Friday, January 13, 2012

Bama Wins....And Other News

I fell off the face of the earth.  I am back.  Thanks to the two people who missed my witty banter on this blog and sent emails to check on me.  I am fine and ready to catch you up on what has been happening around here! 

Certainly the most exciting news is that our team won the NCAA College Football Championship!  Can I get a Roll Tide?? 

Oh, here's is one now! 

We had our normal celebration party for four!  That means we got out some decorations.

We set the table with our Alabama stuff.  I just like looking at it!  Makes me smile.

It was Harry's night to cook and he whipped up a big batch of fried rice. 

The family loved it.  Well, I think they did!  A picture is worth a thousand words, right?  No really, it was great!  These boys were just giving him a hard time.  Good job, Harry!

We raised our glasses before kickoff and hoped that Alabama would beat LSU in the big game.  I yelled the following sentence at the television approximately 78 times during the game...

"Put the damn ball in the END ZONE!" 

It was not my best moment, but it was sincerely my most fervent wish for the evening.

Finally, the boys managed to seal the deal with a touchdown run by Trent Richardson.  His last as a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide.  He will be missed.  It was a terrific defensive game and the first shut out in a BCS bowl ever!  Way to go Bama!  We shook our pom-poms and watched ESPN for two days straight!  Nothing better than waking up the next day and getting to listen to the sportscaster talk about it all over again.  I also watched this You Tube video (click on You Tube) approximately 424 times.  Gave me chill bumps all four hundred and twenty four times.  I can't wait for college football to start up again! 

In other news.....

I have the "clean out, clean up, get organized" bug that I seem to get every January.  Here is some photographic evidence of my activities.

I have been dying to paint this wall.  This before picture isn't really fair because I had already taken down my pictures when I remembered I wanted to grab the camera and take a photo.  It looks particularly naked and bare.

I also wanted to paint this small wall by the back door, which was just all kinds of dingy and banged up.  That builder's grade flat paint is just hard to keep clean and fresh. 

Here is an after picture!  Love it!  A couple of hours and half a gallon of "Mission Hills" paint and it is clean and crisp!  I didn't even tape anything off!  Mad painting least from a distance!

I didn't get a close up photo of the back door, but you can see it from here!   It really was not that shocking of a change, but just feels so much better to me!

Also, this weekend I transformed the guest room closet into my craft area.  The guest room closet was home to suitcases, clothes waiting to go to Goodwill, quilts and blankets, and Sacred and Sentimental stuff I will never part with.  I sorted through everything until the only thing on the floor was some suitcases.  They would have to stay, but the rest of the closet was going to be used to organize my craft supplies.

Ta-Da!  I built this little shelf unit to hold my paper, paints, and some other random supplies that I can't ever remember that I even have.

Super easy to see now exactly what I have! 

I copied this idea from Pinterest!  Put all my ribbon on a multi-level pant hanger.  Now I can see all my ribbon and it is super easy to pull off a little to use!  Super smart.  I will be getting another one of these!

I have a three drawer rolling cabinet and a couple of clear bins with supplies.  I have a 24 pocket over the door shoe hanger on order that I am going to fill with miscellaneous gems, stickers, notions, and stuff. I will take a picture of that when it gets here!

Then I painted and hung a pegboard in the closet.  It holds my tools and stuff.  There is a lot of "stuff" in crafting.  Just odds and ends and things and stuff. 

I love it.  I go in there all the time and just look around.  Oh, I also hung a organizer on the wall for my receipts.  I have to save those for Lakeside and now I have a handy dandy place to put them!  You can also see in this picture the coffee mugs with little lids that I got on clearance at Michael's for .59 cents!  I am saving those for next year!

I also painted this six foot board to put across the dresser and a little stand.  It is serving as my desk to hold my new Cricut machine!   Perfect for doing my crafts on!  And...when we have company I can easily pick the board up and put it in the closet!  

In other crafting news...(This post is a little estrogen heavy....but I did start with football so sit tight!)

I made these Valentine wreaths for the Lakeside employees.

I made nine of them.  They were hard. 

I was originally  hoping that this could be the craft for the residents, but there was entirely too much cutting involved.  My hand was locked up after doing nine and I had Hubby helping me!  When I tried to think about cutting enough felt strips to make 50 wreaths, it made me cry and it made my hand ache and ache.  I had to take two Aleve just thinking about doing it.

Instead, we made these little door hangers with ribbon and foam hearts.  They were able to make them in approximately 39 seconds.  Super easy!  Almost too easy.  I did get some good feedback that they liked them.  Then we played Bingo and it was awesome!  Had plenty of volunteers and it was a great day at Lakeside.

In even more news...

Picture of Chip cooking dinner!  He did an awesome job!

Chip plays basketball!  Their team won 31 - 12.

Hugh Hefner cleans Bama's cage!

He is still alive and eating crickets like crazy.  Here he is up close.  See Chip's face through the plastic?  That's kind of a cool picture, isn't it?

Boys climbing the tree in the front yard.  This was on their Dad's watch.  I think that is a little high.

We have a Ghetto Ping Pong table set up in the dining room.  Basically, that means we have a temporary net stretched across the table.  We move the chairs against the wall and waa laa instant ping pong table.

Chip wants to play every ten minutes or so. 

So that is a little bit of what has been going on around here this week!  What have you been up to?

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  1. I have been checking your blog every day, glad you are back blogging again!!!
    Loved the new Lakeside valentine's. LLL