information.  
  • My skin is getting rashy again. It is pissing me off. 
  • I was sporting some smaller jeans this weekend.  Thank you Connie! 
  • Connie is having hip surgery on Wednesday this week.  Let's all say a prayer for a perfect surgery and a quick recovery!  
That is all.  I am going to bed. 

10-7 Grateful

Alright, alright...I know I am a day behind now, but I am going to catch up and do two posts in one day!

Sunday, October 7th....grateful for a house full of boys that are happy with waffles for dinner!  

Chip lost his game on Sunday, but they played them hard.  The game ended in a tie and had to go to some crazy Texas tie-breaker and the other team pulled ahead.  They played well but with those breezy temperatures I was happy to head to the house!   Grateful for heat too!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

10-6 Grateful

I am supremely grateful for FLEECE!  Warm, cozy, toasty fleece!

Yesterday, I was blessed enough to be outside all the live long day! I got to watch Harry in a great cross country meet.  I think there were 3400 kids there from all over the area.  It was a big one!  The temperature was dropping all day.  Harry ran great (even though he never thinks so)!   It was a race PR for him.  He did 3.2 miles in 21 minutes and change!  OMG!  So proud of him!  Had just a great morning out there dashing all over that course watching those kiddos run with my friends.  It was fun!  AND I took about 600 pictures!  Can't wait to go through them and see if I got any good ones!

Next, it was time for baseball.  Chip's first baseball game was supposed to be at 4:00, but didn't start until 6:00.  The temperature continued to drop all afternoon.  By the time it ended about 8:00 p.m. my teeth were chattering.  I mean it was dang near COLD!  This was the first game for Chip's fall team and it was a good one!  It ended in a tie!  Chip played great!  Pitched awesome - fielded several balls - made some great catches - hit good!  It was a good showing by the Eagles!  And the other team had some awesome tunes blasting from a boom box!  Sweet!

We had a little time before his second game to go home and get more clothes.  I grabbed fleece and it was the best!

Second game was good right up to the last inning when it kind of got out of control and we lost, but we were contenders and that is really something we can live with.  Chip had another great game even battling the chilly, windy conditions!  It didn't end until almost 11:00 p.m.!  Had such an fun time out there with our baseball families.  We have a great group of parents and kids and that makes it enjoyable even when the conditions aren't so good.

Today, we are back in baseball mode!  First game at 10:00 and it is going to be 50 degrees! Can't wait!

Have an awesome, blessed day and I hope you have lots to be grateful for yourself!

Friday, October 5, 2012

10-5 Grateful

Today I am grateful for the following:

* It's Friday.  Enough said.

* My sweet Chip's big smile when I picked him up after school and he was busting to tell me he got a 100 on his spelling test and an unbelievable 105 on his Math test.  You know, we are genetically challenged in math, so a 105 is definitely something to celebrate!

* Harry remembering that I was not feeling good and the first thing he said when he walked in the door from school was "Hey Mom, how are you feeling?"  Sweet boy.

*  Feeling better.  Thank goodness.

Tomorrow we have a cross country meeting in the morning and two baseball games in the afternoon.  The weather is going to be spectacular. Nice and cool.  Can't wait!

Hopefully I will have some pictures to post in tomorrow's post!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

10-4 Grateful

Today I am grateful for good news from my skin biopsy.  The results showed that I had inflamed skin that had been scratched.  Doesn't seem like you needed to take a plug out of my arm to determine that, but I will take it. There were some complicated medical terms for inflamed and scratched, but the gist was that it was not much of anything.  The doctor said it was good news since it ruled out it being anything bad.

I am to continue on my high dose antihistamines until next week when I get my stitches out.   Rash feels much better, not itching at all.  I think it is definitely working.

That is good and I am grateful.

Very grateful.

You know, today has been kind of a crap day for me.  Work is crazy.  Super crazy.  I don't feel very good either.  Spending a few minutes thinking about what I am grateful for is an excellent exercise. It was easy and it made me feel better about my day.

Tomorrow is Friday!  So grateful for that too!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

10-3 Grateful

Just slipping in under the is after 11 p.m. and after a whirlwind day of work, emergency fill in for Hubby to take Chip to baseball practice, dinner and more work I am heading to bed.

Today, I am grateful for...
  • That crazy throw to first base not hitting my little Chipster in the head while he was getting a drink by the dugout. Just a matter of inches.  Man, that would have hurt.
  • Coffee.  Lots and lots of coffee.
  • Sleeping in till 6:30 in the morning!  Woo Hoo!  Can't wait!
  • Chilly temperatures heading this way!
  • Afternoons talking with my boys about their day.  It is the best.  Even when it is about how hard PreAP Physics is or getting a page by page summary of the latest Big Nate book.  
Now, I am going to go lay my grateful weary head on a super soft pillow and get some sleep!

Good night!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10-2 Grateful

I was going to write about what a long, long day this has been.  Work is killing me.  Seriously.  But you know I am doing the grateful thing. Today I am so grateful that I get to work from home.  I put in probably nine hours of work today, but because I am fortunate enough to work from home, I was here to see my kids off to school, run to the gym for my session, pick my little Chip up from school, hear about his day, greet Harry when he got home from school, make dinner and even do a couple of loads of laundry.  All while still at the office.  It is good to work from home. 

Working from home also means I don't actually pull anyone's hair out of their head.  A couple of times today, had I been in physical proximity, I may have just done some hair pulling.  Saved from myself. 

So today I am grateful not only for my job, but for the fact that I get to do it from the comfort of my own home, surrounded by the people I love.  I'm a lucky girl! 

Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days of Grateful

I am going to get back in the habit of blogging every day, by committing to posting something for each and every one of the thirty-one days in October.  In each and every post I am going to include something I am grateful for.  I think it is very appropriate as we lead up to the season of Thanksgiving that is just around the corner and approaching faster than a freight train.  I have so much to be grateful for but sometimes in the day to day grind, those blessings are easily overlooked.  I am putting them front and center.  Giving them a moment in time to shine.

Today, I am grateful for....

My husband.
Our marriage.

I can't really do one without the other. They go hand in hand.  All marriages go through ups and downs and ours is certainly no exception.  At this very moment in time, our marriage is something to celebrate and cherish.  He makes me laugh, even when I don't want to.  I find it charming, instead of aggravating.  He helps me when I am overloaded.  I appreciate it, instead of expect it.  He talks to me and I listen.  He listens when I talk to him.  Mostly.  He is encouraging to me.  He is a great Dad and looked up to as a hero by our boys.  He just makes me happy.  I don't know that I could list all the things about him that I love, but I know that I miss him when he is gone and that when he walks through the door the house just feels different.  He is an energy field all his own.  I don't know that a year ago, or five years ago, or ten years ago I could have loved him as much as I do today.  I am just so thankful that every trial, every hiccup, every difficulty brought us to this.  To where we are right now.  The journey wasn't always easy, but without a shadow of a doubt, it was certainly worth it.  I am so grateful that I am doing life with him.

In other, way less sappy news, from the week:

Dermatologist did not know what was causing my crazy rash.  She took a biopsy that required two stitches to close.  She put me on four Allegra a day, a prescription strength of Benadryl for night time and a topical cream for my skin.  Seems to be working.  Itching is much more controlled and the rash is fading.  Yea! I go back in about 10 days to get my stitches out and if the biopsy doesn't turn up something she is going to have me tested for contact allergens.  You know that thing where you get 100 patches on your back to see what swells up?  Good times.  Sometimes I am just grateful to wake up and not have a new rash spread across my face!  It will be soooooo easy to find something to be grateful for every day! 

No baseball this weekend.  Rained out. Boo!

Weather in the morning is SPECTACULAR!!!  Made for an awesome run this morning!

Bible study this morning was amazing and scary.  It was about tests and how God will keep putting you up against something until you learn from it.  From hard tests come great lessons.  We had wonderful discussion after the video and I realize again and again how much more alike we are than different.  All of us are scared of hard tests.  I am grateful for Bible Study and the wonderful women that share it with me every week. 

My brother-in-laws knee replacement surgery went well.  He is  home. Recuperating.  Doing his Physical Therapy - taking his pain meds!  So happy that he is on the road to recovering!! 

I have kicked off my Christmas shopping!  The first gift of Christmas has been purchased!

That can only mean one thing....the holidays are just around the corner.  Must get down my Halloween decorations this week!  Time to get some pumpkins and scarecrows out and about!  I love this time of year!  A little nervous about the enormous amounts of candy that come with this festive time of year.  I wonder if my kids would notice if we just handed out bags of carrots??

I made an Egg Casserole with Kale and Mushrooms this morning for Bible Study.  Kale is a power food.  One of the best.  The casserole was actually pretty tasty...even being healthy!  Thanks to my girls for being guinea pigs for all these recipes I try! I will make this one again!   Hey, Nice One...this is another one you would love.  I will send you the recipe!  That girl will eat broccoli with eggs. UGH!!  Kale will be an improvement! 

I have such a new take on Mondays since I started hosting Bible Study here....kick off the week with my house clean (well...the downstairs is clean!  The upstairs....not so much)....a little God....the week stretched out in front of me with endless opportunity and promise.  It is a great way to kick off the week.  Now, when Friday rolls around the house will be a wreck and I may be too, but for now all is well in my world! 

I hope it is well in yours too! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Good News:
I hit the seventy (70) pound mark yesterday.  Down S - E - V - E - N - T - Y pounds.  Isn't that remarkable?  I think so! 

Bad News:
I have a mystery rash popping up in random and various parts of my body and it is driving me crazy!   I go to the Dermatologist tomorrow.  Hoping it isn't some weird parasite or scabies or rabies or something else awful.  It is random.  It is itchy.  It has to go. 

Good News:
Harry tried out for the High School Christmas Comedy - Tuna Christmas.  He is thrilled to have been selected to play Arles, the Red Neck Radio Broadcaster.  Never has a part been more perfect for a kid. Rehearsals have already started and I can't wait to see the show in December.   I think there will be six shows in all and I will probably see them all! 

Bad News:  
Chip got some of that lovely Nickelodeon Neon Green Slimy Gak stuck to the ceiling.  Way high up on the wall.  He was bouncing it off the wall when it apparently got warm and stuck.  He screamed for me and together we watched it slowly slide down the wall leaving a huge slime of neon green gu.  What a mess.  Clean up required the big ladder.  I asked Hubby to help. According to Google, you should just gently scrub it with a warm cloth and it will come off. Hubby was down to the sheet rock and that stuff wasn't budging.  He is a brute.  He painted over it.  It is good as new.  We fix way too much around here with similar techniques.  

Good News:
Today, Chip won his class Spelling Bee.  He will be representing Ms. Harden’s class in the school spelling bee in December.  Holla, Chip!  

Bad News:  
They have changed the recipe for my most favorite Zone Bar in the world - Chocolate Peanut Butter.  Now I don't have a most favorite.  Boo!! 

Good News:
Chip got a new baseball bat.  It is black and yellow and I call it Bumblebee.  He thinks it is awesome.  He hit the ball to the fence the first time he used it at batting practice.  I think he is going to be a slugger!  First games of the season coming up this weekend. 

Bad News:
Harry lost his running shoes. Don’t ask.  They are gone. 

Good News: 
Cross Country season is in full swing. He did a 5K in 21 minutes and some change.  He has really improved quite a bit.  Very proud of him. 

Good News: 
I am running again!  And let's just talk about what a massive improvement it is this time over my previous attempts at running.  I started with a little 3 minute run/2 minute walk last week and three days later I was running 2 miles with no stopping and no problems.  I mean I am even talking the whole time.  After our first 2 mile day I was just so happy!  I was bubbling over to Martha…even though she was clearly running right alongside me and knew exactly what we had just done.  I just needed to celebrate!  It wasn’t even hard.  I didn’t even want to stop.  Can you believe that?  I was even talking...the whole time.  And she says in the way that only Martha can…’and you weren’t even complaining.’  That just cracked me up!  Cause THAT is saying something.  Apparently I am a bit of a complainer about the running.  I credit the ease with which I have been able to run to the weight loss.  Don’t have to be a genius to figure out that it is so much easier to run without seventy pounds on you!  “Mr. Knowledge told me to take it easy for the first few weeks so I didn’t injure myself, but after that I am free to run about!  So excited that I am already agreeing to do a Turkey Trot with Hubby and Harry on Thanksgiving morning!   I think Mal, Meg and Brett are going to join us!  Need to get my brother and sister conned into this too!  Family affair!

Bad News:
My brother-in-law, Kevin, is going under the knife tomorrow to have his knee replaced.  In the end, this will be an article for the Good News column, but I imagine tonight he is a bit worried about the surgery and the recovery.  Say a prayer for him, please.  Perfect precision by the surgeon, easy recover and a no pain for him OR great pain meds so he doesn’t give a rip!  Either one works great!  Please also say a prayer for my sister, The Nice One. 

Good News:
It is fun to play boats in the rain with your kids.   A warm summer weekend, tons of non-stop rain and a couple of plastic lids to race down the gutter.  That my friends is what memories are made of.  Good times, indeed. 

Bad News:
I am slipping a little. I am normally totally organized and on top of my 'to do' list.  I don’t forget things very often.  Last Friday, I co-hosted the Cross Country Spaghetti Dinner with my great friends Cindy and Martha.  Thank goodness they are great friends or they would have kicked me to the curb.  First, I was in charge of printing the flyers and sending them to school during the week.  I forgot.  Thank goodness Cindy remembered and got them up to school in time.  I was supposed to bring ice.  I forgot.  I took a huge pan of French bread to Cindy’s house and she had her oven on warm to keep thing nice and hot for the kids.  I stuck that pan in the over with the plastic lid on the bottom.   It melted like a Shrinky Dink and her oven was smart enough to detect something and it turned it self off.  I could have burned the place down!  I was a hot mess.  Cindy’s sweet mom was there and she said “Can I help with anything?”  I said “Keep an eye on me Ophelia!  I am losing it and may be dangerous!”  They had such great humor about it all even though I was mortified.  I am so blessed to have such forgiving and understanding friends.  So very blessed.  We fed about 60 or so runners and it went off without a hitch.  No thanks to me. 

Good News:
I did a shoulder workout today at the gym today that six months ago I would not have had a clue how to do!!  Feeling energized and inspired I  told "Mr. Knowledge" that I was thinking about doing some crunches every day at home.  Inspired right?

Bad News:
He said "Great idea.  Try to do a thousand."  WHAT??  Has he lost his mind. I thought that I might try to do the regular 330 he has me do at the gym.  Can I do a thousand?  Only one way to find out!  Hit the floor!  Either my stomach will get tighter or it will cramp into a charlie horse and I will be rolling across the carpet like Astro trying to shake that Gentle Leader leash!  I will keep you posted! 

Let's end on a run of some Good News:
Dermatologist tomorrow - No More Rash.  Getting my hair cut and colored on Thursday YEA!  I am working so hard and so many hours, but I am loving my job right now.  I am looking forward to running in the morning! (CRAZY)   My friend Sara, who has been sick for almost a year, came to Bible Study on Monday and drove herself! Go Sara!!  I recently read The Kitchen House for Book Club.  It was excellent!  The weather is cooler, it is college football season and I love coffee!  

That is all!  Have a terrific day!  

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bob Chronicles - Thirteenth in a Series

This is my 555th blog post!  Isn't that crazy?  It is going to be a doozie!

I have mentioned several times lately that Lana has been on a cross country month long trip traversing the U.S with a couple of her girlfriends.  That means that Bob has been left unsupervised.   For 30 days.  Can't you just imagine the kind of trouble that has gotten Bob into?  I tried to call Bob pretty regularly just to make sure he hadn't fallen down on the back patio and broken a rib.  It has happened, so it wasn't out of the realm of possibility.  Once things started going south for Bob, I started jotting down some notes.  Let's cover the highlights:

Within days of flying solo, Bob was outside cleaning the sidewalk.  Somehow the outside hose busted and apparently showered half the neighborhood before Bob could get it turned off.  It gave him some good chuckles relating the story about the water shooting everywhere.  Nothing a quick trip to Lowe's and $17 couldn't fix.   New hose installed and all is well.

Shortly after the hose incident, his computer monitor went out on his main computer. Bob was thinking fast on his feet and moved the flat screen TV from the guest room to replace the bad monitor.  Not so quickly, he had to go buy a new monitor cable from Walmart to get it connected. Bob hooked it up and kept getting an error message saying he had to change the view settings to get the monitor to work. Unfortunately you can't change the settings when you can't see what you are doing on your monitor.  He was in a pickle.  He was relaying his dilemma to his sweet neighbor, Ms. Ellen and she let him borrow her computer monitor so he could get on change the settings and hook back up the TV.  It took him a while, to hook up, reset, rebook up, return the borrowed monitor, etc...but he finally got it fixed.

I called him a couple of evenings later and when I asked how things were going he just started laughing.  I grabbed my pen.

Bob decided he was going to make himself some burgers.  Bob is no chef, but he has made certainly made burgers.  He needed to thaw out his hamburger meat so he popped it into the microwave.  He doesn't do this often and accidentally set the microwave to thaw three pounds of hamburger instead of one pound of hamburger.  By the time he noticed his error, half the meat was cooked in the package.  He tried to form some patties with the half raw/half cooked meat and things were not holding together very well.  He recognized it was going to be impossible to go with his hamburger plan, so he decided he would go with Sloppy Joes.  He needed some Sloppy Joe mix so he decided to run up to Kroger and grab some.  Wouldn't you know it...his car wouldn't start.  The battery was dead.  There may or may not have been some cussing going on in Bob's driveway.  Bob doesn't operate well without food and he needed to get the Sloppy Joe's cooked and in his stomach.  It was not going to happen until Bob got his jumper cables out and jumped off the dead car, ran up to Auto Zone, dropped $106 to purchase a new battery.   Finally, he got his Sloppy Joe Mix, whipped up dinner and answered my phone call.

A couple days go by without a major malfunction and then disaster struck again.  Bob hears the toilet running.  Bob knows toilets.  He has repaired them, replaced them, used them damn near his whole life.  He runs up to Lowe's to get a kit to replace the valve.  First step he takes is to shut off the water supply valve by the wall.  He still heard some water running but the valve was all the way closed so he proceeded to take off the water line connected to the toilet. When he got it about half way loose it came flying off and water was going every where.  In desperation he began trying to screw it back on which is next to impossible when the water is rushing out, but he finally got it done. He was drenched.  The entire bathroom was drenched.  He cleaned up the mess, proceeded out to the street to shut off the main water supply to the house.  Then got the valve replaced and got the toilet working. Cost $28.50.

With everything going to hell in a hand basket Bob went to bed early one evening to get a good nights sleep.  I have told you before that Bob uses a sleeping machine to help his breathing during the night. It is a machine that pumps air and moisture through a tube connected to a sleeping mask that is strapped tightly on his face. He has been using this machine for three years with NO problems. Well with Lana gone, his mojo is way off.  During the night, he got up to head to the bathroom and didn't disconnect the hose from his mask.  Ended up dragging the machine off his nightstand and across the bedroom floor.  It broke.  He had to take it in for repairs.  It takes about two weeks and $150 to repair.  What next?

Bob figured surely he could go a couple days without doing something stupid happening, but it was not to be.  He stepped out of the shower one morning and reached over to his bathroom scales (the professional kind like the ones in the doctors office) and noticed the scale wasn't balanced.  In fact, he couldn't get it to stop clucking down really hard.  His first thought was that when he was doing his massive water clean up a few days earlier during the toilet repair fiasco he must have moved the scale and screwed it up.  He dried himself off and headed out to the garage for his toolbox. He figured a scale couldn't be that complicated, so he started unscrewing all the parts he could find, checking cables, etc.  He wiggled a few things around, adjusted the balancing weight then stepped on the scales and everything worked. He did it.  Then it hit him....he hadn't repaired anything.  It was never broken.  He just wasn't standing on it when he first noticed the problem.  The scale wasn't broken at all.  He shook his head.  Wondered out loud if maybe he needed to start taking some kind of memory supplement.  Not sure it is your memory Bob.

He wrapped up his solo month with a lovely Grandparent's Day celebration up at my brother's house.  Here is a little video clip that Ms. Tennessee captured of Bob in his competitive swim mode.  Crank up the volume so you can hear him smack talking his 12 year old grandson.  They are backstroking with only their feet:


He won this race, but not an hour later cracked his head open on the garage door playing ping pong.  It was a bloody mess and he said he actually saw stars! 

Thank God, Lana is back home.  At least there is another person in the house to help Bob save himself.     I think a Life Alert necklace, helmet and some ginkgo biloba and ginseng may be on his Christmas List this year!  

Friday, September 14, 2012

Totally Random Cause You Never Blog Anymore

This post is going to fall into the "Better Late Than Never" category. Or maybe the "Totally Random Cause You Never Blog Anymore" category.  I don't even have categories, but whatever!   I'm going with Totally  Random Cause You Never Blog Anymore.  It has a nice ring to it. 

Let's start out with some random pictures...

This is Harry on the first day of school.  That was three weeks ago.  It was very early because he was heading to Cross Country practice.  The picture was taken with my phone because Hubby had our good camera at the beach taking pictures of the hurricane.   My big boy starting his Junior year of high school  Let's compare to last year, shall we?

He looks so young in this picture. Now he is getting all manly and stuff.  Okay, this makes me want to take his picture with my good camera by that very wreath to see how much he has grown.  I will make him do that tomorrow.  He will love it.  I am certain.

Chip on the first day of school!  Also, three weeks ago.  He is heading in to fifth grade, sporting his new braces, looking like a Boss!  Let's flashback to last year, shall we?

My little cherub!  He is not really a cherub, but he can sure look like one when he turns on his sad eyes. Oh my goodness, my babies are growing up. 

School is going well for both boys so far.  Chip has Ms. Harden as his teacher.  She is a good friend of mine.  In fact, she was at his baby shower before he was born.  She has known him forever.  He is totally digging fifth grade.  They got a new class pet this week.  It is a hamster and her name is Honey.  He is doing safety patrol and loves being the greeter in the morning.  Chip has also started playing baseball again. They are just practicing now, but will start playing in a couple of weeks.  He is back to working for our nice neighbor, Ms. Judy.  Letting her dogs out in the afternoon a couple days a week, making a little money.  He saved up enough money to buy a giant lego set that he is working on with his dad as I type.  They have a whole lego building bond going on.  It is great.

We thought Harry's Junior year was going to be a piece of cake.  He has an off period (which he LOVES) so he only has seven subjects.  Several of them are slam dunk classes, but whew that Pre-AP Physics and AP English may be the two hardest classes he has had yet.  He seems to be holding his own so that is great!  He is running cross country and has really shaved some time off his Personal Record.  He also auditioned this week for the school Christmas play which is going to be "Tuna Christmas".  It is a comedy about a little red neck town in Texas.  The boys dress up as old women in the play.  He said it was really funny and he loved the radio announcer part that he read for.  He made the call backs on Thursday, went to more auditions yesterday.  The final cast will be decided on next week.  Fingers crossed that he gets a part.  In other news he hit a bird while driving his car today.  He pulled over, called me and said "Mom, do I need to pick it up or anything?"  I have never hit a bird.  I told him just to leave it and come on home.  Is that the right answer?

Here are a few more pictures from his Cross Country Meets.

Harry and Hunter...those uniforms are almost obscene with their shorty shorts.

 This is what they call "Broga".  It is like Yoga, but for Bro's.  Down to the earth....

Reach up high to the sky.  Good stretch.  Look like a bunch of weirdees, but they don't care a bit.

Harry at the super, stifling hot meet last week.

This morning it was a rainy, chilly mud pit!  Rained all night last night, rained all day today.  He ran at 8:00 this morning and was covered in mud.  He did 2 miles in 12 minutes and change.  Isn't that crazy.  It was a full minute behind some of these other fellows.  They are really good runners.  Varsity Boys came in first place today and JV Boys got second!  Go Boys!

Random topic change...I have made two big pots of these turnip greens.  Never in my life have I made turnip greens and now I just can't get enough of them.  They have Wasabi Powder in them.  Spicy!  They are so good!  Make yourself some!

Weight Loss Update....I have been down to a max of 68 pounds lost...but for the last couple of weeks I have jumped up and down a pound or two.  Aggravating.  I are ready to get to 70.  I am eating clean, exercising regularly and it is coming off slowly but surely.  Just going to keep eating this way till...forever.  Today, after standing out in that crazy, wet rain for four hours I was desperately craving a pastry.  Any kind of baked good.  A blue berry muffin, banana bread, a cinnamon roll.  Just something.  I didn't have one, but I wanted it. Weird.

I am sporting some new clothes that my friend Connie gave me.  Loving them. 

Random topic change....Crazy Busy at work.  Putting in Full Time - Over Time - Waking Me Up in the middle of the night Time.  It will probably last a couple more weeks and then hopefully get back to normal.

Switch again...Bible Study is back!  We are doing another Beth Moore study.  It is at my house so that means I am cleaning like a fool.  It feels so good to have my house clean on Monday morning, get a little God and a little girl time to kick off the week.

Side note....(I know I don't have to keep giving you a heads up when I am switching topics, but I kinda like it!)  I made a Pumpkin Oatmeal Casserole that I found on Pinterest for Bible Study.  It was a clean, gluten free recipe with organic pumpkin, steel cut oatmeal, almond milk, honey, and some other stuff.  It was pretty tasty.

And here we go again.....I had my Lakeside visit this week.  We made scarecrows and Frankensteins.  I got the scarecrow kits from Oriental Trading.

Hello Fall Fellow! 

I made this one up and Hubby helped me put the kits together.  They were easy, peasy, chicken squeezie.  The residents just had to glue stuff together.  It was one of the calmest, most relaxed days we have ever spent at Lakeside.  Very excellent way to spend a morning!  Now I have to come up with a Christmas craft for when we go back in November.  Any ideas?

That is all I am going to bore you with for now.  However, I almost have a new Bob Chronicles ready to go, so check back soon to see what trouble he has gotten into lately!