Monday, January 30, 2012

False Alarm

Saturday night, or more correctly really early on Sunday morning, our monitored house alarm went off.  It was 4:03 a.m. to be exact. Nothing more heart stopping than to be bolted awake from a sound sleep by ear piercing sirens that indicate someone or something is trying to get into your house.

Do you know what I did?

I turned off the alarm.

Isn't that stupid?  

Why turn the alarm off?  Why wouldn't I let the alarms go on and on to scare off the someone or something that is trying to come into our house?

In hindsight it makes no sense, however while it was happening I really just wanted the noise to stop. 

Anyway, back to the I quickly turn the alarm off, turn on all the lights, Hubby is peering downstairs, Harry comes out of his room rubbing his eyes, the phone starts ringing, Chip comes out of his room all disoriented.  

It was chaos. 

Me:  Hello?  
Them:  This is your alarm company, do you have an intruder?  
Me:  I have no idea.
Them:  The alarm shows that a sensor in your master bedroom has been activated.  
Me:  I am standing in the middle of the master bedroom with my husband and children, all the lights are on, windows are closed and locked and there are no intruders to be seen. I don't think we have an intruder here.  Are you sure that is the right sensor? 
Them:  Yes ma'am.  It shows Zone 5 which is the master bedroom. 
Me:  Hmmm?  Peering out the window...well, we are on the second floor, there are no ladders leaning up the house so I guess we are good.  
Them:  Okay, that's good.  We obviously won't be charging you for the false alarm.
Me: Obviously.
Them:  Is there anything else we can do for you?
Me: I guess not.  Thanks for calling.  Nice to know this would work if a bad guys was standing in my master bedroom.  Good night.  Or, good morning.  Man, I am disoriented.  Good-bye. 

What a weird night.  Not so easy to go back to sleep after that, but we managed.

Hot flashes, false alarms...I just want to sleep people!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Editorial Correction

OMG!  I can't believe my editor did not catch the major blunder I made in yesterdays post.  I mean, what are we paying her for!

You see, in the caloric overload stupor of the wonderful pasta recipe I made last night I made a mistake in my post.  I guess I was just desperate to share it with the world.  Or all six of my readers...WHATEVER! 

I had looked at several recipes on Pioneer Woman's website and thought what I had made was Cacciatore, but what I really made was Scallopine.  I am a culinary genius, am I not?

How do I know this?  How did it come to my attention?  Let me tell you.  My sweet friend Sandy, who recently had back surgery, read my post yesterday and kindly asked her husband to make the dish that I was raving about.  Chris was more than willing to make anything his recovering bride requested, so he went to PW's site, looked up the recipe for Chicken Cacciatore, went off to the grocery store, came home and unloaded the ingredients. Sandy says "That doesn't look right?  The blog said mushrooms, lemon, wine, have peppers and onions.  What gives?"

He showed her the recipe and it clearly called for those very ingredients he had purchased.

Confusion momentarily.   Then realization hit her that my blog must be wrong.  I am sure she was stunned. 

She texted me.

I read it.

I laughed.  Hard. 

I texted her back.  Explained that there must be some mistake because I only report correct and accurate information on my blog.  Then I laughed some more.

So, she is having Chicken Cacciatore for dinner tonight.  I bet it will also be awesome.  I sincerely hope it will be awesome!  I will be sure and follow up and let you guys know what they thought!

So, my apologies to my six regular readers.  I hope you didn't all run out and get the ingredients.  I mean, I am never sure anyone is really reading this stuff, much less actually taking my suggestions.  That is so cool!

I guess in the end, my mistake actually made me happy!

I would fire the editor, but that is me and I can't fire myself.  Or, can I?

I will ponder that while I am playing Skylanders with Chip! 

Have a wonderful Saturday afternoon!


Friday, January 27, 2012

Two Meals

Meal #1

Last night I made Garlic Honey Glazed Meatballs.   They were so good.

Or at least I thought they were good.

My boys?  Not so much.

I actually had to get paper towels and rub the sauce off the meatballs to get the boys to eat them.

They are culinary weirdos.

SIDENOTE:  I did have to borrow Ketchup from my neighbor Karen.  How in the world does a family with children NOT have ketchup?  I am sure there is a law against that or something.  I could be thrown in the slammer.

Meal #2

Tonight, I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Cacciatore Scallopine  It was stupid good.  I mean, really, really, really good. I wanted to lick my plate.  DELICIOUS.

SIDENOTE:  I did not have to borrow any ingredients from my neighbor Karen!  Hola, Karen!   By the way, I have some ketchup with your name all over it!

So about this chicken dish.  It has tons of mushrooms.  Tons.  YUM!

It also has capers.  I have eaten capers in restaurants before, but I have never purchased them to cook with myself.  I have them now.

So you fry up the flour dredged chicken breast in olive oil and a little butter.  Take the chicken out to drain.  Then the magic happens.  You use the remnants left in the same pan you fry the chicken in to make the sauce. Toss in the mushrooms, add wine, heavy cream, lemon juice, capers!  YUM, YUM, YUM.

My boys?

They ate the plain chicken and plain pasta.  Wouldn't even look at the sauce.


I should have taken a picture of my beautiful plate. It was lovely.  However, I was starving and scarfed it down before I thought about my camera.

So sight unseen, please accept this as your Public Service Announcement....GO TO Pioneer Woman's website and make this dish.

Do it.

Buy the capers.

You will not be sorry.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ping Pong Champ

Yes, that would be me!!!  Ping pong champion of the house!

Let me tell you how it went down.  First, I took on Chip.  Love him, but he will wear you out playing ping pong.  He likes to dance, spin, do yoga poses all while the game is going on.  He also likes to instruct his opponent in various dance, spin moves to try during the game.  He never knows what the score is or who should be serving.  He celebrates excessively for no apparent reason.  He is pretty good, even with all the silly antics.  I beat him 11-6.

Then it was time to take on Harry.  Harry taps into all of his crazy voices during a game of ping pong.  It is quite like watching a thriller on the SciFi channel where someone is possessed by multiple personalities or demons.  He commentates, he yells at himself, he talks sternly to his paddle, he randomly burst out in celebration, he finds time to engage his brother in a heated exchange about NOT dancing, spinning or doing yoga poses during the match.  He gets supremely frustrated being beaten by a girl...especially one that is his MOTHER!  It was a close game, but I think I beat him 11 - 9.

Then it was time for me to play Big Daddy.  Now Big Daddy is skilled in all things athletic.  He can run, jump, lift heavy things, bounce balls, throw them and also hit them with a paddle with much force.  Now, mind you, he CANNOT change the toilet paper roll because that takes enormous amounts of athletic dexterity and squeezing the spring inside a toilet paper holder is too hard for him.  I can do it easily.  Must be a genetic defect, like the hole in his heart.  He can lift 400 pound barbells, but that tee tiny weenie toilet paper holder, not so much.  So anyway, let me get off my soapbox on the toilet paper roll and tell you a little about his ping pong abilities.  He has apparently practiced excessively at some stage of his life.  I don't think it has been during the 28 years we have been together, but sometime prior to that he learned and perfected his ponging.  He has also traveled to China and other parts of Asia for business.  They know Ping Pong over there and he may have picked up a brochure or two about ponging techniques while visiting there.  He's pretty good and has yet to be beaten.

So, Tuesday night we had a quick match and he beat me 11 - 0 and I honestly only saw the ball one time. I think at some point I was actually just standing at the end of the table, frozen and he hit the ball and it hit my paddle.  I didn't move my paddle towards the ball.  He hit my paddle with the ball.  That was the only time my paddle touched the ball during the match.

Doesn't that sound like fun, to play someone like that?


Me either.

So last night, to make it a tad bit more even, I called for some measures to handicap him a bit and give me a fighting chance.

I served for all points, he had to play left handed, he had to hold a cup of coffee in his right hand while playing and he absolutely could not do any of that fancy curve ball hitting or smashes.

Guess what????

I won.  I beat him.  I beat him 11 - 8.  Schooled him.  Woo Hoo!  Party on the roof top, top of the world!! (Name that song)

Then I did it again.  Beat him TWICE!!!

Then he wanted to play one game normally, with no handicaps.  Again, I was frozen, not even sure I saw the ball.

But let's not talk about that last match.  Let's go back and hang out with the fact that I beat him TWO times last night.  I feel like the champion of the ping pong world!

You know that just sets you up for a pretty fantastic Thursday!   Hope your day is awesome!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Purging and Other Randomness

Weekend is behind us and the work week well under way.  We had a good weekend.

For Bob - here is a sports update from Chip's basketball game this weekend.  First of all, both teams were undefeated which means it was intense.  It was a very physical game, bodies were flying everywhere and Chip was guarding a guy twice his size. He did not like that one bit.  That kid was throwing elbows, shoved Chip backwards and he fell on his wrist.  Hard. Had to come out of the game for a few minutes to have it rubbed and looked at. You could see the aggravation on his face from the stands.  The Thunder prevailed and are now 3-0 after bringing down the big brute's team.

It rained all the live long day today and is supposed to continue tomorrow.  In fact, we are forecast to get up to two inches of rain.  We need the rain so I will happily keep the coffee pot on all day and enjoy the sound of the rain against the windows.

Went to a meeting last night at the high school about Early College credits. Harry is going to take a class at Austin Community College this summer, as are most of his friends.  The U.S. History class at ACC is supposed to be much easier than the one you have to take your Junior year in High School.  So during the informational presentation they have something up there that says "This is for the students who have drive and determination and are ready for a challenge".  I look at Harry and say "Is that you?"  He says "The thing that is driving me is that I want a bunch of off periods my senior year."  Yep.  Summer college is for him.  Motivation found.  Sign him up.

Harry cleaned out his closet this weekend.  I cleaned out my jewelry cabinet, matched all my earrings and got rid of those that didn't have a mate or that I haven't worn in 10 years.  Ahhh....purging is the best.  I think the only big organizational thing I still need to tackle is the closet under the stairs.  It is a disaster area of the highest order.  I will most definitely try to take before and after pictures of that chore.

Speaking of before and after....get a load of these junk drawers.







These pictures may result in the same flack as the July 4th Garage Cleanup of 2008!  

Take it easy! 

Now some pictures of Chip cooking up a batch of Taco Cups.  

He rocked it.

He also asked me to put these pictures on my blog.


Have a wonderful rest of your week!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Highlights of the Week

We have had a busy and productive week around here!   Here are the highlights:

1.  Chip got a 95 on his spelling test.  The word he missed..."microcosm".  What the heck?  What grade is he in again?  I think he has somehow managed to get himself into the high spelling group and he is bringing home twenty five HARD words each week.  He seems to be rocking it though, so "Go Chip!"

2.  Three of the four junk drawers in the kitchen have been purged, cleaned, organized and look fabulous!  I am sure it won't last.  This isn't my first rodeo.  They are called junk drawers for a reason!  I am thoroughly enjoying it while it lasts.

3.  Harry has been driving us to, fro and everywhere we go.  My foot goes through the floorboard at least once a trip.  It is exciting to have an up and coming driver.   Be sure you have updated your blood pressure medicine before you take on this kind of adventure. He is actually doing really well, but I think the more practice he gets the better!  We had to run some errands after school yesterday and he was the chauffeur.  He had a couple of "incidents" that caused me some alarm and he is trying to cut the tension with a little humor.  At one point he is pulling into a parking spot at the grocery store and ends up facing the wrong way.  I said "You can't park like this."  He said "Yes, I can.  Oh wait, maybe I can't.  Why?  What?  With ever raising volume in his voice that ends with "God, I feel like we are married!" I thought that was so funny.

4.  Me and the boys ran around the big block without stopping.  Pretty easy for them and really not that hard for me.  They were such great little coaches.  You've got this Mom.  You are awesome!  Just around this corner and we are in the home stretch!  Watch out for that branch!  Wonky sidewalk ahead!  I swear, I wouldn't have stopped if my leg was broken.  High fives all around when we made it back to the driveway.  Chip says the next day on the way to school "Look Mom, just a few hours ago you were running on this road.  You did awesome!"

5.  Last night...white wine...not a good combination.  I scrubbed and scrubbed and prayed a little and 'lo and behold you can't see a stain this morning!  Yea for microfiber!  Disaster avoided.

6.  Sandy's back surgery went well.  Via text message I know she is still really sore and I haven't seen her face yet, but I think she is on the road to recovery!  Prayers that she continues to feel better every day!

7.  Started a new bible study this week...another Beth Moore study about James.  It is going to be a good one.

8.  I cried so hard watching Grey's Anatomy last night. Why do I even like that show?

9.  Speaking of shows...American Idol is back!  One of our favorites around here.  The boys love the terrible auditions.  I can't even look at the TV screen when they are on.  I am so embarrassed for some of those folks.  I like it better when it is down to the real contenders!

10.  Work is picking back up for me finally.  I have had a hard price analysis I have been attempting to write all week.  I avoided it like avoiding it WAS my actual job.  I was thinking about how I could do it, planning it in my head, tossing around options, wrestled with it for days and I finally put some words on paper yesterday.  It may not be perfect but it is a start and sometimes that is all I need to get rolling.

11.   Hubby gets home tonight.  Long day of travel for him, but I bet he will be thrilled to sleep in his own bed and wake up to a U.S. newspaper and a cup of coffee.  Home sweet home.

12.  Me and the boys took in an Austin Toros basketball game this week.  Our seats were so close that I couldn't hardly watch the action in the actual game.  I was trying to read tattoos, checking out the various socks, shoes, mouthpieces and other equipment the players were wearing.  Trying to pick up what they were saying to each other.  Watching the physical battles happening in the lane.  They just lean all over each other.  It is a wonder more of them don't just slug each other.  I was aggravated for them.  I was also waiting nervously for a ball to leave the court and smack me right in the kisser.  I figured that was something that would happen to me.  I escaped uninjured, so it was a good time.  Very entertaining!

13.  It was 80 degrees here yesterday.  It is January, people!  I felt the A/C come on last night.  That is just wrong.

14.  Chip made Taco Cups for dinner on Tuesday night.  He is digging the cooking and is so proud of himself.  Harry managed to avoid cooking dinner this week, but perhaps he can tackle breakfast this weekend.

15.  Harry had an assignment for his English class that required him to go a full 24 hours using no technology.  No TV, no cell phone, no microwave, no computer, no video games, no nothing.  It was an interesting day.  He managed fine, but he was firing questions at me left and right.  Apparently, he has been storing them up for a while.  They ran the gamut from....Do girl scouts have to earn badges or do they just make cookies?  (Yes, and they don't MAKE cookies, they SELL cookies) to What do Scientologists believe in?  (Hell if I know!)  It was random and very entertaining!

Random is what this post has been.  I apologize.  Entertaining?  Probably not so much!

I hope your week awesome and that you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am!

Peace Out!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Fresh Start...Good Day

Today, I cleaned out my clothes closet.  Cleaned it good.  Cleaned shelves off.  Purged clothes that don't fit and/or clothes I probably wouldn't wear if they did fit.  Purged shoes.  Cleaned out a giant bag of hangers.  Organized clothes by season. a fresh start, even when it is in a closet.

Junk drawers are next!  So, I counted the drawers in my kitchen and I have a total of ten drawers.  That is a lot of drawers and I absolutely love the amount of storage I have in my kitchen.  However, I have really gone wild with the junk drawer situation in there.  Four of my ten drawers are junk drawers.  FOUR junk drawers.  That is excessive.  Fresh start and giant bag of trash coming right up!

Chip finally located some Skylanders!  We dashed over to Target and got the very last one on the shelf.  That is a good day!

Also, on our "good day" list is the cupcakes we made.  Darn Good Chocolate Cake cupcakes.  They were good.  The frosting we made....not so much.  Back to the drawing board on that one.

Harry spent the night at a friend's house last night.  He stayed up until 5:45 a.m.  Let me go on record right now to say that there is no way possible that I could do that.  Didn't do it when I was younger and could not do it now.  Beyond my capability.  Now, I can get up at 5:45 a.m. all day every day.  In fact, I get up at 4:45 a.m. most days.  However, it is 7:10 p.m. and I am already nodding off.  I am sure Harry will sleep like a log tonight.

Hubby is in Scotland hanging out in pubs, playing bagpipes, eating haggis (BLAH!!!) and wearing kilts.  He may also be working a little.

On Friday morning, Chip was getting ready for school and he said "My stomach hurts."  I said "You probably need to go to the bathroom."  He said "Jeez Mom, that is your answer for everything.  My head should go poop.  My leg is broken....when is the last time you pooped?  I need a haircut....go poop.  Everything cannot be fixed by pooping."  Guess what?  He pooped and his stomach felt better.  Mom just knows best sometimes.

My friend Sandy is having back surgery tomorrow.  She was in a car accident several months ago and has been suffering from chronic back and leg pain ever since.  She has done physical therapy, had injections, done everything she can to avoid the surgery, but she is out of options.  She has two discs that are causing all her pain and they need to be shaved.  Hopefully, the shaving will do the trick.  She is so ready to get back to normal.  Back surgery is a big deal, so everyone say a prayer for Sandy when you read this.  Perfect surgery, easy recovery and no pain!  Come on, Sandy!  You can do it!

I'm thinking about running again.  I love thinking about running.  It is the actual running that stinks.  I think I am going to give it a go again.  I promise not to wax on and on about it.  Won't talk about the inclines that are like mountains or my exhilaration at running more than ten feet at a time or how hard it is.  Or maybe I will.  Can't promise.  I am going to take my friend Martha's advice and try to run in the late morning.  By myself.  At my own pace.  A little music in my ears.  I will miss the cloak of darkness that I like to normally run in, but maybe in broad daylight I will be motivated to keep moving.

We went to church yesterday. It was awesome.  The message was about how people get weighed down by the guilt of feeling like they are letting God down by not doing the right thing, making bad choices...cheating, stealing, lying, hating, failing...all leading to a overwhelming feeling that God is disappointed in you. Turns out that since God knows everything that you have done, are doing right now and will do in the future it is impossible for Him to be disappointed in you.  Disappointment stems from not meeting someones expectations or not getting the result they were expecting. God knew what you were going to do before you did it.  He knew all the struggles you were going to face.  He made you.  He is not disappointed.  He can't be disappointed.  In fact, all He wants is for you to come to Him.  You...the person with all the issues, the one who is clumsy, unsure, wobbling, searching, making mistakes.  Come to Him with all your baggage, all your guilt, all your fears, your disappointments and let Him give you rest.  Let Him carry your burdens.  I maybe didn't get all of that exactly correct, but that is what I walked away with yesterday and it did my heart good.  That Will Davis can deliver a message.  Glad I was there to hear it.

With that uplifting good news I will be signing off.  I hope that your long weekend was fun, productive and sweet!

Over and out!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Favorite Things

My mom and sister both gave me a bag of their "Favorite Things" for Christmas.  Kinda like Oprah does with her favorite things, but on a Walmart budget.  Well, let me tell you....those have been some of my most used items!  

Here are the ones I have used the most:

Padded drying mat
Gold Bond Lotion
Wooden Spoons
Non-Stick Foil
Dish Towels
Mini Cast Iron Skillet
Jack Daniels Marinade
Little metal spatula

So, there is an idea for you!  If you have some things that you can't do without in the kitchen or in your daily life, put together a gift of your "Favorite Things" for someone you love!  It will be appreciated - BIG TIME!  

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just now....

Chip is snuggling up to me on the couch....he looks lovingly at me and says "You smell like oranges."  I smile at him.  He says "I hate oranges."

Cracked me up.

Help Me Rhonda....It's a Hotflash

This might be my last post ever.  Probably not.  But Maybe.

I was just woken from a really deep sleep by a hot flash so ferocious I had to get up and look at myself in the mirror to make sure I literally wasn't on fire. Holy mackerel!  I don't think this is menopause.  In fact, I am pretty certain I know what is causing my distress.

I take Simvastin, which is to lower the bad cholesterol or raise the good cholesterol or something about cholesterol.  The bottle comes with pages of warnings, as most prescription medication does.  Well, this one has a solid page about feeling "flushed" after taking this medication.  The first night I took it, I got this same hot flash I am experiencing tonight.  So awful, that it woke me from a sleep and I had to get up and look at myself in the mirror.  I was certain that I was actually on fire.  Alas, I was not.

To combat getting "flushed" my doctor advised me to take a baby aspirin with my dose of Simvastin.  I do that regularly and have not experience the flushed side effect as acutely.  In fact, I don't give it much thought any more.

Well, I ran out of baby aspirin tonight and didn't think a thing about it when I took my Simvastin before bed.

I can guarantee you that I am thinking about it now.

In fact, I am damn near ready to take my skin off, it is blazing so much.   And I am supremely itchy.  And twitchy.  And my stomach hurts.  And I want to cry, but I am afraid that will scare me and then I will be in some serious trouble.  Hubby is still up and asked if I was okay.  I told him I was.  Scared to tell him I am a little bit scared, cause if he even raises an eyebrow I am done for.  I will be hollering for an ambulance or something.

Remaining calm.  Deep breaths.  Not going to panic.  There is no reason to panic.

So, instead I am going to blog about it.  It will pass.  I know it will.  It has before. I have to keep my skin on, even though I don't want to.

I can already tell I am feeling better.


Thanks for being here blog, old friend.  I appreciate you distracting me from my side effects.  

I think my feet feel chilly.  That has got to be a good sign.

Note to self:  Get low dose aspirin in the morning.  Do not pass Go, Do not collect $200....Go directly to the store and get a jumbo bottle of aspirin.  That is all.  

I wonder if I will remember this in the morning.  I think I will.

If menopause hot flashes are anything like this....I am going to have to pass.  No thanks.  Not interested.  At all.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bama Wins....And Other News

I fell off the face of the earth.  I am back.  Thanks to the two people who missed my witty banter on this blog and sent emails to check on me.  I am fine and ready to catch you up on what has been happening around here! 

Certainly the most exciting news is that our team won the NCAA College Football Championship!  Can I get a Roll Tide?? 

Oh, here's is one now! 

We had our normal celebration party for four!  That means we got out some decorations.

We set the table with our Alabama stuff.  I just like looking at it!  Makes me smile.

It was Harry's night to cook and he whipped up a big batch of fried rice. 

The family loved it.  Well, I think they did!  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  No really, it was great!  These boys were just giving him a hard time.  Good job, Harry!

We raised our glasses before kickoff and hoped that Alabama would beat LSU in the big game.  I yelled the following sentence at the television approximately 78 times during the game...

"Put the damn ball in the END ZONE!" 

It was not my best moment, but it was sincerely my most fervent wish for the evening.

Finally, the boys managed to seal the deal with a touchdown run by Trent Richardson.  His last as a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide.  He will be missed.  It was a terrific defensive game and the first shut out in a BCS bowl ever!  Way to go Bama!  We shook our pom-poms and watched ESPN for two days straight!  Nothing better than waking up the next day and getting to listen to the sportscaster talk about it all over again.  I also watched this You Tube video (click on You Tube) approximately 424 times.  Gave me chill bumps all four hundred and twenty four times.  I can't wait for college football to start up again! 

In other news.....

I have the "clean out, clean up, get organized" bug that I seem to get every January.  Here is some photographic evidence of my activities.

I have been dying to paint this wall.  This before picture isn't really fair because I had already taken down my pictures when I remembered I wanted to grab the camera and take a photo.  It looks particularly naked and bare.

I also wanted to paint this small wall by the back door, which was just all kinds of dingy and banged up.  That builder's grade flat paint is just hard to keep clean and fresh. 

Here is an after picture!  Love it!  A couple of hours and half a gallon of "Mission Hills" paint and it is clean and crisp!  I didn't even tape anything off!  Mad painting least from a distance!

I didn't get a close up photo of the back door, but you can see it from here!   It really was not that shocking of a change, but just feels so much better to me!

Also, this weekend I transformed the guest room closet into my craft area.  The guest room closet was home to suitcases, clothes waiting to go to Goodwill, quilts and blankets, and Sacred and Sentimental stuff I will never part with.  I sorted through everything until the only thing on the floor was some suitcases.  They would have to stay, but the rest of the closet was going to be used to organize my craft supplies.

Ta-Da!  I built this little shelf unit to hold my paper, paints, and some other random supplies that I can't ever remember that I even have.

Super easy to see now exactly what I have! 

I copied this idea from Pinterest!  Put all my ribbon on a multi-level pant hanger.  Now I can see all my ribbon and it is super easy to pull off a little to use!  Super smart.  I will be getting another one of these!

I have a three drawer rolling cabinet and a couple of clear bins with supplies.  I have a 24 pocket over the door shoe hanger on order that I am going to fill with miscellaneous gems, stickers, notions, and stuff. I will take a picture of that when it gets here!

Then I painted and hung a pegboard in the closet.  It holds my tools and stuff.  There is a lot of "stuff" in crafting.  Just odds and ends and things and stuff. 

I love it.  I go in there all the time and just look around.  Oh, I also hung a organizer on the wall for my receipts.  I have to save those for Lakeside and now I have a handy dandy place to put them!  You can also see in this picture the coffee mugs with little lids that I got on clearance at Michael's for .59 cents!  I am saving those for next year!

I also painted this six foot board to put across the dresser and a little stand.  It is serving as my desk to hold my new Cricut machine!   Perfect for doing my crafts on!  And...when we have company I can easily pick the board up and put it in the closet!  

In other crafting news...(This post is a little estrogen heavy....but I did start with football so sit tight!)

I made these Valentine wreaths for the Lakeside employees.

I made nine of them.  They were hard. 

I was originally  hoping that this could be the craft for the residents, but there was entirely too much cutting involved.  My hand was locked up after doing nine and I had Hubby helping me!  When I tried to think about cutting enough felt strips to make 50 wreaths, it made me cry and it made my hand ache and ache.  I had to take two Aleve just thinking about doing it.

Instead, we made these little door hangers with ribbon and foam hearts.  They were able to make them in approximately 39 seconds.  Super easy!  Almost too easy.  I did get some good feedback that they liked them.  Then we played Bingo and it was awesome!  Had plenty of volunteers and it was a great day at Lakeside.

In even more news...

Picture of Chip cooking dinner!  He did an awesome job!

Chip plays basketball!  Their team won 31 - 12.

Hugh Hefner cleans Bama's cage!

He is still alive and eating crickets like crazy.  Here he is up close.  See Chip's face through the plastic?  That's kind of a cool picture, isn't it?

Boys climbing the tree in the front yard.  This was on their Dad's watch.  I think that is a little high.

We have a Ghetto Ping Pong table set up in the dining room.  Basically, that means we have a temporary net stretched across the table.  We move the chairs against the wall and waa laa instant ping pong table.

Chip wants to play every ten minutes or so. 

So that is a little bit of what has been going on around here this week!  What have you been up to?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Kyle's Senior Pictures

This afternoon I had the pleasure of taking Beth's oldest son Kyle's senior pictures.  It was so fun...yet I teared up more than once.  You see, I first fell in love with this little guy when he was in second grade and looked like this....

He's the handsome dude in the front.  He was so little.

Here he is with little Chip.  They have always been buddies.

Now, he is graduating, visiting colleges, getting all grown up and stuff.  Looking at him through the viewfinder just seriously moved me. 

I thought so many of the pictures were wonderful.  I am going to share the best of the best below.  Tell me which one you like the best.